Selected Works by Tomski&Polanski


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Like siamese twins the creative duo Tomski&Polanski are joined at the elbow – creating one four-armed monster of an illustrator. Two souls – those of a boy and a girl – one playful spirit, as they put it so poetically themselves. Now that you have that image in your head, the idea of them working, drawing together feels absolutely hilarious. But judging their work, there is no denying the creativity and unique skill set and imagination that Tomski&Polanski possess. Their characters are full of life and love, often depicted as surreal beings in the mids of out-of -this-world adventures or as a symbolic multifaceted creatures mirroring the reality and absurdity of our time. Their illustrations capture the ludicrosity of the world around us to a tee without the damning feeling of unavoidable doom, but a splinter of hope and love. It’s their passion and positivity, as well as their masterful use of vivid colors and meddley of patterns that has earned them an impressive roster of clients, ranging from Škoda to Nike and Elle to Forbes magazine. To see more of their work, follow Tomski&Polanski on facebook and instagram.


Images © Tomski&Polanski


Paper Lovers Gift Guide Part 1.


The holidays are fast approaching, so here’s the annual Paper Lovers Holiday Gift Guide (part one) of this season! The ultimate guide for finding creative gift ideas for the paper lover on your list. Find something for every loved one, friend, neighbour or colleague from these fun, inspirational ideas ranging in price and size. Keep your holiday stress to minimal, and click on the image to get shopping!

Love Mandala by Lovelife
Time for Tea Demmer tea by Schneeweis Wittmann
Paper stars by Edinas Paper
The "Playable book" Die Welt im Spiel by Schienerl D/AD
Dress a Bulb paper lampshade by Patrycja Domanska
"Weihnachten ist keine jahreszeit, sondern ein gefühl" holiday cards by Carissiom Letterpress
Black/White Inverted notebooks by Soybot via Anan Anas.
Anaptár Wall calendar by Anagraphic.
Black 6 Gold thick notebooks by Voala.
Handmade soap in a beautiful paper packaging by MUSK
the Nusle Art book contains 34 single prints, one double-sided poster, and additions, by artist Hza (Jan) Bažant

Boci Tej Milk Packaging by Nóra Rohmann

5919c026646487-56363a9b73a11 74d94a26646487-56363fac6c974 49021f26646487-56363a968c568 15af2b26646487-56363ab7e0e9b 284e6726646487-5635861a27555 afcd4f26646487-56363aaa3035f 106ce126646487-56363fdfb1dbb 87485626646487-5635861a226ac 8e94fc26646487-56363fda5be9d 80608326646487-5635861a3090b 45cf8926646487-56363fe39284f 62a29f26646487-5635861a27df6 92285b26646487-563641180fe2b e6ac4426646487-563640ff08fc5 e644ed26646487-5635b32eb2e2f ece01626646487-56363fe61c8e0 When you were a kid what kind of lunch did your mom pack for you? Apples, sandwiches, gummybears, milk? My all time favourite was the triangle shaped orange juice box – not that I even loved orange juice that much, but the packaging was so damn cute I demanded having  it everyday. But this was over twenty years ago. I think these days the kids have even more amazing products to choose from – judging on the packaging solely. Example the The Boci Tej milk packaging by Budabest based desginer Nóra Rohmann.
The Boci Tej is a four piece product line of school breakfast milks, for which Rohmann created the concept, illustrations and typography for. Each flavour has it’s own illustration and color coded labeling with a lettering-styled logo on top. The compact, small packaging size makes it possible to become a part of school or work snack. It contains enough milk to cover the recommended daily milk consumption making it a reliable and healthier choice, especially as it’s target audience is mainly schoolchildren and young ages.
Images © Nóra Rohmann

Paper Envelope Advent Calendar


advent-cal2 advent-cal4 advent-cal3 advent-cal7 The countdown to Christmas is as exciting as the holiday itself. I like to think that the build up, the traditions and festivities leading up to the big celebration is as big of a part of the holidays as Christmas Eve is. And what better way to celebrate it than with a self-made advent calendar!

DIY advent calendars are so much more fun and creative than store bought ones, and the best part is that you can choose yourself what to put inside. This envelope calendar is perfect for small surprises, personal messages, inspirational quotes or holiday themed jokes, or for the office to be filled with gift cards and seasonal greetings. It’s simple to make from basic home supplies and there is various options for displaying it. I used my office messaging board which is made of sturdy string zigzagging in a geometric form, and with the help of small wonder clips I hung the envelopes in an unorganised manner to get a nice, scattered pattern.


(1.) Choose 24 envelopes in the color and style you wish. Opt for an eclectic mix, but in a matching color scheme to achieve a cohesive final look. I used different colors in various paper styles and envelope forms. I used: SH recycling (gray and brown), Galaxy Metallic smooth, Crush and Remake (blue, light gray, vertical envelopes),  and the 24th is IQ Color pink.

