Quilt-like Paper Fashion by Miguel Mesa Posada

Hailing from Colombia, designer Miguel Mesa Posada makes a strong visual statement with his quilt-like paper garments. Entitled Potosí (Spanish for “unmeasurable wealth”) his collection takes its name from the richest silver mine ever known on earth, located in Bolivia. The paper-yarn structure creates a stunning colored texture, reminiscing of the streaks of minerals found underground. potosi Continue reading

Meet Katherina Seiler aka Nebulabor

Katherina Seiler, the woman behind Nebulabor is so much in demand as a designer, getting hold of her for this interview was not an easy task. But since we wrote about the branding of Cafe Mitte in Graz I wanted to know more about the local creative whose name has been popping up everywhere lately. She took a few minutes off her busy schedule and talked about her design motto, inspirations and how her company logo is actually a rocket made from paper. How fitting, as I believe, Nabulabor is just about to take off to the stars!

nebulabor1 Continue reading

One size fits all – Matjaz Cuk Visual Identity

Matjaz Cuk is a London based multidisciplinary Slovenian designer, focusing on user-oriented visual communication that is clear, useful, effective and overall exceptional. Passion for sustainable design, green thinking and paper reservation drove him into creating a surprisingly thoughtful and eye-opening visual identity for himself.  MatjazCuk-main

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TypoThursday • Arkitypo

Extensive research led the London based design studio Johnson Banks create the special alphabet named Arkitypo.  Commissioned by Ravensbourne to test and showcase their in-house 3D prototyping technology, they designed this mind boggling, and actually very educational, typographic project.  arkitype-main Continue reading

The Drinkable Book filters contaminated water

I’ve always thought of books to be somewhat of life saving objects, as they educate and widen your world like nothing else, but now, the revolutionizing Drinkable Book will actually save lives! Each page of this book doubles as a water filter that removes deadly bacteria, as well as educates on sanitation and hygiene – and it even looks good! thedrinkablebook-main Continue reading

Vinczemill Identity by Cecília Pletser

As her graduation project from the Hungarian University Of Fine Arts, department of graphic design, Cecília Pletser designed a new visual identity for Vinczemill. A paper mill, run by László Vincze and his two sons since 1985, offers old-fashioned paper moulding, book binding and printing. The new identity is a great representation of paper milling tradition in the 21st century, with a fresh modern take on an age-old craft. Vinczemill-main Continue reading

His & Her Limb Graphic Design & Illustration Studio

LIMB Graphic Design & Illustration Studio in Bratislava, Slovakia, founded by Damian Herb and Daniela Olejníková. A couple of creative friends that lives and works together, combines their knowledge of illustration and graphic design for their mutual clients, while working on their personal projects simultaneously. limb-main
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Bartosz Kosowski’s Illustrations

Out of all the talented Polish illustrators, I must say without a doubt Bartosz Kosowski has the most distinguishable style. He runs his own Blackbird Illustrations studio in Lodz where he creates his masterful line drawing portraits, often with red or pinkish hues, that has brought him numerous clients and recognition locally and internationally. d447f496381418e88295051797a12c36 Continue reading

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