Folklore Inspired Paper Designs by Barbórka Dizajn


Barbara Turska-Knyziak combines modern design aesthetics and traditional techniques, with impressive results. Creating interior objects and accessories from an ecological stand point, the Polish graphic designer produces and sells her work under the label Barbórka Dizajn. I’m especially impressed by the asymmetric, sculptural hand woven lamp shades made out of recycled paper yarn. 


Besides running her own graphic design studio Barbara Turska-Knyziak is passionate about up-cycling and sustainable design. It was her love for nature that drove her into designing the line of decorative everyday objects, and the decision to use recycled materials was obvious for her, as everything she does, she aims to do with respecting nature. Drawing inspiration from folklore, traditions and outdoors, she combines these attributes in the aesthetics as well as in the chosen production techniques.

In the series of bowls, lampshades and baskets, each item is made from recycled paper collected from magazines and painted with several layers of eco-friendly varnish to make them durable, moisture resistant and more rigid. This clever manipulation of paper enables Turska-Knyziak to turn the paper into strong yarn and create different shapes and forms by using traditional weaving techniques. All products are hand made by the designer herself, making each item unique.

One of the most stunning pieces is the Oslo lamp (below) with it’s asymmetric sculptural form, casting a light lacy shadow through it’s honeycombed structure. It reminds me of those old rattan baskets my grandmother used to have, just hung upside down from the ceiling.

If you are interested to see more of Barbórka Dizajn, and possibly purchase some, please visit

BarbórkaDizajn3 BarbórkaDizajn10Beautiful asymmetric Oslo lampshade made of recycled paper yarn.

BarbórkaDizajn2BarbórkaDizajn4The Hoc and Oslo lamp shades are made-to-order, shown here in a fitting interior. 

BarbórkaDizajn8 Hand made baskets titled “Colors of Perus” in all sizes and colors.
BarbórkaDizajn11 BarbórkaDizajn12The Tulip bowl also comes in many colors.

Photos via Barbórka Dezijn

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