Stunning & Tasty – Di Cafe Deli

Di Cafe Deli resides on the first floor of the Sky Tower – the tallest building in Wroclaw, with an interior that is dominated by simplicity – light wood and a dark floor. Designed by the local Architects, the black-and-white checkered floor, marble and cement details together with the open space and modern furniture offers a stunning setting for a delicious breakfast and brunch.  projekt-di-cafe-deli-autorstwa-buck-studio-fot-mat-pras-yellowtrace-4 Continue reading

Aitch’s VeggieFruit Alphabet Book

Bucharest born, Barcelona based artist Aitch‘s latest project is a playful approach on the traditional alphabet book. In her book each letter is represented by a fruit or vegetable, depicted as a morph between the fruit’s or veggie’s shape and the female body – a beautiful tribute to natural diversity. 40ec2af3388c46b306cbd484f56456fa
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Type Scan Alphabet

Typography, design and art – three things I absolutely love, and often showcase for you on #TypoThursday. The headline might already suggest that this is just another post about fonts or some typographical illustrations created using Photoshop, but no. The Type Scan Alphabet by Tony Ziebetzki deserves it’s own, and very first #TypeArtTuesday feature. type Continue reading

Home is Home Wine Packaging

Home is home is a packaging design by Slovakian designer Lucia Blanáriková for a small family–owned wine company, “Home is home”. The package is made from kitchen baking paper, as the design needed to look home friendly. Idea of simply wrapping the bottle with a personalised, hand printed or drawn paper is amazing, and unique. The monochrome illustrations look upscale and contemporary, corresponding to the quality of the product inside. 138664a282fd618365b7376e510d6d43 Continue reading

Top 5 Trends: Paper vs. Fashion

In the world of design trends guide the direction and over all style of a certain time, whether it’s color, pattern or texture, the trends of the fashion world often collide with the one of paper: stationery, packaging and branding materials. Which one of the current summer trends is your favourite: the dramatic flora, classic marble, retro pastel, futuristic metallic or the adorable pineapple? trends-main Continue reading

THE ART OF GRILL by Dávid Baráth

M Profood Inc, a Hungarian spice producer commissioned graphic designer Dávid Baráth and the David Barath Design Studio to revamp its image. As a result an exquisite 192-page, 70 recipe cookbook The Art of Grill, closely related to the company’s profile and brand was born. Available in English, Russian and Hungarian it focuses on local ingredients, seasonality, spices, carefully planned cooking methods and the latest dietary principles. unnamed-1
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US Dollar Redesign by Michael Dolejs

Michael Dolejs, MA Graphic Design student  from Pilsen, Czech Republic, focuses in designing user interfaces, icons, branding & print. As a design school assignment, he re-designed one of the most notorious paper currencies in the world: the US Dollar. The bank notes that everyone knows, got a fresh and graphic look in the hands of the young creative. 6 Continue reading

Porkownia – a Place for Pork & Paper Lovers

For all the pork and paper lovers out there, Warsaw has a new place right up your alley: Porkownia. The restaurant located in the city center right around the corner of Łazienki Park opened its doors this June. Just the right time for us to take a closer look! porkownia3-1024x683

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Geremia Tiramisù Branding

Many people don’t know that tiramisù means “pick-me-up”, as it is so delicious that it pleases the mind and body and provides you with new energy. And that’s exactly what Berlin based Geremia Tiramisù’s new visual identity by Serbian designer Kovilja Neskovic embodies: vibrant colors, dynamic patterns and strong yet light hearted typography, inspired by the traditions and origins of the dessert. a93e7766189ae92e3220dc44e20ce83b

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#TypoThursday ● Lotti

Austrian designer Christine Hager‘s Lotti typeface is as beautiful as it is meaningful. Created specifically for the young creatives graduation project – a book about her late grandmother Lotti. The book is superb in it’s own editorial design, but the unique typeface elevates it to another level. The amount of detail, also considering the personal take in the project, gives it all the more meaning. 82a08d5086004f8d33c3f4585439405b Continue reading

10 Amazing Decks of Cards

Most definitely, undeniably, the most popular thing this year among graphic designers and illustrators alike has been creating your own deck of cards. It has always offered a great medium, but lately we’ve been seeing them everywhere, each more stunning then the next. So what else is there to do than collect 10 of the most amazing deck of cards and let you marvel on them as well. header-playingcards Continue reading

Meet Robert Farkas

A man whose career has run in a peculiar manner, Robert Farkas, a recent digital design graduate from the BKF University of Budapest, has followed his passion for design and arts from a young age. His undeniably wide skill set and thirst for new adventures is enviable, yet it’s his honest outlook on life and design what makes him intriguing, and definitely someone who’s brain we’d like to pick: lucky for us, he let us do exactly that! 6e917489f16c22af48864c9e6067ef45 Continue reading

TypoThursday ● Attitude Font

Slovanian born, London based designer Emil Kozole‘s typeface Attitude is everything and beyond. An inspiring mix of Japanise pop culture and American hip hop subculture of the early 90’s, with an influence from gotham and geometric fonts with ornaments. It is a parody of these fonts, that comes in 7 different versions, ranging from regular to drunk. Typeface with a Kanye West magnitude attitude. c9be2aa455943d4901fd807d411b54ac-1

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Gdynia Design Days Logo Design by Negation Studio

The logo is the face of any brand — the very first impression — so its design is extremely important. When faced with the task to design the branding for Gdynia Design Days, the biggest summer design festival in Poland, Gdynia based Negation studio focused on the logo, and build a timeless yet contemporary visual identity around it. See what went into the process. cab3db51310e8fe82bd4262b36bb58ac Continue reading