Autistic Art Branding


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Autistic Art is a design brand of Mosoly Otthon Foundation which supports autistic children and grown-ups alike by organizing regular drawing activities for them, and selling the products that feature artwork created during the classes. Two Hungarian creatives, graphic designer Laszlo Polgar and copywriter Dora Sos was given the task to create a new visual identity for the brand, one that echoes the unique connection between the autistic people and the foundation.

The symbol that refers to both participants, and the whole concept, became a window – a bridge between the inner world of the beneficiaries and their environment (including the foundation and the consumer of the branded products). This symbol is designed in the way autistic people would like it the most: plane and minimal. The dynamic logo features an infinite number of artworks embodying the diversity of the disorder spectrum called autism, working as a reminder that no two autistic people are the same. The light beaming through the window shows a pattern made by an autistic artist, creating a strong emotional connection. The bold colors and playful typography both refer to the happy and positive message the Mosoly Otthon Foundation wants to pass on. The branding concept is a great example of clever design that bravely embodies the core message.

Creative Director: Falvay Laszlo
Art Director: Laszlo Polgar
Copywriter: Dora Sos, Tamas Simonyi, Bence Judak
Project Manager: Zsofia Wagner, Katalin Giran


Selected Works by BooBoo Tannenbaum


Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.19.52 PM via boobootannenbaum1 Branding for Mad Dog wine and beer bar. Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.18.13 PM via Print A part of a series of illustrations for a brochure about collecting and recycling waste commissioned by Tina Ivezic and Damir Prizmic. Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.18.39 PM via boobootannenbaum3 A part of a mural for a seaside bar.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.19.17 PM via 8a027f18469367.562c9fa8e3d34 Tannenbaum, along with 3 other illustrators, designed the cover of Acro Diaries in 2014

majica An illustration for Iskon, an internet provider in Croatia.

BooBoo Tannenbaum, a Croatian illustrator and a graphic designer loves her job. And collaborations. And her dog. And baking. She pretty much seems to love everything, which comes off as surprisingly refreshing for a moody Finn like me. I came across the designers work on Instagram when her delightful doggy illustrations made me crack up, and soon discovered her extensive port folio. With her colourful, humorous approach she creates animated characters which – in search of a better work – lack seriousness. All in all whether it’s her personal or client work, a positive undertone always shines through.

Images via



FAQ Bregenzerwald



FAQ_5 FAQ_4 13346129_1072036959535916_5507107111139690300_o FAQ_3 Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.25.33 AM FAQ_2 13433278_1078766868862925_9154402033203523383_o FAQ_1

In the first weekend of September (1.-4.9.) the curious minded gather together at the FAQ festival in the very most western part of Austria, the Bregenzerwald. A compilation of lectures, talks, concerts and culinary experiences, the stunning natural and architectural surroundings of the area will give a stage to the festival-style symposium aiming to answer frequently asked questions about – well, everything socially relevant. Dealing with topics from the past and present, revealing the connection between traditions and the contemporary, everything from design to the culinary world is discussed. Organized by, the 4-day weekend has an impressive roster, including the Vorarlberg native graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, who will be giving a talk titled “Beauty?”. You can book tickets for specific events here (some are for free).

With a motto like “Potential for a good time”, the visual identity of the festival is full of life, heart and humour. Created by local design agency Super BfG, the dynamic identity is built around the topics on hand, playing with minimal use of color relying heavily on icons and bold typography. Fitting for a festival dealing with questions, the design creates endless iterations and adaptations with a light and playful touch. The bold colors demand attention and create a compelling contrast with the surrounding nature.

Images © FAQ



Selected Works by Richard Klippfeld


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Freelance illustrator specialising in the fields of editorial illustration and print design, Richard Klippfeld’s work addresses social and political issues and emotive circumstances. Living and working in Vienna, Klippfeld spends his time mainly on independent projects, while occasionally working for the likes of Falter, Creative Mornings and Quartier 21. Last year he, together with Judith Hurra won the coveted Romulus Candea Prize with their children’s book titled Anders, und nicht so.

Klippfeld’s recognisable characters are often portraying current situations with symbolic layouts and underlining messages. Whether working on personal or social topics his illustrations are bold and on point, tackling the issue head on through canny juxtaposition and contrast. Building his work on textures and earthy colors, the illustrations often conceive depth and layers, either physical or metaphorical.

Richard Klippfeld on facebook & instagram

Images © Richard Klippfeld


Combining classics at Alte Post Coffee


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If you look past the melanges, the kleines brauners and the towering piles of whipped cream on Sachertorte, the true icon of Viennese coffee house culture is the chair 214 Michael Thonét designed in the 1850s – at least if you ask me. So when I heard that Thonet had teamed up with a new-wave Viennese coffee icon, Jonas Reindl Cafe and set up shop in the old post office premises as a Alte Post Coffee pop up cafe / showroom, it got top priority on my to do list.

