I T O Branding & Identity by Mateusz Łosiński


I T O is a made to measure fashion brand based in Warsaw, Poland, run by fashion designer, clothing constructor and tailor in one person: Katarzyna Grzelak. While Mateusz Łosiński, co-owner and art director of the brand is the creative mind behind it’s branding and packaging concept that echoes the brands industrial minimalism and rawness. With an identity originating in the raw structure of natural fibre, I T O reflects the Japanese word meaning thread, yarn, string.  d3fc5934952449.57018bca9deb2 read more…


Sofi Bath Bombs


Bratislav Milenkovic, our favourite Serbian illustrator who we interviewed last spring, is also part of one of the most awarded south-east European design agencys: Bruketa & Žinić OM. Working with numerous international clients from small organizations to big multinational companies, one of their latest projects included designing the branding and packaging for SOFI, a small family production of organic handmade cosmetics. 33b7fc23440529.56048078a6d7c read more…


Identity in Harmony with Nature by Kamil Piatkowski


Poland based graphic designer Kamil Piatkowski created a visual identity for House of Green – a store that sells houseplants and other greens. The starting point was to present the brand as modern and ecological using only one color and a classic material choice – black and kraft paper, which is associated with nature and ecology. The logo is built of a symbolic leaf in a geometric shape, referring to Piatkowski’s own style and previous projects. The identification maps the philosophy of the brand and shows the place as the place to go for people who wants to live in harmony with nature. header read more…


Drinking in Style – Miranda Bar


There is an endless supply of bars and terraces in the city during the summer, with new and old watering holes popping up on every corner. My own neighbourhood of the 6th district offers so many options it’s dizzying, but being spoiled with options is never reason for a complaint – think of it this way, there is a place for each day and mood. A dark pub with a fire place for a rainy day, a shady Schanigarten for a relaxed evening and a cool cocktail bar for that first drink on a night out. For the latter, there is one place above the others: the über-cool Miranda Bar on a hilly side street known as Ezterhazygasse. 160217_TLA_MIR_Photos_17 read more…


Second Choice by Noeeko Studio


Noeeko is a small design studio based in Warsaw, Poland, run by a team of designers, creative thinkers and makers. Working with large corporate brands and public organisations as well as small businesses, lifestyle brands, restaurants and artist, their latest client Second Chance, a luxury, pre-owned fashion shop in Warsaw, is the perfect combination of contemporary minimalism and mod inspired spirit.
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Paper Divas


Alessandro Polia and Antonio Zuddas from the agency The Big Now, commissioned paper artists from the studio Apha Design and photographers of Arec Studio to make posters and portraits for the Festival de Cannes 2016, for the Italian jewellery brand Pomellato (which celebrates the image of the self-confident women since 1965). These 3 portraits show 3 charismatic actresses : Salma Hayek (in Frida Kahlo), Catherine Deneuve (in Belle de Jour) and Audrey Tautou (in Amelie), all created from 3D collages and cut paper. Combining softly textured paper with beautiful, elegant Pomellato jewellery, the iconic actresses are dressed for the red carpet.
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Anleitung zur Stadtflucht – Cookbook GIVEAWAY


Combining the joy of learning regional specialty recipes with beautiful photographs and poetic texts – Anleitung zur Stadtflucht gives you the inspiration as well as the instructions on how to escape the city. Whether you are on the search for the perfect recipe for a relaxing getaway, or just enjoy beautiful books, here is your chance to win your own cope of Anleitung zur Stadtflucht to grace your kitchen shelf. Read on to find out how to get one!
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Mesa Baja Branding & Packaging by Milos Milovanovic


Milos Milovanovic, from Trstenik, Serbia was commissioned to design a packaging and branding for Grisalon Agroindustria and their sub-brand called Mesa Baja. Mesa Baja is flagship brand for line of sugar cane – based on organic and biodegradable products. With a blue emblem on central stage, the design creates an elegant feel, respecting the tradition and identity of the farmers.   9c45ff36280441.5716cd2aa64cf read more…


TypoThursday × Mateusz Witczak’s Hand Lettering

Collection of hand drawn lettering designs by Polish lettering artist and graphic designer Mateusz Witczak. Quickly gaining notoriety in the hand lettering world, self-taught Witczak consistently trains his skill set, always aiming for improvement and searching for new ideas. Take a minute, and simply marvel – and appreciate – the artistry that goes into his work.  bc358b28599341.570fe53cd61ee

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Charles Bukowski re-imagined by Tough Slate Design


Crowned the best branding agency of Ukraine in the last two years, Tough Slate Design does not need any more phrasing words or lengthy introductions. Run by a young, undeniably talented team in Kyiv, they don’t just dapple their feet in the water but dive head first into the challenges their design clients place upon them. Their latest production, the re-branding of the laureate of American lowlife (by Time magazine in 1986) Charles Bukowski’s book of poems titled Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit.
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Design Pro Bono – NYKOE, Animal Rescue Siófok & Fertőzug Nature Association.


In the Design Pro Bono 15/16, charity program launched by Hellodesign, organisations from the fields of environment-, nature-, animal protection and culture we’re able to apply through an open competition to win a comprehensive visual identity overhaul, done by a noted graphic designer. Seven non-profit organisations, seven worthy projects, seven professional designers and seven renewed visual identities. The winning design kits, worth 1 000 000 Hungarian Florints, were aimed to create a modern, professional and appealing visual image, enhancing the communication of the organisations, attracting more followers and supporters, and ensuring more effective operation. Now three of the seven projects has been revealed: NYKOE, Animal Rescue Siófok and Fertőzug Nature Association. hellodesign-design-pro-bono-logo

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Selected works by Sergiy Maidukov part.II


Our previous feature on the Ukrainian illustrator Sergiy Maidukov‘s work was few years ago, and it’s time to take a peek at his latest creations. The man with a rich imagination and matching skill set to put it on paper shows no signs of slowing down, continuously producing work for an enviable client roster. Maidukov’s unique way of visualising an abstract concept and ability to produce high-quality work fast has landed him on top, and in front of ours, as well as many other eyes. 2dedd935064335.572fa2750edd8 read more…


Meet Ana Popescu


Most often than not – it’s the unusual that intrigues me the most, the odd one out that catches my attention. Ana Popescu’s Bathing Babes and their child like honesty made me wonder who’s the woman behind the illustration series Summer Chronicles. And most often than not – when you ask, you are answered. Popescu talks about her love for drawing, never ending pursue of perfection and fascination for the absurd. Lifeonmars_III_1 read more…


Bock Albus Wine


Anna Hidvegi and Kira Koroknai, students of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts Graphic Design department, created a wine packaging concept based on a paraphrase – full of drama and flair. The dark and moody Bock Albus wine design ironically feels like the breath of fresh air in the mids of all the pastel colors in trend now. The photo based packaging on the outside was inspired by still life Vanitas paintings, using a ram skull as the main element, surrounded by wild flowers. The skull is representing the winery by reflecting on their logo. In contrast, the inner label itself has a very clean, purely typographical style, accompanying a single small illustration – the Bock logo. f666bb37527467.5743904f9c343 read more…


Architectural Illustrations by Renáta Jakab

Budabest based Hungarian designer Renáta Jakab enjoys photographing her home town. Creating interesting compositions by mixing black&white photographs of architecture with graphic elements and text, she made an editorial titled Monochrome sights (available here). And now she has added color to her work by turning the photographs into minimal illustrations with vivid color schemes, keeping the dynamic compositions on central stage. 57047338344335.575ead1b1e413

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