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Design&Paper is always looking for engaging contributors and innovative work. If you’re an artist, designer or a DIY enthusiast, who would like to have your project published, please send your proposal to our senior editor Sini at

What’s more, if you believe in your friend’s work or even someone you admire, we always welcome suggestions!

(Not all submissions will be published, but we do take the time to look at all of them. If we think an idea fits Design&Paper, we will contact you and add it to the blog.)


We offer advertising possibilities, tailor-made for our audience. If your product or service fit to the Design&Paper topics, we’d love to hear from you at


For any other curiosities, ideas or suggestions, you’re welcome to drop us a line at


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For inquiries about design papers, Europapier is firstly committed to giving you the very best support in order to bring your project to life. Here you can get in touch with our paper specialists from 13 different countries, all through Central Eastern Europe and Russia.

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