Join the indoor farming movement!

I love growing my own herbs in my apartment, what I don’t like so much is the potting, watering, taking care of the greens. Especially during the holiday season my poor plants are on death row. Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine and Berlin-base INFARM teamed up and developed a clever and stylish indoor farming solution: With the help of the microgreen growing kit it is no problem to cultivate fresh, local, organic, delicious greens right at home without bothering to much about them. underneath_1000x660_main

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Veranda Branding by Tibor Tovt & Formaline

Veranda is a classic restaurant with an urban edge in the city of Uzhgorod in Ukraine. Marble meat steaks, an exceptional variety of fine wines, live jazz music and an upbeat atmosphere ― that’s what Veranda is all about. The carefully constructed typographic approach and rough illustrations mirror this in their new visual identity, designed by Tibor Tovt with the design collective Forma Line.
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Bring the Joy! posters by Alen Lipuš

Bring the Joy! poster project is the result of Croatian designer Alen Lipuš research for the possibilities of 3D typography. His playful approach towards his work and love of vivid colors creates designs which also give great joy to others, and there is no better way to start this weekend than with these colorful posters. Woo Hou! bringthejoy-main1
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NINA – Animated Short Story told in Paper

“A story of a timid boy and woodland girl who are both connected and separated by fear, develop a bond which becomes almighty in their fantasy world”. This is NINA, an animated short story coming out this fall. The emotional story, fully constructed out of paper is done by Veronika Obertová and Michaela Čopíková, founders of a Slovakian creative studio Ové Pictures.

DIY Maps part.II

We’re all in the middle of either enjoying or planning our summer holidays, browsing through maps to see which corner of the world we want to explore, which route to take to our next destination. Inspired by yesterdays beautiful cut-out maps by Claire Brewster I gathered together a sequel to last years DIY Maps post. 10+1 fun map inspired DIYs for you to try out! diy.maps-MAIN Continue reading

Inspiration + Paper = Claire Brewster’s Paper Cut Art

Claire Brewster uses old and out-of-date maps and atlases as her canvas to create intricate and delicate cut-out sculptures and collages. She takes her ideas from nature, creating entomological pieces of flora and fauna, with the hummingbird being her main object of inspiration. The combination of recognizable map patterns and silhouettes of birds in flight make a very dynamic contrast. INSPIRATION-PAPER_clairebrewster Continue reading

Burgers & Branding – Le Pied de Mammouth

There is definitely a connection between burgers and great design! Le Pied de Mammouth, a burger restaurant in Strasbourg, France, is our latest proof for that. Serbian designer Nebojsa Matkovic rebranded the place giving it a cool and playful edge. LPMBurgers_Nebojsa Matkovic_main Continue reading

TypoThursday ● Monomyth

Monomyth is an edible typeface that is made of laser cut pasta. The collaborative art project by UK creative duo Sawdust, art director Andrew Stellitano and photographer Dominic Davies brings typography and food together, through the story of “Monomyth” by Joseph Campbell. monomyth-main1

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Dining Under a Sea of Paper Flowers

Weranda, an oasis in the middle of the busy city of Poznan offers a great break from your busy day. Besides the intriguing menu and great atmosphere, the interior is an experience on it’s own. With changing decorations the staff designs and makes themselves, you never know if you’ll be dining under a sea of colorful paper flowers or huge chandeliers made of hundreds of paper hearts. weranda-main Continue reading

Sabrina Transiskus Delicate Paper Couture

Sabrina Transiskus has made her name in the world of fashion, using paper as her medium. Working as a stylist and a set designer she creates incredibly delicate and poetic designs fully made out of paper. She’s responsible for some of most beautiful pieces for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lancôme and Audi. Sabrina-Transiskus.main Continue reading

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