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PURE – His & Hers Chocolate Packaging

Russian graphic design Daria Ksenofontova specialises in packaging design that builds a strong brand connection with more depth and idea than just a pretty box. Her His&Hers chocolate packaging concept relies heavily on typography, which varies according to the type and style of the taste in question. The chocolates are meant to be bought in two’s, as couples for couples.

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20+ Egg Packaging Designs


Our Easter inspired Egg-cellent week continues with 20+ innovative egg packaging designs from around the world. The unique shape and fragility of an egg makes it needy for a specially designed packaging, to keep it safe and whole, from farm to table. Besides the traditional egg carton, a 100 year old invention, evolution is inevitable, even in egg packaging design. happyeggs1 read more…


15 Creative Wine Label Designs


I’m first to admit I’ve grabbed a bottle of wine off the grocery store shelf just because of what’s on the label. Especially for someone who definitely is not an expert on wines, how could I resist getting to know one of the 9 personalities of Gut Oggau wines or the cool ampers and illustrated Hither & Yon? I collected 15 amazing wines, just because of how great the packaging and label design is! wine14 read more…


Golden Drum Advertising Festival 2013 Winners


One of the biggest creative and advertising festivals in Europe, the Golden Drum Festival taking place in Portoroz Slovenia, just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. This year’s winners were just announced a few days ago, and I must say we are impressed! Check out who took home the coveted prizes this year, and learn what the industry is buzzing about at the moment. 1375286_578126352223800_189472669_n

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Hotel Daniels Stylish Branding done by Moodley


Couple weeks back when our Design & Paper team was having Friday afternoon brunch at the Hotel Daniel Bakery in Vienna, the hotels sophisticated and stylish stationery caught our eye. The trendy and simple, yet strong monochromatic designs and graphics were one with the cool over-all look of the hotel itself. The company behind these designs is no other than the design power house from Graz, Moodley Brand Identity daniel-main

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D.I.Y. Geoglobe


We love all geometric shapes and forms, especially when it comes to interior and object design. Often inspired by origami and the art of folding, the trend is here to stay. These D.I.Y. geoglobes are great for holding small things – candies, jewelry, anything! And you can easily make any size you wish. They are so simple to make, just cut, fold and glue! geoglobe5

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Eat Your Food, Grow a Plant, Save the Planet


Clever and eco-friendly food packaging systems are on a high demand, as the consumption of fast food and ready made meals are on the rise. The packaging materials and left-overs of these meals are straining the environment like never before as nonrenewable materials are being used. But Michal Marko, a designer from Ruzemborok, Slovakia, has designed this biodegradable food bowl that might revolutionize the food packaging design world. plant-main

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