TypoThursday • Type Experiment Werk

Interesting design opens new ideas and viewpoints, it creates discussion and wonder. But in this digital age where we see thousands of images every day, it takes more and more to truly catch our attention. Hungarian design student Fanni Demecs’s type experiment Werk did this. Using oil and water to create light distortion which are then projected and filmed, she creates a captivating end result. See the making of video. experiment.2 Continue reading

Meet Michal Hazior

Meet the man behind the Secret Door to Bratislava guide, and numerous other eye catching projects ranging from packaging design to advertising. Michal Hazior dips his toes into every bucket of paint, working for clients big and small, local and international. He tackless them all with his own contemporary style of mixing minimalism with street art, without being afraid of colour. He seeks inspiration from new environments and experiences, and seems to prefer a paint brush over the click of a mouse. tumblr_mde41olU6e1r3n6vvo1_1280

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Botanical Illustrations by Zsófia Szabó

Hungarian graphic designer and illustrator Zsófia Szabó creates gorgeous portrayals of different fruits, vegetables and berries in her series of Botanical Illustrations. Her ink drawings are beautiful in their simplicity and the colours on the paintings subtle and harmonious. Fitting for this time of the year, when we celebrate the nature that is coming to life around us. 79daf57e32b6aa3145fb8dc77557a47a
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Visiting PRINT3Dfuture

PRINT3Dfuture conference combines knowledge, networking and entertainment in a fun way, a great mix of trade show with lectures from international innovators and trendsetters in the 3D printing world. Not only did I learn more about the field in one afternoon, I saw beautiful designs from creatives who’s found the technique to express themselves. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading

Sucker for Soccer

This is one for the soccer fans among you! Under the brand Sucker for Soccer Serbian graphic designer and art director Zoran Lucic created cool vintage inspired graphic posters of soccer’s biggest stars from Pele and Maradona to Beckham and Rooney. suckerforsoccer-main

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Meet Georg Liebergesell

Meet the man behind the lovely Blendend Cafe&Bar branding we featured a few weeks ago, that we absolutely adore. Local Georg Liebergesell gets creative in projects ranging from branding and visual design to illustration and editorial work. And even though he does not restrain himself within a specific style or field, his work definitely possesses a certain quality, charisma and ease. bok1M9mV
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Stadtcafe, exactly what the name suggests…

For our last meeting we decided to escape the office and head into the city, in the need of an energy fix and a great cup of coffee. We found ourselves at Stadtcafe on Freyung 1, deep in the heart of the first district of Vienna. The place took us by surprise by its superb decor, welcoming atmosphere and enormous yet delicious cheesecakes which took over our table and our meeting! 
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Herbarium Pernowka

The brilliant Czech illustrator duo Tomski & Polanski created a charming herbarium inspired branding and packaging for a young textile manufacturer Pernowka‘s new lingerie line Metropolis. The design is based on a harmoniously coloured botanical illustrations with a vintage feel, perfectly representing the retro style lingerie line. tomskiandpolanski-main Continue reading

TypoThursday • The Type Collective

The Type Collective is a project initiated by eight designers: Andrei Ogradă, Alex Beltechi, Felix Hornoiu, Vlad Neuman, Koma, Nicu Duta, Octavian Budai and Vian Peanu from Romania. The devotion and drive to form such a collective came from the notion that such a thing had not yet been attempted in their neck of the woods, so the eight creatives decided to join forces and make it happen. These are some talented guys, who pursue the passion they’ve got for the art of typography! Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
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12+ Creative Tea Packaging Designs

It’s tea time! Tea drinking is one of the oldest traditions of the civilised world, and the culture and customs vary greatly from country to country, often defined by the way tea is made and consumed, by the way the people interact with tea, and by the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking. One thing common is the effort and love put into the packagings. Inspired by our grey Wednesday afternoon tea break, we collected 12+ creative tea packaging designs.  teapackaging.main
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The Secret Door to Bratislava

Bratislava, only 80km for Vienna, just down stream of the Danube river, it feels like a little sister we never had. On every visit we walk around the beautiful old town and marvel on the number of stylish and trendy people that seem to be taking over the city like a slow motion flashmob. Finding out the latest hotspots it’s never easy, but now local artist and designer Michal Hazior has made it possible, and uncovered the secret gems of the Slovak capital for all to know. thesecretdoortobratislava.main
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Brett a Porter by Gerlinde Gruber

Brett a Porter – a picnic box made from corrugated cardboard for the Roughcutboard, by Vienna based designer Gerlinde Gruber, who’s specialty is customised packaging with a focus on functionality, structure and unusual, game-like appearance. The handy packaging holds everything essential for a successful picnic… now all we need are those warm summer days to arrive! IMG_8017-480x470 Continue reading

The Hungarian Guggenheim

The Hungarian Guggenheim is a fictional design project, conceptualised by two students from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Lakosi Krisztián and Lakosi Richárd. Main question in this project was: How would the Hungarian Guggenheim version look like? The designers answered with a very appealing and interesting flexible corporate identity system, focusing on folding inspired typography.

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Swing Kitchen, Oh my goodness!

I’ve been amused at the ongoing battle between restaurants in Vienna, each declaring to serve the absolute best burgers in town. But as the saying goes: so many men, so many minds. I’m here to speak mine. The latest contender on the scene, Swing Kitchen, swept me off my feet with the first bite I had. Let me tell you why! swingkitchen-main

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Marble inspired packaging for Costéllo + Hellerstein

Bold, brave and beautiful. This is the blueprint for the intimidatingly talented design agency Robot Food from Leeds, UK. With a client track record all the way from there to here, it was their latest brand identity and packaging design for chocolate truffle brand Costéllo + Hellerstein that melted my design obsessed little heart. 
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