The Design & Paper blog, launched in 2012, celebrates all topics connected to design and paper. We created it to share our passion for great design, creative papers, and printing with the paper-lovers community.

Design & Paper also serves as an interactive platform for designers, artists, illustrators, printers, and crafters who are welcome to share their work with us. On Design & Paper, you can find carefully curated content featuring designers, illustrators, creatives and artists, information on upcoming industry trends, and hot new paper designs, printing and finishing tips as well as events from the paper world. We also share insights directly from leading professionals: interviews with paper manufacturers, designers, artists and printers, confessions from the paper world.

On our social media channels, we share a daily dose of inspiration from the above-mentioned topics. We bring you stimulating content by designers, creatives and artists from around the world who share our passion for great design and beautiful paper, to brighten your day and inspire your work.

Design & Paper came to life as an initiative from the Europapier Group. Besides from being the #1 paper merchant in Central Eastern Europe and Russia, Europapier is firstly committed to giving you the very best support in order to bring your project to life. Our design and special papers are known and trusted by many designers and printers in the region. In 13 countries Europapier’s customers simultaneously enjoy the expertise and prestige of an international group coupled with local, in-depth knowledge. Our paper specialists are experts on the local market, speak the language and fully understand our clients’ needs. The life of a project, however, does not stop with the production. We celebrate the work that matters!

Our Design & Paper blog is an open platform, on which we invite and encourage all to submit their projects for publication! We look forward to sharing your work with our creative community!


Meet the team

Sandra Schmidt

As the head of design papers at Europapier Sandra is constantly getting inspired by new design paper developments, stunning customer projects and new exciting print- and converting technologies. On Design & Paper, it’s Sandra who will feed you with information in the paper+printing category. The interaction of the product, graphics, text, color and surface of the paper intrigued Sandra so much that her private collection of nice print products has grown and grown over the years.

Sini Mäkelä
Senior Editor

A native Finn who splits her time between Vienna and Helsinki, working as a concept designer and content creator. With over 8 years of experience working for clients in the fields of design, arts, culture, and technology, she has gained a unique set of skills in recognizing a successful branding experience. Always keeping an eye out for the new and unexpected, the recipe for winning this design enthusiast heart includes quirky aesthetics and crisp execution. 

Andra Tănase

After experiencing wildlife in Romanian advertising, Andra moved to Vienna, where she connected deeply with the world of design papers. As a Product Manager Design Papers at Europapier, she loves discovering how limitless and versatile paper is as a medium and gathering paper applications from different countries for Design & Paper. Her passion for analog also relates to oil painting, and how the rest of the world fades away when she’s holding a paintbrush.

Further Europapier collaborators: 

Teresa Neuhauser (Austria) • Michaela Novak (Austria) • Melanie Lercher (EU-RO) • Ivan Cigić (Bosnia & Herzegovina) • Gordana Vidošević (Bosnia & Herzegovina) • Danaya Parusheva (Bulgaria) • Katja Milković ( Croatia) • Scarlett Tomic (Croatia) • Petr Lacina (Czech Republic) • Gabriella Murai (Hungary) • Agnieszka Cegla (Poland) • Roxana Ţiclete (Romania) • Ştefania Cînciu (Romania) • Elena Rodionova (Russia) • Olga Kurlykina (Russia) • Jovana Stevkovic (Serbia) • Ivana Mitrović (Serbia) • Zuzana Jakubíková (Slovakia) • Ivana Banović (Slovenia) • Špela Volf (Slovenia)

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Get the latest articles and news delivered straight to the comfort of your own inbox!