TypoThursday ● Attitude Font

Slovanian born, London based designer Emil Kozole‘s typeface Attitude is everything and beyond. An inspiring mix of Japanise pop culture and American hip hop subculture of the early 90’s, with an influence from gotham and geometric fonts with ornaments. It is a parody of these fonts, that comes in 7 different versions, ranging from regular to drunk. Typeface with a Kanye West magnitude attitude. c9be2aa455943d4901fd807d411b54ac-1

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Gdynia Design Days Logo Design by Negation Studio

The logo is the face of any brand — the very first impression — so its design is extremely important. When faced with the task to design the branding for Gdynia Design Days, the biggest summer design festival in Poland, Gdynia based Negation studio focused on the logo, and build a timeless yet contemporary visual identity around it. See what went into the process.  cab3db51310e8fe82bd4262b36bb58ac Continue reading

Selected Works by Monika Lang

Freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Co-founder and member of the design group “Turbotomorrow” and current docent at the Faculty of Arts and Design, Megatrend University in Belgrade: Monika Lang has a packed CV full of rich and colorful projects. Dealing with ranging tasks from branding to poster design with a tasteful and professional manner, she creates works of high quality with a keen eye on typography and layout. monika.lang.main Continue reading

Teleport by Michaela Lilhops

Bratislava based graphic designer and illustrator Michaela Lilhops takes you on a journey through a landscape that you were not even aware existed. In her series of limited edition posters titled Teleport, she showcases the iconic, and not so known landmarks of her home town. The minimal line illustrations are screen printed in black or neon colors, telling the story of the place in question. The city of Bratislava has never been more intriquing! 3beb86cd5bff1419ed1b44efa058e4cf Continue reading

TypoThursday ● Notegraphy

There is a designer in all of us, and Notegraphy helps you bring it out! A brilliant web and mobile app that turns any text into a beautiful image. You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to create modern, typography inspired designs – all you need are some words!  notegraphy-preview-690x459-1
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The Brickmakers Ale & Cider House – Prost!

This place will suck you in, show you a good time and leave you feeling happy and satisfied. The Brickmakers Ale & Cider House on Zieglergasse in the heart of 7th district is the latest addition to the sea that is the pub scene of Vienna, but it has fast become the beacon for the lost in the quest for the perfect pint. What lured me in was the tongue-in-cheek atmosphere and intriguing interior, and when hours later I found myself back on the street, I was already under the spell and planning my next trip back. 11406968_905517136186031_3894390361303584984_n
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I am constantly on the lookout for items that add that special something to my flat. Art is of course always a great choice in this regard! Lately I have become very interested in illustrated posters as they can instantly set a certain mood for less artsy rooms such as the kitchen, your hallway or a that nice little corner in front of your bathroom. The playful illustrations of Prague based Niñasilla exactly fit this profile. Ninasilla-Poster- Continue reading

POMPOM – Work Hard, Play Hard

One of the most renown design agencies of Ukraine, Reynolds & Reyner hold an incredibly long list of international clients, the latest being a modern and stylish lingerie brand from Los Angeles – POMPOM. Together with fashion designers, Reynold & Reyner designed an interesting branding concept based on the two-part packaging, encasing two pieces of underwear, one for work and one for play, hence the slogan: Work Hard, Play Hard! 50854dfd2613fcc817f0d705902299b5
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Meet Marion Kamper

It’s always fantastic to meet young designers and hear about their thoughts and aspirations, especially when they have a strong interest and passion towards traditions yet being innovative with their ideas. Graz based creative Marion is all about analog and her drawing skills enable her to create charming one-of-a-kind illustrations, with distinctive delicate aesthetics and strong typographic style. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
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The Brilliant Am Brillantengrund

In a city full of beautiful buildings and stunning scenery, I’m constantly surprised by what comes around the corner. When the summer arrives and the hot air spreads over our lovely town like a hazy smog over a meadow, everyone is on a look out for a secret city oasis. The best kept secret of the city – Hotel Am Brillantengrund. brillantengrund-main Continue reading

Father’s Day Printable

Father’s Day happens to be one of those holidays that is celebrated on different dates in different countries, here in Austria it’s this coming Sunday. As we all love and cherish our fathers I wanted to come up with a nice little DIY for you all to try out, free printable typography inspired poster! post-1 Continue reading

Interiors shopping in Warsaw at Malabelle

I have recently been to Warsaw, a city which charmed me with its unconventional beauty, fun night life and its many green spaces. Indeed I spent half a day in the huge and very beautiful Łazienki Park with its Palace on the Isle and the Old Orangery, two absolute architectural gems. After my stroll through the park, I decided get back to reality and bumped into a not less charming  interiors shop called Malabelle. Malabelle (12)

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Letterpress Greeting Cards by Marion Kamper

Austrian designer Marion Kamper‘s passion towards handmade graphic design, illustration and lettering has helped her evolve a distinctive style. Her latest collection of letterpress greeting cards include beautiful typography, some flora and fauna inspired illustration and bronze hot foil stamping, all printed by the Infinitive Factory in Graz. babec985d8407c9c948f2f254318937a Continue reading

Selected Works by SADDO

Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist, Saddo started his career as a founder of one of the first Romanian street art collectives. Since his work has taken him on a journey across the world, working on various projects and collaborations. With a flair for the weird and wonderful, Saddo creates allegorical and spiritually charged imagery with a folk art aesthetic. Mictlantecuhtli_670 Continue reading

Zotter – Receipt Free Medicine

Dornbirn based designers Bernhard Hafele & Christine Fritsch designed an inspiring, though fictional re-branding for the Austrian chocolate manufactory called Zotter, based on the idea that chocolate is the medicine for our every day life problems. A Zotter a day keeps the doctor away! Zotter_Fritsch-Hafele_9_o Continue reading