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Once upon a time there were two young creatives who thought of an idea about creating something they believed in and something they wanted to share with the rest of the world. Out of their love for each other, as well as for words, quotes, calligraphy, typography and interior design –  Dilemma Posters were born. Croatian couple Ivan Dilberovic and Emma Juretic poster shop on Etzy is filled with unique and clever typographic designs, one to fit every home.

Dilemma, which got its name from a combination of Ivan Dilberovic and Emma Juretic’s names, was created in collaboration between the two creatives. Ivan, who’s Yellow Submarine burger restaurant branding concept we’ve featured before, is mostly responsible for the design aspect, creating the typographic pieces by hand. In addition to the ready-made motivational quote posters, Dilemma offers to make your own words into a design.

For a typography lover like myself, after the first click, I was instantly sucked into the world of Dilemma posters and found myself browsing through their entire Etzy shop. With so many designs to pick from, the difficulty of choice simply grew too big. But here’s my top 10 choices. After getting hooked, as I know you will, click over to their shop to see them all!

Pssst. It’s 70 days till christmas, time to start thinking about those presents, wink wink! 

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