Horrorgami by Marc Hagan-Guirey

In the theme of Halloween, London based horror-film enthusiast, art director and kirigami artist Marc Hagan-Guirey has created paper cut versions of famous haunted houses, in a series he calls Horrorgami. 13 iconic buildings familiar from such classics as The Shining, Rosemery’s Baby and Ghostbusters will get your spine shiver and palms sweaty. Paper has never been this scary before! Horrorgami_Psycho_3 Continue reading

DIY Bat Mobile – Halloween Decoration

Halloween! The festival of trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, playing pranks and of course, dressing up as scary creatures is here. But as much as I love the holiday, I have a personal vendetta against all trashy, throwaway decorations that come with it. So this time I came up with my own: simple, stylish and recyclable D.I.Y. halloween decoration. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
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Eine Ampelsinfonie by Soybot

A Vienna-based micro publishing collective Soybot consists of six members who share an affinity to graphics, illustration and printing. The work of the collective is characterized primarily by the fact that their various printing works and publications are produced with a Risografen, a high-speed digital printing system fed with rice paper and soyink. A printing technique that was also used on one of their latest projects, Eine Ampelsinfonie, an interesting study on sound visualization in four different physical positions in Vienna. eineampelsimphonie12 Continue reading

Meet Eliza Mórawska aka WHITE PLATE

She is the woman behind White Plate, one of the most read culinary blogs in Poland with over 60.000 followers on facebook, and this summer her second cook book “O jabłkach” (“About Apples”) was published. The blogger and author Eliza Mórawska took a few minutes off her busy schedule to tell us about how she started out, what’s important to become a successful blogger, her plans for the future and, of course, her new book. Eliza-Mórawska_fot.-Krzysztof-Kozanowski_Magazyn-Usta_a

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TypoThursday ● THIS&THAT

BAM of the legendary ‘90s hip-hop group The Jungle Brothers and Austrian DJ Mr. Dero were looking for an innovative visual concept for their collaboration double EP/LP titled “THIS” and “THAT”, which together constitute the full album title “THIS&THAT”. Two creatives from Graz, graphic designer and art director Simon Lemmerer with photographer Stefan Leitner came up with an original idea to create an anamorphic installation of the initial letters of the album titles.
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Nice to meat you…said the Butcher to the Cow

In a prime location, between Opera and MuseumsQuarter, a hip new restaurant opened up last spring which has shaken up the dining scene of Vienna. Said the Butcher to the Cow is not only unique in its impressive name and interior, but also in the cuisine it serves. Combining three loves of mine: burgers, cheesecake and gin, I had to go and check it out! main

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Relax & Eat at Urban House in Bratislava

An urban loft atmosphere, delicious salads, sandwiches and sweets, great coffee, cool music and loads of books, that’s Urban House in Bratislava. Situated in Larinska street, the place is right in the heart of the old town and serves as a hang-out spot for locals and tourists alike. uh_3

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TypoThursday ● Fontarte

Fontarte – a typographic, graphic design studio and independent publishing house was established by Magdalena Frankowska and Artur Frankowski in Warsaw back in 2004. With extensive knowledge and passion towards typography, their work is distinguished by its original letterforms and unique typographic style. They’ve become the go-to agency when looking for high-quality custom typefaces. From an incredible list of clients and projects, I’ve selected works for you to enjoy.

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Paper Yarns & Twines by PaperPhine

Last year I took part in a DIY workshop by PaperPhine where I learned how to do my own paper yarn. I admit I was not particularly gifted, but nevertheless managed to roll two small bobbins of yarn which since then give the finishing touch to all my parcels. As Christmas is approaching I thought of stocking up on paper yarn and discovered the beautiful products of PaperPhine which range from various paper yarns and twines to accessories and jewelry made of this material. dawanda_paperphine_garn_weiss_03_holzspule_neu_05_zweispulen_1024x1024

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Branding for Buna by Kristina Bartosova

In Graz, Buna stands for the finest artisan coffee. Owned by a renowned barista Susanne Feier, Buna offers high quality and delicious coffee made with the utmost dedication and care. In the heart of the shop you can find a large purple coffee machine, so it was only fitting that graphic designer Kristina Bartosova chose that to be the color to represent the shop in their visual identity. With two shops now on opposite sides of the city, Buna is taking over the city, one coffee cup at a time. 

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