Upon our visit on a sunny Tuesday afternoon we were lucky enough to have the place almost entirely to ourselves. With a few tables out front on the street, couple inside and most located on the large sunny courtyard, the interior of the cafe follows the usual contemporary style with an eclectic mix of old and new furniture with few extra special items thrown in the mix. The showroom combining Thonet classics with renown modern pieces makes the design addict in you sighs. Even though no pieces are on sale here, within minutes you find yourself redesigning your home and imagining just how wonderful that armchair would look in your study.

Blaming the surprising heat of an August sun combined with overly dressed meeting attire, looking to cool down I asked the barista for the largest iced coffee they had, which turned out to be the best decision of the day. The dark golden nectar I was sipping on minutes later might just been the best damn cup of coffee I’ve enjoyed in a while. But to truly make this declaration true I must try it again, and again, just to make sure ! And if the name Jonas Reindl isn’t familiar to you yet, it’s time to acquaint yourself with it immediately.

Opened since the end of June, the Alte Post Coffee pop up is planning on keeping it’s doors open to coffee and design seeking city wanderers till the end of summer 2017 so there is plenty of time to check out the classic combination of design & coffee.

Alte Post Coffee
Dominikanerbastei 9-11
1010 Vienna


Papermeals by Yelldesign


Australian Vine studio Yelldesign, founded by Matt Willis, specialises in stop motion animation and social media content, regularly working with major global brands from Microsoft to Ebay, delivering unique, marketable and funny content. Their latest Papermeal series, showcasing the studios talents to the max, will get your stomach rumbling with five stop motion videos, each turning your desk supplies into surreal meals from the Australian classic Jaffle to your childhood favorite, Banana Split. The oddly wonderful videos perfectly demonstrate the versatility of our beloved material paper, as well as flaunts the creative teams imagination and razor sharp skills. Hungry yet?

See more of their work on Vimeo.


Andrea Minini’s Moiré Patterned Animal Illustrations


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Using the contrast effect called Moiré, the Milanese designer & illustrator Andrea Minini creates striking vector illustrations of various animals. An experiment that began with trying to obtain complex shapes and depth with merging lines on Illustrator, ended up as delicate and elegant moiré patterns that give each illustration a wonder of intensity and drama.

Moiré effect is a visual perception that occurs when viewing a set of lines or dots that overlap on another set of lines or dots, where the sets differ in relative size, angle, or spacing, creating interesting and beautiful geometric patterns. In Minini’s work each piece captivates and plays on the use of positive and negative space to form the creative shapes, thin and thick lines alternate creating an energy that gracefully curves and bends to form the animals’ shapes. Overlapping the “layers” produce thicker, denser areas, while the more spread out lines create an optical illusion that encourages the eye to jump around the composition. With simple mean, abstract yet recognisable illustrations of different animals, like hummingbirds, turtles, cats and bulls are born.

Images © Andrea Minini


Sestra Concept Store Branding


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Two young, talented creatives Kristina Bartosova and Thomas Pokorn, together designed the branding for Sestra, a concept store in Graz, Austria. Owned by two sisters, the selection at Sestra focuses on young European labels, as well as hand-picked vintage pieces. The main element of the branding is the delicate custom typography, based on the logo lettering. It’s presented in two strong tones of pink and green, symbolising the two sisters.  The entire feel is classy, high fashion and yet still give a nod to the trashy chic of the 80’s.

From the striking color palette to the glossy, vintagy logo, Sestra oozes of the highlife of the past decades, while keeping it cool and contemporary. Combining emerald green with doomy pink and shining gold, the vintage touch feels everything but stuffy, hitting the right notes on feel and contrast. The beautiful Sestra typoface, uniquely created for the brand by Kristina Bartosova is delicate and elegant yet fun and playful – representing the brand to a tee. And who better to make this beautiful design into reality than our favourite Graz letterpress printing house – the Infinitive Factory themselves.

Client: Sestra
Art direction & graphic desgin: Kristina Bartosova
Creative direction, naming & copy: Thomas Pokorn
Photography: Theresa Lipp & Michael Zahnschirm


Selected Works by Carine Arnakis


Best described as dreamy folk art, Romanian illustrator Carine Arnakis uses earthy colors, floral patterns and ancient tales from cultures around the world to create figures and fauna full of contrast and character. Her passion for drawing began when she was only 3 years old, and never passed away since then. The human figure, especially the female one is often the focus in her drawings and paintings, dressed in colorful geometrical or floral patterns, hats and other accessories inspired by tribes or different folk cultures. 8fde7a11107615.560f19ec2a695 read more…


TypoThursday × Daniel Triendl


Vienna based multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator Daniel Triendl believes in experimentation, challenging his creative means and trying new mediums, which has helped him build an impressive portfolio and client roster – including the likes of Spiegel Magazine, Völkl Snowboards and Red Bull Media House among many. Full of energy and color, his work is dynamic and undeniably eye catching. I took a closer look at his typographic adventures, and found myself on a hell of a ride. 652b7323859339.56329ff8ae200 read more…