Playful Posters by Pineum Studio


pineum_studio_16 pineum_studio_03 pineum_studio_02 pineum_studio_13 pineum_studio_poster_fest pineum_studio_09 pineum_studio_06 pineum_studio_05 pineum_studio_23 pineum_studio_20-1-731x1024 pineum_studio_17-775x1024 Warsaw based design studio Pineum run by Ewa Doroszenko and Jacek Doroszenko build bold contemporary visual worlds using a wide range of tool, techniques and compositions. By mixing disciplines across multiple mediums, Pineum creates unique content across the design range from branding to photography. Passionate about their work, Pineum pledges in the power of content and the value of unique style and consistent visual identity. Working with brands and agencies on small to large projects, developing sophisticated design solutions, never compromising on quality or artistic value.

This selected series of posters for various events and projects showcase a mashup of energetic color palettes, compelling typography and playful geometric shapes and patterns. The use of textures and mood-related colors give every single poster an individual yet clearly recognizable visual appearance, an attribute visible in all of their work.

Images © Pineum


Searching for Beauty


searching-for-beauty-en_1200x630 Find what beauty means for us now, in the year 2016, in the places where we live. Be that as it may, a close-up of a forgotten painting in a housing estate, a dusty window, or a skirt pattern, and even a beautiful view from a hill. Find new beauty where others have not seen it – these are the leading words of Michaela Čopíková and Veronika Obertová, the artists behind Searching for Beauty exhibition and social project.

The Searching for Beauty exhibition which was created for the Parlamentarium in Brussels expresses Michaela Čopíková and Veronika Obertová’s understanding of new beauty, while an online GIF gallery complements it by letting everybody express their subjective feelings on the subject. Čopíková and Obertová, who together run Ové Pictures, applied animation principles and created several interactive installations inspired by historical optical toys as zeotrope, flip book, and diorama, and transformed them into a more current interactive variations. Mária Rišková is the project’s curator, while the electronics and interactivity was created by Ján Šicko & Roman Mackovič from DevKid.

The “Beauty of Life” (above) object works on the zoetrope principle – a simple device which renders moving picture. The word zoetrope originates in Greek; zoo means “life” and tropos, “turning”. Zoetrope was popular in the 19th century, but its versions can be found even 5000 years ago. This zoetrope titled Beauty of Life is a modern spatial version with objects rotating on bases illuminated with a strobe light in rapid intervals. The stroboscopic effect makes each object seem like an animation.

The “Beauty of Moment” (above) object is based on the principle of a flip book. A flip book is a paper picture book which, when pages are turned rapidly, simulates motion or animation. The first known flip book appeared in 1868, and it has become a popular toy for children since then, but it is also the simplest demonstration of animated picture.

Besides the two mentioned, the exhibition also includes two other large scale installation – a diorama and a linear zoetrope. The works will be next exhibited at the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (26th Oct – 26th Nov) as well as in Linz by the end of the year 2016. Next year, the Searching for Beauty launches in the Slovak Design Centre’s gallery Satelit and in Prague.

The project is a part of a cultural-social presentation of the first Slovak Presidency to the Council of the European Union under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. The main organiser is the Slovak Design Centre in Bratislava.

Images © Ové Pictures


Levendra Branding by Eszter Laki


7b1a9241710189-57b193a4e96be 3bd77041710189-57b19c29b977f ce8e0641710189-57b19b2d9362c

6303b241710189-57b19c29b92ed d4b08341710189-57b193a4ebafc 501f1941710189-57b193a4eacec 02b24241710189-57b193a4ea2fb 8f66f941710189-57b19b2d93c45 4f34f641710189-57b193a4e9126
Levendra – a health and beauty brand based on the beneficial features of the lavender herb. Lavender is widely used as an alternative medicine for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, stress-relieving and calming properties, helpful component in skin care and aromatherapy and it has a strikingly extensive usage in gastronomy as well. Szandra, the owner of Levenrda has a lavender field of her own, on a one hectare farm in Zsámbék, Hungary. The distillation is carried out in the distillery of the Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma and the lavenders are harvested with a manual method without any chemical treatment. Every single Levendra product is prepared in artisan conditions from 100% natural ingredients. They produce entirely handcrafted goodies which is the main inspiration for the identity.

