Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover!

World Book Day is a yearly event on 23rd of April, organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright. In the spirit of the day I’ve collected 8 unique, one of a kind book designs, which will make you discover yourself, feel hungry or wonder how the heck they did it. Which one is your favorite? 524586_550114018413811_1249812379_n Continue reading

Meet Bratislav Milenkovic

I first came into contact with Bratislav Milenkovic through the Side Effects poster collection. His detailed and playful style captured my attention immediately. Bratislav’s illustrations are commissioned by national and international clients such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, The New York Times and Wired UK. Equally interesting are the many personal works in his portfolio, such as “Zero Moustafa”, the cover image of this post, depicting the lobby boy from Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Read more about the Belgrade-based illustrator‘s inspirations, the magic of print and the impact of social media on his work in our latest interview. 7 Bratislav Milenkovic_Zero Continue reading

Happy Easter!

We’re off to spend the holidays with our families, but couldn’t hop off before sharing this cute bunny eared easter egg with you! Hope you all a happy Easter and we’ll be back next week! 
HAPPYEASTER Ps. we’ll be sharing our Design & Paper love through Instagram over the holidays, so be sure to check us out at

Meet Nina Gregier

I love meeting new up-and-coming designers who have developed their personal style through their passion for design. Nina Gregier is a young multi-talented graphic designer from Kraków, Poland, whose time is split between numerous projects, collaborations and clients. She lives for her work, and was kind enough to take a few minutes off to talk to us. nina Continue reading

Inspiration + Paper = Albrecht Dürer’s Young Hare

When you can see bunnys everywhere you know it’s Easter time! The most famous rabbit portrait in art history is without any doubt Albrecht Dürer’s Young Hare (Feldhase, 1502), the centerpiece of Albertina‘s collection. We visited the musem two weeks ago and were delighted to see the famous rabbit on show and find it printed on fine paper goods in the Albertina museum shop.INSPIRATION-PAPER_durerhase Continue reading

DIY Dip Dyed Easter Eggs

It’s time to get eggy! My favorite Easter tradition is, and has always been, the painting of the Easter eggs. This year I wanted to try something a bit different and decided to get my hands wet with one of the biggest trends of the moment, the dip dye. The color-blocked pastel eggs turned out great and perfectly fit the spirit of Easter. Start dipping! dipdyeegg-main Continue reading

Design & Paper at print3Dfuture

At Design & Paper we usually write about printing in the 2D world, but of course we are also very interested to see what is happening in 3D printing. That is why two weeks ago we visited print3Dfuture, the first 3D print conference in Austria. In the beautiful historic Odeon Theatre experts from various fields discussed recent developments and the future of 3D printing. In the break the 400 guests had the chance to check out 3D printers as well as 3D printed products – from prototypes of car rims to jewelry. P1100031

Continue reading

Home Away from Home – Visual Identity of The Guest House Vienna by Studio Q

Vienna is one of the hottest tourist destinations of Central Europe, filled with hotels catering to different needs. One of these hotels caught our eye: The Guest House Vienna strikes a perfect chord with its spot-on combination of design interior, welcoming atmosphere and luxuriously retro-inspired branding by Studio Q. It’s a home away from home, especially for all design lovers! theguesthousevienna1 theguesthousevienna18

Continue reading

Shopping & Cycling With the Saddle Bag Made of Cardboard

We are all enjoying the sunny weather in Vienna at the moment: The flowers and trees are blooming, the city is filled with happy people and the bicycles have taken the streets. The perfect time to launch a saddle bag for the bike which helps you transport your groceries on the bicycle. Christian Steiner und Beatrice Stude designed a functional and environmentally friendly saddle bag made entirely of cardboard in cooperation with Austrian supermarket chain SPAR. Bicycle_Steiner_main Continue reading

Featured Blog – VIZKULTURA

Take a leap and jump through a cultural portal to Viz Kultura. A Croatian online platform full of contemporary art, photography, design and architecture is out new featured blog. Click on the photo to begin your journey or find the link on our sidebar!

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