Creative Craft Wrapping Paper Ideas

Each holiday season comes with new ideas, styles & trends, and this Christmas it’s definitely the year of the all-familiar Craft paper. This cheap, plain and modest looking packing paper can be spruced up with minimal effort – my favourite being the fresh winterly greens and berries. Get inspired by these creative ideas and make them your own! 3dae88b144ca65b80dbbae7380bc99c7

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What we wish to find underneath the Christmas tree…

This year we’re wishing to find hard, square, heavy packages underneath our christmas tree. With so many new and exciting books published in the past 12 months we’ve gathered a list of 10 most inspirational reads of 2014, all in the beloved Design & Paper themes: art, design, typography, travel and food! Looking for something for a design and paper lover, here’s a good list to start with. Click on the images to see where to buy. topbooks Continue reading

DIY Glitter Christmas Cards

Normally I’m not the biggest fan of the shine and glitz that surrounds us during the holidays, but this year I’m going glitter crazy! I figured out how cleverly simple glitter is to use and now I’ll show you how to do it. What do you think, over the top or just the perfect sparkle? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
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Milyen madár – Childrens Book Illustrated by Nagu Norbert

Hungarian children’s book, Milyen madár (What a bird in eng.) is written by Árpád Kollár and illustrated by Nagu Norbert. It won the Bronze at the Joseph Binder Award this year and has riled up wide discussion about its nature. But one thing is for sure, it’s one of the most beautifully illustrated books of the year. Milyenmadár.main Continue reading

DIY Typography Chocolate Bar Wrappers

This is for all you typography lovers: Store-bought chocolate repackaged in a homemade wrapper – tastes doubly delicious! The lovely and talented Sibylle from Funkytime has made a fabulous design, free for all of you to download. If you are looking for a cool and hassle-free christmas present, this is it! It’ll only take a few minutes off your time and you’ll end up with something special & stylish. Just try not to eat all of it yourself! chocolate-main Continue reading

Tasty, Healthy & Stylish – Yellow Submarine branding by Ivan Dilberovic

Can burgers be delicious and healthy? Organic Burger Bar Yellow Submarine in Zagreb, says YES of course! They claim the title of the best and healthiest burgers in town, and they do it in style. Croatian designer Ivan Dilberovic designed the visual identity, with a periscope as the main supporting element. The organic theme was taken into account in everything from colour scheme to paper options and packaging materials. 6cf43049f59192c872ca295aa90493a2 Continue reading

Happy Saint Nicholas DIYs

This weekend kids in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and many other countries wait for Saint Nicholas to bring them chocolates, tangerines, nuts and other little gifts. We love this festivity not only for its treats but also because of its atmosphere, which gets people into the Christmas mood. Part of this atmosphere are Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus themed decorations and we picked some of our favourites for you. Make a Tiny Origami Santa22 Continue reading

TypoThursday • Hairvetica

David Szebenyi, a graphic designer and visual artist from Budapest, created a hand drawn typeface based on Helvetica Neue medium, an elegant display typeface for designers, titled Hairvetica. Drawn with a simple pencil the design is beautiful in its details and impressive as a whole, inspired by texture only million of strands of hair can give. hairvetica Continue reading

Piknik – Illustrated Colouring Book by Simona Čechová

Simona Čechová, part time illustrator & part time beekeeper from Bratislava, has made a beautifully illustrated colouring book Piknik for the renown UVEA Mediklinik, a center treading eye diseases. A book featuring a cunning wild boar and a badger puzzled with poor eyesight, it’s hand drawn and full of details waiting to be discovered by the children. piknik.main
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Musette Bakery Branding by Judit Besze

Budapest based designer Judit Besze‘s work is clean, simple and inspired by a vintage feel. Working in graphic design, art direction and branding, one of her latest projects was to create a new visual identity for Musette Bakery. The rustic breads and pastries look even yummier when wrapped in a stylish black-and-white patterned packaging. We warned: the following images will make your stomach growl. 236864c32e65238afcc09d3be34e0a36 Continue reading