Selected Works by Frau Isa


Frau Isa is a Viennese illustrator and artist whose vintage inspired, nostalgia exuding work perfectly represents the dreamy pastel colored city we live in. Her designs can be seen on pages of magazines, hanging in galleries as well as gracing walls of multistorey buildings. Splitting her time between personal work and a creative studio Wald & Schwert she runs with her husband, one of her latest endeavours includes illustrating a childrens book. Portraying whimsical characters in surreal settings, Frau Isa’s signature style captures your heart whatever medium she decides to lay her paint brush on.920490_939346792769690_974792253537969896_oMural on the beach in Nagua, Republica Dominica

herbst_frau_isa_webPumpkin Orange

10485739_978122202225482_1312438663370667071_oMural at Next Comic Festoval in Linz

12779181_970603262977376_7656415896616511076_oPart of Loves me not illustration

12783533_973644192673283_8956930125516140193_oSynergy painting

12716377_963131443724558_5855820249771667790_oFella with Umbrella painting

1933678_938133376224365_4474151648373613344_oMural painted during the Artesano Project 2015, in Nagua, Republica Dominica

frauisa_carrots_2Giant Veggies

frauisa_winters_webWinter mood


Images © Frau Isa

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