The Beaufort Bar’s Creative Pop-Up Cocktail Menu

The Savoy Hotel’s Beaufort Bar in London is known over the world for its theatrical Art Deco setting and innovative drinks, the bar has launched a spectacular new cocktail menu that pushes the boundaries of cocktail making, imagination and design. Created together by illustrator Joe Wilson and paper engineer Helen Friel, the pop-up cocktail menu will certainly get you on a weekend mood, and it happens to almost be cocktail hour! Cheers! BeaufortBarPopUpCocktailBook-main

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TypoThursday ● Void by Nora Demeczky

No, there is nothing wrong with your screen! The French avant-garde drama film Enter the Void by Gaspar Noé inspired Budapest based designer Nora Demeczky to create this full alphabet set titled Void. The typographic experiment is full of psychedelic colors and shaped, generated by a glitch, mimicking the visual landscape of the cult film. A digital riot of color and pattern forms an interesting and compelling design. enterthevoid.typography-main

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Highland Fauna Custom Playing Crads by Tomski & Polanski

The incredible Tomski & Polanski, four handed illustration duo from Prague, Czech Republic, have created a pack of hand-drawn playing cards featuring mystical woodland creatures and secret messages, and it took them an astonishing 8 months to finish. Dedication and talent, packed into on tiny little package. 12courtCards_1000 Continue reading

BurgRing 1, a Modern Wiener Café House

Don’t be fooled by the up-scale location of the infamous Burg Ring, next to Burggarten and Kunst Historisches Museum, a modern Viennese café house BurgRing 1 stands as shabby chic as they come. Opened about a year ago in the space of an old beer and gambling hall, the trendy and spacious interior where traditional Viennese cuisine is available from morning ‘til night is often filled with a stylish crowd.  burgring1.designandpaper2 Continue reading

Polagraph – Instant Photography in Prague

Friends of analogue instant photography will fall in love with Polagraph in Prague. The photographic gallery and shop is the perfect place to enjoy instant photography in the form of monthly changing exhibitions, stock up on Polaroid films, buy new or vintage cameras as well as beautiful paper goods. Polagraph_Prague_designandpaper (3)

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Selected Illustrations by Sergiy Maidukov

Sergiy Maidukov is a Ukrainian illustrator working for giants such as The Boston Globe, Diplomat, Architectural Review, Datum, Harvard Business Review and Swerve. Based in Kiev, his unique creations are brightly colored and often offer a new perspective or take on the subject. It was his “Navy Seals” illustration for Esquire Ukraine that demanded my attention and made me giggle. b80d247d5225d972833edb6fc7939687 Continue reading

Bla Graphics Branding by Lilla Bölecz

Bla Graphics is Hungarian designer Lilla Bölecz’s own illustration and graphic design brand. She created the brightly illustrated visual identity which is full of interesting details and represents her creative style to the tee. The heavily patterned branding shows the designers strengths in color use, typography and light-hearted touch. 24b68c6ce760dd7424be6b12728525f7
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DIY Growing Book

I often browse around the endless world wide web for ideas and inspiration for new DIYs and when I came across the adorable GrowingBooks I was mesmerized, never had I seen an idea like this! Sadly the small company is located all the way on the other side of the globe, in Terrigal Australia, the option of purchasing an original one was impossible. So I figured out to try it on my own, and it turned out pretty cute or what do you think? growingbooks5 Continue reading

Creative Paper Conference 2014

Each two years creatives and paper lovers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland flock to Munich for Creative Paper Conference organized by graphic design magazine NOVUM. At Alte Kongresshalle next to Theresienwiese advertising agencies, graphic designers, illustrators and paper artists showcase their most impressive projects – from posters printed with corrosive ink to gigantic origami masterpieces – and talk about what it took to get them done. CPC2014_D&P (7)

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