Martyna Wędzicka Personal Branding


Martyna Wędzicka is a young Polish graphic designer from Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts whose talent is evolving at great speed. I’ve been following her work for some time now and after seeing her new personal branding design concept, I thought it was time to shine some light on her!MartynaWędzicka-main

Young designers are the salt of the design world, in my opinion. I love following new graduates work, seeing their fresh take on things and finding raw talent. Most often it is the young ones who dare to take risks, do something new and surprising. What drew me towards Miss Wędzicka’s work is her bold color and pattern choices, whimsical ideas and the element of surprise. Always keeping things simple, yet in no way boring. She makes brave choices on materials, sometimes leaving them bare, unfinished or somehow raw – like her new business cards. The simple idea of plexiglass with free hand painted patterns and information on a white paper sticker, doesn’t get any more DIY than that. But who ever is handed one of these, will for sure remember her.

Martyna Wędzicka is still a student at Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts graphic design department but also works as a freelancer. She is the founder as well as a member of the Polish Breeze/Bruza collective, a group of 18 young designers, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers, from three cities: Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. As one of the most interesting rising talents from Poland, I hope to hear, and see of her more in the future. If you are interested in seeing more of her work, visit and follow her on facebook.

MartynaWędzicka6 MartynaWędzicka5MartynaWędzicka3 MartynaWędzicka4MartynaWędzicka7MartynaWędzicka2 MartynaWędzicka1 Martyna Wędzicks personal Branding

MartynaWędzicka16Martyna Wędzickas poster, part of Breeze/Bryza

Photos via Martyna Wędzicka

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