(2.) Number the envelopes from 1-24. You can do it by hand, use a stencil, print them out in a nice font and glue them or use stickers. Feel free to get creative.

(3.) Create a pattern on the wall by using nails and string by following the instructions here.

(4.) Fill all the envelopes with what ever you wish and hang them up on the string by using small wonder clips.

(5.) Each day leading up to Christmas open an envelope and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Images © Design&Paper


Branch Creative branding by Noeeko


29456414449321-57174eda43f5a b85d8114449321-571757276ff61 c6b02014449321-57175727712da 2591c914449321-57175727735fb 14a7cb14449321-57176123ecada 8c4ca514449321-571757277066b 2b618914449321-5717572770d50 707b6114449321-571757ec5926f 177c3f14449321-57175e6b32420 788f5714449321-5717597464e0a 9165db14449321-571757ec598e8 db9c2214449321-57175727727fa 03822014449321-57175e6b31e65 de874614449321-5717572772f6a 14883b14449321-57175727741fe Warsaw based design studio Noeeko continues to impress by producing striking branding and visual identity concepts I simple can’t seem to be able to pass by. It was only a few months ago when I wrote about their work for a local luxury clothing brand Second Choise with the words a perfect combination of contemporary minimalism and mod inspired spirit. Their skill lies in designing contemporary, high-quality, chic work with couragously unique color combinations and materials. In todays world it seems almost impossible to be surprised, but that is exactly what I feel when I see Noeekos work.

Their latest client, Branch Creative is an executive production and advertising house that represents a pool of photographers, illustrators and commercial directors from around the world. Noeeko created a sophisticated identity system based around a playful typographic word-search format. The overall idea encourages the viewer to engage with the stationery, making connections between letters to establish the overarching message of “be yourself, everyone else is already taken” –  a wonderful message we should all take to heard. The concept manages to be sophisticates while humorous, a combo rarely reached, with bold bright yellow color scheme and see-through soft plastic and metallic honey-combed material choices supporting the main typographic theme.

Images © Noeeko Studio


Anaptár 2017 Calendar GIVEAWAY


b7140645275343-582b48a6528ac b5d58745275343-582b48a649c1b 26687545275343-582b48a6482c5 c4fd7845275343-582b48a648e87

The Anaptár Wall Calendar by Hungarian graphic designer Anna Farkas is so, so much more than a traditional calendar. Besides being beautifully designed, it showcases an immense amount of information in a spectacular, complex yet easily comprehensible way. It has won numerous awards including the Comm Arts’ Award of Excellence and the Red Dot Award as well as being a finalist in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Award. Printed on high quality Munken Arctic Volume White 150gsm paper in a beautiful pastel color scheme, it’ll make a perfect christmas present to anyone, especially a paper lover.

As a unique lunar cycle infographics, Anaptár shows seasons, months, weeks, days and holidays as well as solstices, equinoxes, the beginning and the end of summer and wintertime (daylight saving time), and even information like hours of sunshine, dawn, sunrise, culmination of the Sun, sunset, dusk, lunar cycles, moonrise, moonset, culmination of the Moon, declination of the Moon and the alteration of the distance between the Moon and the Earth. And as all this information is bound to a specific place on earth, the calendar is the result of exceptionally meticulous work. The 2017 Anaptár has versions adapted for the geographic locations of Budapest, Chicago, Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles, Munich, New York, Paris, Stockholm, Tokyo and Vienna. Buy one here

I first came across and fell in love with the Anaptár last year, and have been lucky enough to have it hanging up on my wall since. In the past year it was been the focal point of many conversations, the source of useful information and of course, a thrustworthy calendar and a stunningly beautiful poster to look up at. And now, I want to give you a change to win one for yourself. As I am typing this in Vienna, Austria, the Anaptár in question is also a Vienna version (so keep in mind the information on the calendar is only relevant to someone living in the region). Instructions on how to win an Anaptár calendar below.

How to win:
Tell us your new year’s resolution, either in the comments below,
on the Anaptár Facobook post or Anaptár Instagram post by midnight 4.12.2016.

Who can enter:
Anybody living in Vienna, Austria. 

The winner will be drawn and notified on Monday 5th of December 2016
via personal message or email.

