Trafiq Branding by Kissmilkos

A Hungarian creative and visual artist who goes by the name Kissmilkos was given a gigantic task of creating a sophisticated bohemian brand and atmosphere for Trafiq, one of the most popular bars in downtown Budapest. This incredibly comprehensive project must have been a massive undertaking, which the designer seems to have tackled with style and ease, as the result is an astonishing and unique typographic wonderland, with everything from the visual identity and interior graphics to web and packaging design matching to the tee. 


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DIY Roll-Up TYVEK® Pencil Case

As a kid I always wanted one of these roll-up pencil cases but for some reason never got one. And now the time has come to correct this short coming: my own special Design&Paper Roll-Up Tyvek® Pencil Case. I decided to make it out of Tyvek® because it’s durable, washable and easily sown. You can use the Roll-Up Case for pencils, small tools or other small nicknacks, and personalize it any way you want! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
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Top 5 Design Spots in Budapest

Our eastern neighbor Hungary and its lovely capital of Budapest can no more be overlooked when it comes to design. The vibrant city located just a short boat ride down Danube is bustling with new shops, restaurants and trendy designer hang outs. It was long overdue to list our favorite spots and reveal our secret must-visit design destinations when we’re in town. hotspot-main Continue reading

Intricate Laser Cut Paper Art by Eric Standley

American artist Eric Standley’s intricate art pieces might remind you of stain glass windows from the Gothic period, but believe it or not they are fully constructed of paper. Currently working as a professor in the School of Visual Art at Virginia Tech, Standley hand builds the pieces of hundreds of sheets of laser cut paper, creating three dimensional constructions which structural complexity is simply captivating. laser-cut-paper-art-eric-standley-1
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Ramona Ring’s Captivating Illustrations

Ramona Ring is a freelance illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. After having landed a major commission from ZEIT magazine in 2012, she gained a foot in the door to a career in editorial illustration. Currently working as a freelancer, finishing up her master studies at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Ring creates multilayered imaginary landscapes with a dream-like atmosphere and a delicate color palette. ramonaring-main Continue reading

Polish Poster Designer Krzysztof Iwanski

Krzysztof Iwanski is part of a new generation of poster designers who not only found a way to create beautiful work for himself, but that gives back to his home city of Łódź, Poland. What makes his work special, besides the creative design, he hand prints the posters himself, making his best in keeping this dying art form alive!


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Meet Studio less.

Gosia Perkowska, Anna Okrassa and Martyna Wędzicka are young creatives from Poland, who now run a design & branding studio less. together. And even though they just started and are in the beginning of their careers, their work is being noticed. Read on to find out what the trio thinks about the current state of the design scene in Poland and how sometimes, the common knowledge about the purpose of good design is lost, and see the light hearted humor they bring into their work (and to this interview). less-main

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Folklore Inspired Paper Designs by Barbórka Dizajn

Barbara Turska-Knyziak combines modern design aesthetics and traditional techniques, with impressive results. Creating interior objects and accessories from an ecological stand point, the Polish graphic designer produces and sells her work under the label Barbórka Dizajn. I’m especially impressed by the asymmetric, sculptural hand woven lamp shades made out of recycled paper yarn. 
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VIDDY: The 30 minute DIY pinhole camera kit

If there is something we at Design & Paper love as much as paper, it’s photography. It comes to no surprise that VIDDY, a DIY pinhole camera made of recycled cardboard, caught our attention. This clever device is not only a great way to understand and experience first hand how photography works, but also looks extremely stylish and actually makes pretty cool photos. viddy Continue reading

TypoThursday ● Hand Lettering by Mateusz Witczak

Let’s start off by stating that the headline is misleading, if not a flat-out lie. These amazing examples of hand lettering by Polish graphic designer Mateusz Witczak are not typography, ergo should not be featured in a Typo Thursday post. But I decided to take this opportunity to take a look into one of the most popular trends of the time, showcase Witczak’s amazing work and explain the difference between typography and hand lettering.

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