10 Stylish Paper Advent Calendars

Holiday season is officially in full swing and even though I try my best not to get caught up in all the madness too early on it is time to get our craft on! I love crafting at Christmas time, there are so many reasons to make things and decorations and when the weather is horrible staying indoors and creating is a great way to pass the time. And it’s all so pretty! Seven days before the start of December, check out these 10 stylish DIY paper advent calendars for you to choose your favourite from! adventcalendar-main Continue reading

FAUPÈ Branding by Dawid Cmok

Polish graphic designer and branding expert Dawid Cmok created a fitting visual identity for FAUPÈ, a fashion label established in 2015 by Vanessa Jashanica. The minimal branding includes logotype variants, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, graphic patterns, wear accessories and responsive website, which once again proves Cmok’s undoubtable eye for typography and detail. 2d135f20989447.562340aa9ff65

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Marcin Usarek’s Personal Business Cards

They provide information about you and your work and hopefully encourage the receiver to follow up with you in some way. And as part of your identity, a great one reflects your personality. For a designer they are the first glimpse of your work and so in an incredibly important position as first impressions are everything in this business. Already guessed what I’m talking about? Yes, the all mighty business card. 08204428024901.5636e731e5103 Continue reading

TypoThursday • Renáto Molnár

Hungarian graphic designer Renáto Molnár has a remarkable skill to create delicate and uniquely detailed typographic designs, with a special knack for calligraphy. Besides learning the craft as part of his studies at the Institute of Applied Arts (University of West-Hungary), he spends his time practising and refining his expertise with strong and noticeable results. As he puts it – practise makes perfect! 484bcd14182869.5627ef8371de7 Continue reading

100 BESTE PLAKATE 14. Exhibition

A week ago tuesday I spend the night gazing over beautiful posters in the inspiring setting of the Museum of Applied Arts, at the opening night of 100 beste Plakate. The exhibition build in co-operation between MAK and 100 Beste Plakate e. V. impressed by the wide range of techniques and richness of color represented with special attention given to typography and inventive layout, which makes me say: go and see it tonight! 12195976_842287199221073_8801536039866694071_n Continue reading

Uraniae Observatory Branding Concept by Hajnalka Illés

Detailed line illustrations and minimal coloring is the key to the stunning branding concept Hajnalka Illés created for Uraniae, an observatory that only existed for a short period of 37 years on top of the most famous of hills, Gellert in Budapest. Uraniae was one of the nine Muses in Greek mythology, patroness of astronomy and astrology; hence the name of the observatory.

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Bruch—Idee&Form Branding

Young design studio Bruch—Idee&Form is the brain child of Josef Heigl and Kurt Glänzer that focuses on branding, editorial design, packaging and web design. Only having founded the company about a year ago, they’ve managed to make their name known by winning the golden CCA Award in the corporate branding category with their own studio’s branding. 269bed30667077.562e2b96ecade Continue reading

Honest Matković Wine Branding & Packaging

When opposed with the task of creating a branding and marketing plan for Matković wines, the team at Señor, Croatian advertising agency, thought of a new approach. Matković wines are produced with care using high quality grapes, they are fair-priced and undeceiving in communication. Honesty best describes the way the Matković family approaches their business. And so was born: Honest wine. cec00929481499.5603c39447a70 Continue reading

Modern Retro GRAFIKA Posters

GRAFIKA plays with graphics, lines, designs and color. Run by a talented Polish graphic designer and illustrator Kasia Jasinska, Grafika creates unique, minimalistic, modern posters and decorations with a touch of retro feel. With strong influence from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s aesthetics and color schemes and an appreciation for Polish post-war design, art and modernistic architecture, beautiful and stylish posters are born, one for each taste.  12096364_1035035549869812_5261250463315009409_n Continue reading

PURE – His & Hers Chocolate Packaging

Russian graphic design Daria Ksenofontova specialises in packaging design that builds a strong brand connection with more depth and idea than just a pretty box. Her His&Hers chocolate packaging concept relies heavily on typography, which varies according to the type and style of the taste in question. The chocolates are meant to be bought in two’s, as couples for couples.

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Studio Anja Kroencke Branding by Bureau Rabensteiner

The importance of self promotion and personal branding has been highlighted lately, with more and more creatives, artist and professionals of all trades, giving special attention to their professional image. Austrian born, NYC based illustrator Anja Kroencke commissioned Bureau Rabensteiner to create a fitting branding for her which depicts the distinctive style and services she offers as an illustrator. The contemporary stationery line combines strong, modern typography and quirky details. 69293729341353.55efe52e943d0 Continue reading

DIY Halloween Mask

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume? Sounds familiar. Somehow Halloween managed to creep up on me (hehe, pun intended) this year. Well, it happens almost every year, and every year I end up franticly looking for a costume on the last minute. Then end up pulling together something that’s obviously an after thought, and get green with envy for others amazing costumes. But this year, Wintercroft printable DIY masks totally saved me. Every paper lovers must-go costume! mask4 Continue reading

Wine Label Resume by Miklós Kiss

At first glance this looks like a beautiful wine label but on a closer inspection the text turns out to be something more than producer or grape variety information, but somebodies work history and skills are listed on the label. The design came to be when Bernadett Baji asked the help of her friend, hugely talented Hungarian designer Miklós Kiss to help her land a job at a wine distribution company. 
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Letter Cotton Identity by Studio Cocolia

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TypoThursday • Arnicae

Vienna based graphic designer Michael Leithner was inspired by the writings on labels of old apothecary bottles and letterings of facades of councils in Vienna when creating a new typeface: Arnicae. The contemporary typeface is a prime example of Leithners desing motto – good design is evol­ved by focu­sing on the ten­sion bet­ween good con­cep­tion and opti­mi­zed visual solutions. img-20150629-55911cdd5acc3ML_WEB_Arnicae_650x4002

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