DIY Schultüte

Can you still remember your first day of school? My memory is a bit blurry. I can remember sitting next to a boy who would not talk one word, wearing my pink Princess Sparkling school bag and holding an equally pink giant paper cornet filled with candy and school supplies, a so called Schultüte, in my hand. As the school season is about to start next week in Austria I thought to give it a try and do my own Schultüte. Schultüte-main Continue reading


Paris+Hendzel Co. is an international branding studio located in Warsaw, Poland, founded in 2013 by Lukasz Hendzel. Their latest client: Polish fruit processing company FRUTITAS, commissioned a youthful brand identity – one that reflects the cheerful and loving-life attitude of the brand. A design studio which was build on family values, seems to be the perfect fit for the family company FRUTITAS is. SM Stationary Branding Mock Up (Volume I) Continue reading

A Modern Tavern – Yppenplatz4

Sometimes I can’t keep up with the latest hot spots and trendy areas in Vienna, as they seems to change seasonally. But this summer there has been no confusion where to head when looking for the in-crowd. Calling itself the “modern interpretation of the tradional Viennese würstelstand” – Yppenplatz4 in the heart of Ottakringer deliveres on it’s promise. yppenplatz4

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MONA & HERB Branding

Jenny, Claudia and Kerstin, students from the FH Salzburg developed Mona & Herb as a bachelor degree project for their MultiMedia Art degree with a focus on Media Design. Inspired by the traditional soda water manufacturer Schell in Hallein, they created a sustainable beverage brand Mona & Herb. 6f668528473019.55ca1bbbd89f2 Continue reading

Torn Paper Landscape

Are you familiar with torn paper art? That’s where you tear different colors of papers or cardboard to create a scene or landscape. It’s the most fun and simple form of crafts with paper, and a great way of having fun with kids of all ages. tearup11
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TypoThursday • Tamara Pešić

Tamara Pešić is a graphic designer and letterer, based in Belgrade, Serbia, who creates beautiful hand lettering and typographic designs for various clients and projects. Her ability to create unique designs for any occasion and conspicuous passion towards the craft makes her a fully fledged, self-labeled typoholic. 2d3025e03e6b63fde58b0a19dc23e4ab Continue reading

Radlager – Fast Bikes & Good Coffee

There are so many things that I love about my home city of Vienna that listing them all would take up too much of mine, and more importantly your time. But one of my favourite summer pastimes is to roll around the hot streets on my bike and seek air conditioning in one of the numerous cafes the city offers. One place that offers both, is a bike/coffee shop Radlager on Operngasse in the Vienna’s 4th district.  slideshow_2
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Andrée Daisley Barber Shop Branding

Sebastian Bednarek is a graphic designer from Poland specializing in brand identity design. With an impressive international client roster, he understands the importance and potential what high quality branding brings and what it can offer to a company. In his latest project he gave a 50 year old barber shop a needed face lift, resulting in an stunning contemporary identity that captivates the large than life persona Andrée Daisley. cba3f5797d9151cc7add9e6fdfed07aa Continue reading

Meet Lucia Blanáriková

Lucia Blanáriková is a designer with a passion. By combining graphic design hand drawn illustration she creates high quality design projects ranging from contemporary wine packaging and experimental calligraphy to an award winning cook book Yum, designed specifically for mentally disabled people. The young graduate at the beginning of her career, took some time off to discuss the never-ending learning process, inspirations and future plans with us. 1738d5b5f7340dacef9c135e062dfa8b
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Museo del 900 programme by Alice Donadoni

Alice Donadoni is a freelance graphic designer and occasional illustrator living and working in London, and the woman behind the color blast that is this years programme for Museo del Novecento in Milan. Going through each of the twentieth century decades and the dominant art movements of each era, she created a changing branding for the museums programme material, with a strong emphasis on typography and pattern design.
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Bucharest Tourist Map by SADDO

The marvellously wonderful world of Saddo is always very interesting to visit, as well as is our favourite Romanian city: Bucharest. Local Interesting Times Bureau asked the talented creative to design an illustrated map of all the city hot spots, fitting for the agency that offers one-of-a-kind tailored and alternative guided tours through the capital city. 306a4ae4fb2b34aabc64c6ffe1cd068a Continue reading

13 & 5 Design Studio Branding

Would you go to a hairdresser who’s hair is a total mess, or trust a dentist with crooked teeth? No, and you wouldn’t hire a graphic design studio with bad branding to do yours! The young German graphic design studio dreizehn und füenf understands the importance of self promotion and created a visual identity that leaves no doubt of the young creatives skills. 51   Continue reading

Funky Gourmet BBQ at RIB’Z Grill ‘n’ Booze

New stylish BBQ joints are popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a wet season. Each competing of having the best burger and the most inventive interior. RIB’Z Grill & Booze is a new Belgrade bar-restaurant open since last March, designed by creative studio L’enfant Terrible, that holds it’s own compared to others, offering it’s own unique blend of contemporary fast food experience. 2f6cd65066a6e93e2e4965ec5d4066b5 Continue reading

Selected Works by Lym Moreno

Born in Venezuela, living and working in Vienna, Lym Moreno works with a wide variety of medias and techniques including drawings, collages, assemblages of paper, print making, mural-painting and most recently some stop-motion experiments. She creates scenes full of life and color, often presenting figures and imaginative creatures from worlds beyond ours. lym_moreno_murals_15 Continue reading

Stunning & Tasty – Di Cafe Deli

Di Cafe Deli resides on the first floor of the Sky Tower – the tallest building in Wroclaw, with an interior that is dominated by simplicity – light wood and a dark floor. Designed by the local Architects, the black-and-white checkered floor, marble and cement details together with the open space and modern furniture offers a stunning setting for a delicious breakfast and brunch. projekt-di-cafe-deli-autorstwa-buck-studio-fot-mat-pras-yellowtrace-4 Continue reading