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I’m one of those people who walk around in shops pointing out things I could have done myself – better, or as good. To be quite honest, my love for DIY started as a need for certain things I could not afford, and slowly evolved into a lifestyle of “why buy it if you can make it”. And as a designer, I do take pride in what I create, how ever small it might be. And I’m beaming of pride with these little paper tassels!
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Meet Sonja Popovic aka Pops Art

After a busy wedding season we managed to steal some time of one of our favourite wedding invitation designers: Sonja Popovic aka Pops Art. The Milan based creative puts time and effort in creating the perfect design for each client, highlighting their personalities and the theme of the wedding. She belives the kind of paper used is the most important decision in the process, and we could not agree with her more!
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Hip Tips for Traveling With Pets by Aleksandar Savić

Aleksandar Savić, an illustrator and infographic designer based in Belgrade, Serbia, was asked by HipMunk to create an infographic explaining the up’s and down’s of travelling with a pet by making an illustrated list of hip tips that helps that ordeal easier for the traveller. We love our animals just like we love travelling, and now, we’re also in love with work of the talented Mr. Savić. Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.20.37 pm Continue reading

MUST SEE of the Vienna Design Week 2015

Today marks the start of the Vienna Design Week, which is filled with more events, workshops, lectures, talks, openings and exhibitions anyone could possible visit. So I went through the extensive programm and picked a few – must see – events for you to visit. As most of us have jobs and other responsibilities, and only own two legs, I picked the most interesting ones for each day of the 10 day festival. 11999056_974482525949048_1695208803962811103_n

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50 Inspiring Typographic Designs

Finding new and exciting designs and projects sometimes gets overbaring. There are so many incredible, beautiful, innovative, thought-provoking and simply jaw-dropping designs out there, it’s feels like an impossible job to pick only few from the bunch (and for writing of it all, I’d need to quad-triple my typing speed). But today I’m letting go and simple showcasing 50 of the most inspiring typographic designs I’ve come across. Get ready to be inspired! 5119e8756096b Continue reading

Ten Delicious Chocolate Packaging Designs

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get – those were the wisest words a 9 year old me had ever heard, and for some time they described my young view of the world perfectly. Later on I noticed life just might not be that easily summed up, but still, when ever there is a significant moment to be celebrated, a beautiful box of chocolates makes it even better. Wether you like it dark and tasty or sweet and light, you can find you favourite delicious design among these creative packaging designs. ea08464bb2db71754f2ff3c9b5992acd Continue reading

Đontra by Ivo Matić

Đontra – a personal sketchbook project by Croatian graphic designer & illustrator Ivo Matić which he builds on a daily basis, since early this year, now counting more than a hundred illustrations. With his distinct approach to illustration and comprehensive use of visual language, Matić creates dark and thought provoking work inspired by everyday life. 59163d28676317.55cc3f7fc7c83

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F L O R I A N – Fictional Visual Identity for a High End Tobacco Brand

Despite the 21-year-old Nora Kaszanyi‘s young age, the Hungarian graphic design student from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design has build a rather impressive port folio, showing a skill set envied by many professionals. Her latest projects includes a fictional visual identity for a self-chosen product: a high end tobacco brand in her case. 1639884606e7921ad09f4bf6d9da2a57 Continue reading

FREIRAUM DELI Branding by Dasuno

The award winning advertising agency Dasuno, known for innovative solutions, was commissioned to create the visual identity for a modern coffee shop and takeaway eatery Freiraum Deli on Mariahilfestrasse, including corporate design, store design, web design and packaging. The design plays off on strong typography, detailed illustrations and earthy and muted colors with a splash of pink for character. DELI_web-20
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Paper Fortune Cookies

It doesn’t get any cuter than this: DIY – Paper Fortune Cookies. I came up with the idea when planning my next dinner party. Once in a while we get together with friends to cook and spend the night among good food, and next up is sushi! I’m the one responsible for the decorations and I thought personalised fortune cookies would be perfect. As I’m not much of a baker, paper version ones would be perfect and as I found out, super easy to do! 11
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Back-to-School Essentials + GIVEAWAY

When you want to make a statement, personalised stationery is the way to go. From a creative thinker to a travel enthusiast, here you can find the stationery to match your personality. From trendy to classic, here are the accessories you need for a succesful school year. Also, make sure to scroll all the way down, and you’ll find out latest GIVEAWAY – Put it down on paper notebook by Munken.  MG_0896 Continue reading

DIY Schultüte

Can you still remember your first day of school? My memory is a bit blurry. I can remember sitting next to a boy who would not talk one word, wearing my pink Princess Sparkling school bag and holding an equally pink giant paper cornet filled with candy and school supplies, a so called Schultüte, in my hand. As the school season is about to start next week in Austria I thought to give it a try and do my own Schultüte. Schultüte-main Continue reading


Paris+Hendzel Co. is an international branding studio located in Warsaw, Poland, founded in 2013 by Lukasz Hendzel. Their latest client: Polish fruit processing company FRUTITAS, commissioned a youthful brand identity – one that reflects the cheerful and loving-life attitude of the brand. A design studio which was build on family values, seems to be the perfect fit for the family company FRUTITAS is. SM Stationary Branding Mock Up (Volume I) Continue reading

A Modern Tavern – Yppenplatz4

Sometimes I can’t keep up with the latest hot spots and trendy areas in Vienna, as they seems to change seasonally. But this summer there has been no confusion where to head when looking for the in-crowd. Calling itself the “modern interpretation of the tradional Viennese würstelstand” – Yppenplatz4 in the heart of Ottakringer deliveres on it’s promise. yppenplatz4

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