The Garden of Good and Evil by Aitch

Romanian artist Aitch‘s work is full of rich colors, mixed patterns and characters with a fairytale feel, while often portraying strong female figures or hypnotic wildlife creatures. In a joined-exhibition titled The Garden of Good and Evil with a fellow artist Saddo, she opens up her imagination for the viewer, a climbs of a world beyond our own.
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Chicago Williams BBQ in Berlin

A city filled with bars, cafes and restaurants, Berlin has something to offer for everyone, what ever it is you are looking for. And I just might have found mine. Before my last visit to the capital I received a tip from a friend and this time it definitely paid off to listen. On my first step in Chicago Williams BBQ I felt like home, and on my last step out I knew I’ll be back!  main Continue reading


Ever had a photographer yell “say CHEEESE” while pointing the lens at you? The idea is to get the subject smiling involuntarily, which I mostly find annoying. But just the idea of cheese will get me smiling as I’m a fan of the big old stinker. Russian creative Rushavel Sultanov designed a hilariously psychedelic cheese packaging concept, aimed for everyone crazy about cheese ! say_cheese

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Meet Foldit

Meet the couple behind the brand Foldit, who designs paper sculptures, cut and packed beautifully, to be self-assembled by the buyer. We’ve long been fans of the Polish duo and finally managed to steal some of their time & talk about their inspirations, importance of branding and packaging, and all the different places the Foldit deer is hanging in (out) these days! rp_34-500x500.jpg
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POST/ERA by Syfon Studio

The visual interaction & graphic design studio Syfon that comes from the heart of Poland: Warsaw, has created POST/ERA, a line of posters for the Institute of Design Kielce. A critical exhibition on poster design, in which the duo studied different design theories with their interpretations, such as poster design, swiss design, Polish Poster School, typography and more. 3efdfcc5dac29cd987767e799282a277 Continue reading

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

A self made gift is a gift from the heart, this is what I’ve always been thought. I’m not sure if the rule always applies but on days like Mother’s Day, I don’t know a mother who doesn’t prefer something made by the person themselves. I’ve collected 10 amazing and fun DIY gifts for you to make and give your mother on Sunday! main Continue reading

DIY Pop-up Flower Bouquet

Mother’s day is celebrated across the world and as tradition goes next Sunday, 10th of May, mother’s are showered with flowers and cards, wishing them happiness and love. But as I happen to live about a half an European continent away from my mother, I found a way to combine the two. Meet pop-up flower bouquet, fully made of paper, that easily fits into an envelope! rp_photo-main-500x500.jpg Continue reading

Inspirational Wedding Design Trends

Dam- Dam- Da- Daa, Dam- Dam- Da- Daa….you guessed it, wedding season is here! All the flowers, the hearts, the romance, Ah, I love it. You wouldn’t have guessed as I’m normally opposed to everything sappy and overly sweet. But there is something about weddings, the joy and pure happiness that comes with them. Inspired by the season I collected beautiful wedding decoration ideas, invitation designs and what-knots. Enjoy! wedding.inspiration.main Continue reading

Werkschau für Grafisches und Illustratives ´15

Once a year graphic designers and illustrators of Austria gather together to showcase their designs, see the latest trends, make new connections and business ventures, and discuss the pressing issues of their craft. This year Werkschau took place is the Alte Bankzentrale right in the heart of the First District of Vienna, and I popped by to see what all the fuzz was about. werkschau-main2
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Meet Karolína Stryková

Karolína Stryková – you will encounter this name in many different places as the young illustrator and stationery designer from Prague is involved in various projects. There is her own stationery brand called Paragraph, there is Tabletters, a graphic design studio she founded with two of her friends, and Polagraph, a shop & gallery focuses on Polaroid photography. In our interview Karolína shared her inspirations, her love for hand-drawn typography and some of her favorite places in Prague with us. Karolína Stryková Continue reading

Playing Arts

Whenever going away with a bunch of friends one of us always brings a deck of cards. This hasn’t changed since I was a kid. My favorite card has always been the beautiful queen of hearts. A very special deck of playing cards was developed for the Playing Arts project: From the two of clubs to the ace of spades, each card in this deck was individually designed by one of 55 chosen international artists. PC

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Drawings by Stefan Zsaitsits

Lately I’ve been playing with the idea of widening the focus of our topics, and even though we’ll always be about what we know best: design and paper, I have a strong personal interest in higher arts. The first venture into the world of art comes in the form of Austrian artist Stefan Zsaitsits and his detailed pencil drawings of people, imaginative portraits. 9cd44431f15aaaff6311e0617164d4bd Continue reading

Můj šálek kávy – My Cup of Coffee

What exactly do you look for in a café – is it the coffee, the service or the atmosphere? We all have our own requirements, and Můj šálek kávy seems to full fill most of them being the die-hard favourite among locals in Prague. Owned by the Czech specialty coffee roasting company Doupleshot, you can count on the quality and care that has gone into every tasty cup of black magic. 217713_202035353170598_500050_n
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Inspiration + Paper = Marsala

Each year Pantone chooses an official colour of the year, and each year the decision creates debate and conversation, with 2015 being no exception. You must have already crossed paths with Marsala—a deep reddish brown, named after the wine Marsala. Some have fallen for the sophisticated, natural earthiness of it, others call it dusty and dated. What do you think? marsala-main Continue reading

Bauhaus Monograph

Serbian designer Victor Jan created a clever design for a Bauhaus themed book, inspired by the famed German art school Staatliches Bauhaus that turned into a design movement having major impact on art and architecture trends world wide. Known to favour primarily colors, Jan stayed true to the ideology.
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