 Images © Anaptár



Dip Dyed Design for the Edelbrand Series by Espacioblanco

94c31238509163-576410c8df837 39903338509163-576410c8df0e5 24d76c38509163-576410c8dfdc6 453ccd38509163-576410c8e030e a177ee38509163-576410c8e08f4 b9a8f338509163-576410c8e133a 46808438509163-576410c8e0df8
These hand dyed bottles for the Vienna Craft Distillery Edelbrand Series by German creative studio Espacioblanco are so stunning, it’s hard to look away. The combination of a classic bottle design with elegant, almost fragile feeling glass dye and contemporary monochrome label design focusing on minimal yet strong typography is simply gorgeous.
Bottled poetry – the harmony of colour, scent and taste are the corner stones of the Edelbrand Series. Thanks to Karl P. Egger, Vienna now has its own craft brewery. The Vienna Craft Distillery is a place open for experimentation with old, partly forgotten ingredients and natural flavours in order to create unique distillates. As a trained engineer, Karl turns mysterious alchemy into science like a master position maker from the magical world. With inspiration gathered from all over the world, the full-time caterer dedicates his passion to capturing nature’s wealth of scents and bottling them unadulterated.
The distillery focuses on alcoholic sprits, however the design of the “Edelbrand Series” aims to merge the creative act with the distillery’s fervor for their craft in a descriptive manner. Striving for a puristic transfer of natural fruit’s clean and pure essence, every bottle has been dyed by hand and therefore visually dipped into a sensual experience that is as rich in taste as it is diverse. The designed bottles impart a look that matches the taste. And these spirits are tasty indeed.

Images © Espacioblanco


10 Advent Calendar Ideas for Paper Lovers


The countdown towards the end of the year festivities have begun – the season of decorations and DIY is upon us. The first advent is just around the corner so I’ve gathered together 10 fun and creative advent calendar DIY’s perfect for paper lovers for you to start making right now!

Christmas Light Bulb Calendar by The House That Lars Build
Secret Boxes Advent Calendar by La Maison de Loulou
Paper Cup Advent Calendar by Pretty Little Party Shop
DIY Forest Advent Calendar (free download) by Hello Happy Studio
Paper Bag Advent Calendar by My Subscription Addiction
Key Rack Inspired Advent Calendar by Little Glass Jar
Monochome & Modern Advent Calendar by Homey Oh My
White Advent Calendar by Spell Designs
Pastel Christmas Tree Advent Calendar (free download) by Bespoke Bride
Kraft Paper boxed Advent Calendar by Frugal Living Adventures

Selected Works by Becha


b817489329505-560cc96c1f666 Animalistic 903d7543012695-57e0680b9e644
Rhythm ad209116394785-5636af54df0a3 Eni Campaign- Energy Rethink 3141167560789-560ad89db43a5 Mental Revolution 2043 a1bc128037269-560b62db36373 Telenor KONTAKT 668e6723842723-56329c4fc4c6b MOZAIK | Kabinet Brewery 3e302320960179-562f3fdb92c9b Horoscope Signs | Glamour Mag d2e54a8394439-560bc723ad97c FAAR magazine

Vesna Pesic aka Becha is a Serbian graphic designer turned collage artist known for her surreal work full of detail, pattern and other worldly creatures. Her past knowledge and experience in the design world has helped her create a strong yet in unusual aesthetic that sets her style apart for the rest. Never the same, always unique, yet surprisingly recognisable – Becha’s work is in high demand and her pieces can be found in publications, editorials, packaging and other illustration projects across the globe. With clients ranging from ELLE to Universal Music, and solo and group exhibitions in Stockholm, NY, London, Amsterdam as well as her home town of Novi Sad in Serbia, Becha dedicated her time working on personal and professional projects. See more of her work on facebook

Images © Becha



Andy Wolf Branding by Von K


aw_identity_03 aw_identity_02 aw_identity_05 aw_identity_08 aw_identity_06 love_9358 aw_identity_07 soul_3633-1-copy-2 aw_identity_04 wh_3633 aw_identity_09 What gets you through these grey, rainy mid November days is day dreaming. Whether it’s to take you to the white christmas you’re wishing for, a piña colada under a palm tree or those pastel colored summer days when the time stands still and air barely moves. Our memory is connected to smells, taste and sights, with the smallest of whiff being able to whisk us away to days gone past. The new branding of Andy Wolf, a Viennese eyewear company, managed to do just that. It helped me smell the orchids and feel the sand between my toes.

Von K, a creative studio founded by Julia Klinger in 2006, focuses on visual communication, strategic brand development as well as high-quality product design. Their latest client, Andy Wolf is a known and respected Austrian eyewear brand specializing in hand made glass frames made of the utmost highest quality of material, hand picked and processed by their trained professionals. The Andy Wolf brand is quality, luxury and contenporary design rolled into one, and their visual identity now perfectly reflects their brand values. With the task to establish a larger scale umbrella brand under the same name, while rejuvenating and empowering the design, Von K put the age old truth: less is more – into action. Harnessing the strenght of the simple name logo, they added a cheeky comma as a docking point for the brands new product lines LOVE, SOUL and WHITE HEAT, each with their own tailor made logos matching the main line. Keeping a cohesive feel, the stylish black&white typography is matched with earthy delicate colors, like sandy shades of beige and pastel hues. Combined with chic fashion photographs and clever graphic design, the line is complete with laid-back luxury feel.

Images © von K