Why Water Matters – Gmund Paper’s First Magazine Issue


On March 22nd we celebrate the International Water Day, whose goal is to inspire people around the world to learn more about water-related issues, the importance of freshwater and to take action in order to make a difference.

I thought there’s no better fitting project to today’s topic than Gmund Paper’s No 1 Magazine – “Why Water Matters”. Launched in January 2019, the magazine tells stories by Gmund, about Gmund. Sharply focused, appealing presented and attractively illustrated with high-quality photo spreads, the magazine illustrates Gmund Paper company, while simultaneously showing the diversity of Gmund’s paper collections.

Running since 1829, Gmund has produced beautiful papers at their mill at lake Tegernsee, in Southern Germany. Starting with fine handmade papers, they now have an innovative paper range consisting of more than 25 different collections, available in over 70 countries across the globe – read more here.

The leitmotif of the magazine, as the title suggests, is the theme of water, which flows through the whole magazine both visually and in terms of content. As a fundamental component in paper production, water is ever present at Gmund Paper and it shows their commitment to sustainability.

“Water is one of the most amazing substances we know. Most life events are mostly water. All life on earth depends on the water. The earth is 71% covered with water. The total water resources of our planet amount to about 1.386 billion cubic kilometers, of which ca 96.5% account for the salt water of the oceans. Only about 3.5% of the water resources are fresh water. But most fresh water is not liquid, but found in frozen form in the poles and glaciers”

The magazine brought together talented contributors, which have realized a stunning first issue of the magazine. Peter von Felbert, a Munich based photographer, moves stylistically on a level between applied and artistic photography, capturing everything that is alive. Mathias Leidgschwendner, the Art Director of the project, works as a Designer and a Photographer and has already won the German Design Award for his own magazine “Fasson”. Katharina Bourjau, originally from Munich now based in Stuttgart and Tegernsee has realized the illustrations and journalist Karin Lochner, who won the 2013 Valais Media Prize, brings the texts of the magazine to life.

In the last part of the magazine, Gmund introduces the reader to their paper samples, through varied colors and textures, which play with blue and green water shades, as long as with sand or colors found in river banks. The magazine’s unusual dimensions (24.5 x 20 cm) are compact enough to accompany readers everywhere, yet spacious enough to be visually and tactilely impressive. Flipping through the magazine, I get the feeling of nostalgia, summer vacation, and the weightless sensation of floating in crystal clear water.

Gmund Paper Magazine - Why Water Matters

Gmund Paper Magazine - Why Water Matters

Gmund Paper Magazine - Why Water Matters

Gmund Paper Magazine - Why Water Matters

Gmund Paper Magazine - Why Water Matters

Images © Gmund Paper.


Inspiration + Paper = World Water Day


Today, March 22nd, is the official World Water Day, a date set by the UN to highlight the importance of freshwater, and its protection. The day is celebrated around the world with a variety of events, from educational, to theatrical and musical events, and of course campaigns and fundraisers for water projects. The intention is to inspire people around the world to learn more about water-related issues and to take action to make a difference.

Inspired by the occasion, I wanted to bring attention to the issue the one way I know, love and can be inspired by. With paper. So I’ve put together a collection of beautiful papers, matched them with photographs inspired by World Water Day. If for nothing else, so we can remind ourselves of this magnificent substance, no of us could live without.

World Water Day, Gmund Leather Peacock

Gmund Leather Peacock

World Water Day, Design Papers Classy Covers

Classy Covers Cobalt TT

World Water Day, Color Style Smooth Cool Blue

Color Style Smooth Cool Blue

World Water Day, Gmund Leather Night

Gmund Leather Night

World Water Day, Remake Sky

Remake Sky

World Water Day, Classy Covers Cobalt MN

Classy Covers Cobalt MN

World Water Day, Galaxy Metallic Ocean Blue

Galaxy Metallic Ocean Blue

World Water Day, Neobond Blue

Neobond Blue

World Water day, IQ Color Intensiv 

IQ Color Intensiv 

Images © Pexels and Design&Paper


Žufánek’s Redesigned Labels By Andreea Bora Set A New Standart


Andreea Bora, originally from Bucharest, Romania, now based in Prague, is a multi-disciplinary designer focusing on branding and packaging. Experienced in creating meaningful, comprehensive branding concept, she redesigned the labels of Žufánek, a well known and beloved brand of spirits in the Czech Republic.

The visual identity and packaging of the fruit brandies and liqueurs had not changed since Žufánek’s founding in 2002, which included an abstract illustration of the fruit, the name of the product in a handmade “woodcut” font and the name of the brand – a style which has since become a standard in the industry. But as the leading brand in the country for its category, Žufánek believed it was time for a change, and asked Bora help it lead the way again with a complete redesign of its brandies and liqueurs range.

The new labels are a more modern, more premium version of the same idea of abstraction. But taken even further, the signifier for each flavor becomes the initial of the products name instead of the illustration of the fruit, therefore creating a new alphabet of alcohol. The new labels have a system of information that gives the consumer more details about the product, including a category denominator on the top, production process on the left and English translations of the product names.

The redesign included the development of labels for new, 100ml bottles, as well as the re-imagining of the differentiation between the basic fruit brandy and the more premium, oak barrel aged fruit brandy. The resulting design is a stylish, contemporary take of a traditional product, sure to win over the hearts of new consumer groups.

Images © Andreea Bora



Colorful Cardboard Toys By Studio ROOF


Amsterdam based studio ROOF is a family run paper design studio founded in 2005 by Romy and Ilya and their three children. In its 13 years, it has grown into a successful and beloved source of inspiration for children, and the child-minded, across the world. Their designs are always motivated by imagination, and created for all ages, inviting to tell stories to each other, to inspire and to be inspired.

Their first product ever, a cardboard playhouse has become a classic piece in many children’s room, is now accompanied by a massive collection of cardboard and paper toys and objects. Anything imaginable and plausible. These stunning designs encourage pretend play and imagination with a focus on craftsmanship and appreciation for design for both kids and adults. As Studio ROOF’S paper toys are not just loved by children, but also satisfy parents who wish for beautiful and ecological toys to match a contemporary lifestyle. Committed to making their products as nature-friendly as possible, all designs are made of recycled cardboard or paper and printed with vegetable inks.

Twice a year studio ROOF published a new catalog full of new and exciting paper designs. Their latest for the Spring Summer 2019 includes new a gorgeous blue lobster, colorful birds of paradise, dinosaurs, and a set of pop-up cards and two little boxes of wall decoration with insects in the leading role, created in collaboration with Danish design studio Dybdahl who reissues wonderful historical prints, blending them with a contemporary vision. See if you can find a favorite, something that urges you to create, sparks imagination, or just melts your heart. Visit their online shop, and follow them on Instagram.

Colorful Cardboard Toys By Studio ROOF

Colorful Cardboard Toys By Studio ROOF

Colorful Cardboard Toys By Studio ROOF

Colorful Cardboard Toys By Studio ROOF

Colorful Cardboard Toys By Studio ROOF

Colorful Cardboard Toys By Studio ROOF

Colorful Cardboard Toys By Studio ROOF

Colorful Cardboard Toys By Studio ROOF

Images © Studio ROOF