10 Inspiring Wedding Stationery Trends


Wedding season is in full swing so it’s time to look at the most compelling, striking, and imaginative trends of the time. While classic, timeless touches will never go out of style, up and coming trends and unique ideas are definitely worth your consideration. With a phenomenal – and somewhat frightening – amount of choice out there, I’ve gathered together 10 of the most inspiring, and memorable wedding stationery ideas for you to consider and adore over.

1 Vintage

Marine blue and light rose go hand-in-hand like a bride and a groom. It’s light and romantic while being dramatic and impressive. Combined with gloss-photo style flower illustrations, it gives the right amount of retro and class.

2 Artsy

Artistic, fun, and memorable for the young at heart. You can go as crazy, or as minimal with this trend as you want, with using abstract patterns, paint splashes, or simple highlighting strokes. Get creative!

3 Laser-cut

Whether you want a lace design, snowflakes, flowers or treetops, using a laser-cut design for your wedding invitations is very on trend right now.

4 Sealed

A wax seal adds a distinguished, royal touch to the wedding invitations. There are so many lovely ways you can do this – from personal monogrammed stamps to a botanical motif.

5 Watercolor

Graceful and elegant, while being fun and young. Watercolor wedding stationery designs are a great way to introduce a color scheme without resorting to a floral border or motif.

6 Blind embossing

Blind embossing creates an indelible impression on the paper – same as you might want to do with your wedding.  The results are attention-grabbing. This technique can be applied to everything from borders to the typography, there are so many original ideas to explore this trend.

7 Translucent

Translucent or milk paper is a perfect modern choice for a bride who loves tradition with a twist. It gives a minimalist touch and is sure to get people excited about what to expect at your wedding.

8 Surprising shapes

Not everything needs to be cookie cutter perfect, expected or traditional. Your invitations don’t have to be square or rectangular, they can be any shape you like! Thinking outside the traditional format of wedding stationery is going to be a huge up-coming trend From circular to triangular to heart-shaped, the options are endless.

9 Mapped out

Destination weddings can make more of their unique location by using a map design as part of the invitation. This approach is really effective. Choose from ordnance survey style maps or hand illustrated ones that can add a personal touch.

10 Italian Marble

Marble has been the biggest trends of the last few years and it seems no signs of slowing down. But a new, beautiful option for the classic black&white marble is the Italian, multi-colored version. Luxurious, elegant and chic, it’s the choice for a classic wedding with a hint of extravagance.

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One Poster Every Day for 365 Days by Baugasm


Albanian visual designer and creative director Vasjen Katro, also known as Baugasm, is well known for his 365 project in which he creates a poster for each day of the year. First time starting in March 2016, he grew to love the process so much he continued into the second, with now well over 600 posters under his belt. Baugasm is a self-thought graphic designer, who now also teaches others. Having worked as a music producer before, he started creating the EP covers for the artists he represented, without having no previous experience in it. But as his undeniable natural talent and a keen eye for stunning graphics came to light, the design side took over and now he works as a full time designer.

Listening to Baugasm speak at the Forward Festival last month, it was evident how passionate he is about the process, the experimentation, and possibilities of the medium. With an infinite amount of ideas and visuals possible, there is no other option than to keep exploring. Not necessary believing in good design, but in “successful design” as he describes “would be something that you look back at after a long time and it is still doing its purpose and you would not change it. Design has to be modular as well, change with time, but its main purpose is to always be the same. I believe that design has to solve a problem or it has to make you happy, to please you aesthetically, or make you feel good.”

Even though Baugasm himself does not believe in having a style, as he compares it to a commitment equal to a marriage, I would argue his work is very, very recognizable. Regardless of not following a single design technique or style, fearlessly experimenting and combining everything from gradients, animation, typography, photography, and illustration, there always is that positive vibe, innovative touch, and bold attitude in everything Baugasm creates. Follow his poster journey on Instagram.

Images © Baugasm



Aga Więckowska’s Beauty of Birds


Wrocław, Poland based designer and illustrator Aga Więckowska works across branding, print design, illustration, graphic design and art direction. After working at numerous professional design agencies, Więckowska chose to dedicate her time to personal and client projects as a freelancer, now creating adorable illustrations, loved by many. Having studied biology before turning to design, Więckowska finds inspiration in richly illustrated old natural history and science books, which led her to create the series Beauty of Birds. Seemingly minimal and build of geometric forms, the works shows the delicacy of living forms and their subtle dynamics. The description on the illustrations includes name of species, family, order, conservation status and number in the family.

Images © Aga Więckowska



It’s The Schnitzel Things In Life – Meissl & Schadn Branding


It’s known around the world, it’s Austrian’s favorite meal, the one-and-only, the Wiener Schnitzel. The baked golden goodness that is served in thousands of restaurants across the country, and is the embodiment of Austrian cuisine, is also the cornerstone of Meissl & Schadn modern-day menu. Once the meeting point of Arthur Schnitzler and Sigmund Freud, the legendary restaurant now freshly opened at Schubertring 12 under the reign of Florian Weitzer, Meissl & Schadn celebrates the original Viennese cuisine, and the one thing at the center of it all, the schnitzel. Moodley Brand Identity took on the task to design the visual identity, one that was able to translate this huge culinary legacy into here and now.

The new Meissl & Schadn is where old meets new and classiness meets smartness. There you can enjoy your Wiener Schnitzel with a glass of champagne. But you don’t have to. This is why the design combines classic elements with unconventional ones. Fresh pink meets dapper gold and fonts are used extensively. The font Romana, used in the original Meissl & Schadn’s menu at the turn of the century is used again in the new design, while the three-dimensional ultra bold Gill Sans gives power and glamorous appeal. Tradition transforms into a contemporary form, with the help of a hashtag: #schnitzellove.

Images © Moodley