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Letterpress Stationery for Wedding Photographer Dorelies Hofer


The wedding season will soon be in full swing and brides and grooms all over the world are hunting for the perfect wedding dress, location, stationery and, of course, photographer to immortalize their big day. We fell in love with Dorelies Hofer, fine wedding photographer from Gumpoldskirchen near Vienna. We first fell for her elegant stationery printed by Carissimo Letterpress and then for her beautiful photography. Dorelies Hofer2 read more…


Have a Carissimo Christmas


Viennese Carissimo Letterpress, run by the creative Austro-Italian duo Ana Kaan and Alessandro Carissimo, created a special Christmas letterpress stationery set of holiday cards and festive gift tags, as well as notebooks and art prints. Looking at the various printed matter, whether in vintage style, typographic or playful, you can feel the love and care put into each design. CarissimoLetterpress_xmas2015_Weihnachten&Snowy Forest_Photocredits Carissimo Letterpress_web read more…


Back-to-School Essentials + GIVEAWAY


When you want to make a statement, personalised stationery is the way to go. From a creative thinker to a travel enthusiast, here you can find the stationery to match your personality. From trendy to classic, here are the accessories you need for a succesful school year. Also, make sure to scroll all the way down, and you’ll find out latest GIVEAWAY – Put it down on paper notebook by Munken.  MG_0896 read more…


Andrée Daisley Barber Shop Branding


Sebastian Bednarek is a graphic designer from Poland specializing in brand identity design. With an impressive international client roster, he understands the importance and potential what high quality branding brings and what it can offer to a company. In his latest project he gave a 50 year old barber shop a needed face lift, resulting in an stunning contemporary identity that captivates the large than life persona Andrée Daisley. cba3f5797d9151cc7add9e6fdfed07aa read more…


13 & 5 Design Studio Branding


Would you go to a hairdresser who’s hair is a total mess, or trust a dentist with crooked teeth? No, and you wouldn’t hire a graphic design studio with bad branding to do yours! The young German graphic design studio dreizehn und füenf understands the importance of self promotion and created a visual identity that leaves no doubt of the young creatives skills. 51   read more…


Top 5 Trends: Paper vs. Fashion


In the world of design trends guide the direction and over all style of a certain time, whether it’s color, pattern or texture, the trends of the fashion world often collide with the one of paper: stationery, packaging and branding materials. Which one of the current summer trends is your favourite: the dramatic flora, classic marble, retro pastel, futuristic metallic or the adorable pineapple? trends-main read more…


Haute Vintage Branding

Haute Vintage is a fashion mecca for collectors and connoisseurs who want to enjoy the highest level of style and appreciate good design, not only in fashion, but also in the digital world. Haute Vintage’s branding and web design follows classic style lines, that never go out of fashion. moodley_brand_identity_hautevintage_gerdschicketanz_sophieweidinger_34-500x606

read more…


Loca – Better Eat Better


Probably one of the most sufficiently hidden gastronomic gems of Vienna, Loca offers world-class food in a homely, welcoming atmosphere in the first district near Stadpark. An exclusive experience, and a refreshing concept that combines diets in a tasteful manner, the simple elegance translates from the plate to the interior to the branding without a glitch. Loca_f_05 read more…