Marble inspired packaging for Costéllo + Hellerstein

Bold, brave and beautiful. This is the blueprint for the intimidatingly talented design agency Robot Food from Leeds, UK. With a client track record all the way from there to here, it was their latest brand identity and packaging design for chocolate truffle brand Costéllo + Hellerstein that melted my design obsessed little heart. 
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Meet Moduletto

I am sure you know the situation when you are looking for your notes concerning a certain topic and find them in bits and pieces on different pages all over your notebook. A design studio from Vienna set out to solve exactly this problem by inventing Moduletto, a notebook which you can completely customize to your needs by extracting sheets, putting in new or other ones, rearrange them, changing the cover and the colour of the binding. We met the inventor, Michele Falchetto, who told us more about the special concept of Moduletto, prototyping and his search for the perfect paper. rp_10704147_694356423981177_6600705060172116641_n-500x500.jpg

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The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name…

Can you still remember your favourite book when you were a child? Mine was The Princess and the Pea. I still remember how the characters looked like and I can hear my grandma read it to me while I cuddled up in her bed. Despite our digital times, kids continue to enjoy reading printed books. A start-up from the UK called Lost my Name combines the love for print with digital technology to create a one-of-a-kind personalised kids book. lostmyname.main Continue reading

Wildlife inspired fictional banknotes for Hungary by Barbara Bernát

Budapest based graduate student Barbara Bernát used her knowledge of the traditional techniques of illustration, etching and printing to create intricately illustrated wildlife inspired fictional EURO notes for her home country of Hungary. The common side of each note features an European animals, the other side shows a related species of plants. barbara-bernat-hungarian-paper-money-designboom-07

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FLEUR by Judit Besze

The sun has finally come back to Vienna and there is a distant smell of spring around the city. It will still take some time until everything is blooming again and until then there is nothing better than buying yourself a nice bunch of tulips or peonies for the weekend. A flower shop where I would definitely like stop by is FLEUR. Budapest-based designer Judit Besze developed a fresh vintage inspired branding for the flower boutique from London. FLEUR_Judit Besze (9)

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TypoThursday • Wood Kit by Urtd

Urtd is a Slovakian one man type foundry and graphic design studio founded in 2009 by Ondrej Jób. His repertoire ranges from designing retail and custom typefaces to lettering, corporate identity, editorial design and icon design for both print and screen. Involved in a mind chattering number of projects at once, I’ll show you his latest and most interesting project: The Woodkit type system. woodkit-5bszrqgc97 Continue reading

London re-imagined in paper by Zupagrafika

Remember the brutal-looking range of paper cut-out models representing various postwar modernist buildings of Warsaw by Zupagrafika? Well now the Easter Block collection has got a follower with a new series of architectural gems from the birth place of Brutalism: London. Including known landmarks around the districts of Camden, Southwark and Tower Hamlet, some with an inevitable death sentence leering over their future. brutallondon.main Continue reading

The wonderful world of Blendend Cafe

Step into the whimsical world of Café/Restaurant/Bar Blendend in Graz. Claiming to serve the best cheesecake, which stays undisputed, their colourful identity and branding was designed by a local creative Georg Liebergesell. A mix of graphic patterns, pastel colours and a variable blend of typography creates a fun and young look, fitting to the eccentric interior. blendedbranding.main
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20+ DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

All week we’ve been setting the mood with beautiful wedding designs, Valentine’s DIY and even revealing our designer crush. Now I’m all caught up in the season of love and can’t get enough of all the pretty ideas and designs. I collected 20+ inspirational Valentine’s Day DIY ideas for you to try out! valentines.inspiration.main
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Wax Resist Valentine’s Cards

What would a Valentine’s Day be without some lovey-dovey heart filled hand made cards? Absolute nothing I say. This time I’m trying out something new: invisible art, making drawings with wax and bringing it to life with the touch of a paintbrush. The process is simple, supplies are minimal and the results are beautiful. valentinesdaycard-main Continue reading

Meet Ana Zaja Petrak aka Anek

Continuing our Valentine’s themed week, let us introduce you to our latest designer crush, Ana Zaja Petrak. The Croatian designer with an impressive resume creates colourful, culinary themed illustrations that make your stomach rumble. In our interview with her we talked about design, paper and food.
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Wedding Design by Laki Eszter

Laki Eszter, who’s work we’ve featured before and absolutely adore, created a beautiful design for a friends wedding, full of character and detail. Inspired by the couples personal lifestyle and passion for cooking, he drew both the bride and the groom their own herb illustrations. Besides being a wonderful design, it’s a great start to this week full of romance and love, leading us up to Valentines Day! lakieszter.main
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DIY Trends from Creativeworld 2015

As you all know we at Design&Paper are huge DIY enthusiasts. And every year we are eager to see which DIY trends are presented at Creativeworld in Frankfurt. 2015 will be ARTISTIC, ROMANTIC and OPTIMISTIC – doesn’t sound too bad! creativeworld_trendschau005

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TypoThursday • Qalto Typeface

Áron Jancsó, Hungarian graphic designer and self-titled type addict creates typefaces inspired by modernism, street culture and calligraphy. One of his latest project, Qalto typeface is a contemporary design with a hint of the olden days, full of contrast and fun shapes.
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Looking at offline and online madia it seems that illustration is more popular the ever. A great example of this trend is the work of Austrian illustrator Nanna Prieler. Her beautiful illustrations adorn children books, ebooks, magazines, blogs and even chocolate bars. In our interview the young artist told us about her passion for illustration and food, her style, her dreams for the future and what she loves about living in Vienna.

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