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Top 5 Trends: Paper vs. Fashion

In the world of design trends guide the direction and over all style of a certain time, whether it’s color, pattern or texture, the trends of the fashion world often collide with the one of paper: stationery, packaging and branding materials. Which one of the current summer trends is your favourite: the dramatic flora, classic marble, retro pastel, futuristic metallic or the adorable pineapple? trends-main Continue reading

Haute Vintage Branding

Haute Vintage is a fashion mecca for collectors and connoisseurs who want to enjoy the highest level of style and appreciate good design, not only in fashion, but also in the digital world. Haute Vintage’s branding and web design follows classic style lines, that never go out of fashion. moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_34-500x606

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The Hungarian Guggenheim

The Hungarian Guggenheim is a fictional design project, conceptualised by two students from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Lakosi Krisztián and Lakosi Richárd. Main question in this project was: How would the Hungarian Guggenheim version look like? The designers answered with a very appealing and interesting flexible corporate identity system, focusing on folding inspired typography.

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Loca – Better Eat Better

Probably one of the most sufficiently hidden gastronomic gems of Vienna, Loca offers world-class food in a homely, welcoming atmosphere in the first district near Stadpark. An exclusive experience, and a refreshing concept that combines diets in a tasteful manner, the simple elegance translates from the plate to the interior to the branding without a glitch. Loca_f_05 Continue reading

DIY Roll-Up TYVEK® Pencil Case

As a kid I always wanted one of these roll-up pencil cases but for some reason never got one. And now the time has come to correct this short coming: my own special Design&Paper Roll-Up Tyvek® Pencil Case. I decided to make it out of Tyvek® because it’s durable, washable and easily sown. You can use the Roll-Up Case for pencils, small tools or other small nicknacks, and personalize it any way you want! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
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21+1 Back to School DIYs

Was it not yesterday when the summer had just begun, the first swimming trip that turned into a whole night of adventures? Yes, it was a great summer but there is no time to be nostalgic as it’s time to get excited for the new season. For so many people the autumn season comes with new beginnings, and for many more it means – Back to School! backtoschool.21 Continue reading

DIY Maps part.II

We’re all in the middle of either enjoying or planning our summer holidays, browsing through maps to see which corner of the world we want to explore, which route to take to our next destination. Inspired by yesterdays beautiful cut-out maps by Claire Brewster I gathered together a sequel to last years DIY Maps post. 10+1 fun map inspired DIYs for you to try out! diy.maps-MAIN Continue reading

Burgers & Branding – Le Pied de Mammouth

There is definitely a connection between burgers and great design! Le Pied de Mammouth, a burger restaurant in Strasbourg, France, is our latest proof for that. Serbian designer Nebojsa Matkovic rebranded the place giving it a cool and playful edge. LPMBurgers_Nebojsa Matkovic_main Continue reading

Meet Carissimo Letterpress from Vienna

Fine letterpress, beautiful design and Italian charm – this is Carissimo Letterpress. The design and print studio situated in Vienna’s 12th district is run by Ana Kaan and Alessandro Carissimo. On a German printing press called Maria Addolorata, which they transported all the way up from Southern Italy to Vienna, they print their own stationery line as well as customized products for clients. We are happy the two of them took the time out of their busy schedule to answer our questions and show us some of their fabulous products. I love spaghetti and you

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Carta – The Correspondence Collection by Papelote

Last April we introduced you to the soulful paper designs of Czech stationery brand Papelote. The team of friends based in Prague just launched their magnificent new correspondence collection called Carta, which inevitably makes you think: To whom could I write one of those beautiful letters? See for yourself! carta_japan envelope_papelote

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My Nature Branding by Liliya Gateva

Last week’s Inspiration + Paper post was all about CRUSH, an eco-friendly paper containing residues from fruits and nuts. Sofia-based designer Liliya Gateva chose exactly this paper for the branding of My Nature, a raw vegan restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland. The result is an environmentally oriented, sustainable and absolutely delicious design. mynature-main1 Continue reading

Meet Absoloot Letterpress from Budapest

Absoloot was born from the love for paper and design. In 2011 the two friends, Judit Hantos and Andrea Hermann, set out to found their own design and print studio in a loft-like old mill a 30-minutes walk from Budapest’s inner city. Since then Absoloot has grown into a design brand, which manufactures beautiful paper goods and works with young designers from all over the world. We took the chance to talk to Andrea Hermann about how everything began, the selection of artists, studio routine and the future of Absoloot. absoloot_postcards

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Meet Magdalena Tekieli – Stationery & Furniture

Our latest interview guest, Magdalena Tekieli, wanted to have it all and decided to combine her two biggest passions: furniture and graphic design. She is very successful in both, her award-winning designs were featured among others in ELLE Decoration, RUM Magazine and The Sunday Times. Her latest baby is the stationery brand Paper Love, which was born from her passion and love for paper. We met the Polish wunderkind and talked with her about her work and inspiration, Paper Love and the importance of ecological design. Magdalena_Tekieli_photo_2 Continue reading

Inspiration + Paper = JudiKins Rubber Fern Stamp

Since the beginning of time people have been inspired by nature in many ways, and it has always been a huge source of creativity in the world of design. Every year it is present in the current trends, and as we learned at Creative World 14 – this year it comes in the form of rubber stamps, more specifically in the shape of the fern. INSPIRATION-PAPER_fernstamp Continue reading