To highlight the natural product, Eszter Laki chose a clean, refined paper as a nice background for the ethereal, still classic typography. The main element of the identity is obviously the lavender flower. Two aquarelle patterns are used, one as an easily recognisable plant and one in a more abstract way as “flower drops”, referring to the liquid matter extracted from the herb and the actual bits of the flower cooked into the soap products. The raw typography hit into the soap itself and all pieces are carried out by Szandra’s hand. Each and every item is packed by Szandra as well so she is able to guarantee the artisan quality. There is also a stamp on the label which emphasises this trustworthy work ethic and marks Levendra as a love project. At the centre of the stamp an abstract heart is growing out of the levander because the statement on the rim says: with love and care.

Images © Eszter Laki

Meet Lisa Langmantel


cm23_006 Lisa Langmantel

We are blessed to live in a city full of art, creativity and design thinkers, where incredible art collections are on our finger tips, inspiration is never hard to find and being amidst like-minded people makes it just the more special. The creative community in Vienna is wide and variable – large enough to never bore you but small enough to build lasting connections as well as friendships. But what makes all this possible are the movers and makers behind it all. One of who’s definitely pulling some weight is Lisa Langmantel, the driving force behind CreativeMornings Vienna as well as the video about Turkish contemporary artist Ardan Ozmenoglu and her project “Ottoman Paper Carpets”, which you couldn’t have missed if you follow us on any social media. We snatched up some of her time and asked her, how does she do it?

Design&Paper: To start off, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Lisa Langmantel: My name is Lisa Langmantel and I would describe myself as a happy explorer, with a background in Design and Strategy, who is fascinated by visual beauty, smart branding and experiences and self-initiated projects. Right now I work from 9-5 as a brand consultant. Besides that, as it is typical for an explorer, I have a lot of side projects.


D&P: What projects are you working on right now?

L.L: My main side project is the event series CreativeMornings Vienna. I initiated CreativeMornings in Vienna three years ago and today it is a monthly event which allows around 100 people to attend in order to get inspired and connect with each other. And the best thing: it is for free for the participants. In my role as the Host and Head of Experience at CreativeMornings Vienna I create and curate event experiences based on the vision to connect, enrich and inspire the community of Viennese creatives locally and globally. Our next event will take place on the 21st of October – check our Facebook page for updates.

Videos are another thing I love to do. Moving images are a great medium. I am very happy that I got the chance to shoot the video for the “Ottoman Paper Carpet” project. And last but not least: there is an upcoming side project which is all about screen printing – check my website for an update.


D&P: You just shot/produced a video about Turkish contemporary artist Ardan Ozmenoglu and her project “Ottoman Paper Carpets” which was shown at Viadukt Screen Prints in cooperation with Europapier in the course of Vienna Design Week. How was it working with Ardan? And what did you focus on in the video?

L.L:  The focus of the video is to show the concept and the production process behind the project, because at Vienna Design Week visitors just see the end product. For me it was important to show Ardan’s use of different techniques, paper types and materials and the screen printing process, because a lot of people haven’t seen this before. Furthermore it was my goal to catch the great vibe and colorfulness of the project and Ardan’s sunny personality – she is full of energy and creativity. It was a lot of fun to work with her.

D&P: How would you describe the Viennese creative scene?

L.L:  I got to know the local creative scene very well since I’ve been hosting “CreativeMornings Vienna” for the last three years. It is a vivid local scene, where a lot is going on – for me a good example is Vienna Design Week 2016!

D&P: What inspires you?

L.L: Self-initiated projects and the people behind it. It is one of the hardest things to start from scratch because there is no structure, no money – just this tiny idea which sticks to your head and doesn’t go away. Which is good because otherwise I wouldn’t have started CreativeMornings Vienna. A really good example of a self-initiated project is the Offscreen Magazine run by Kai Brach.


D&P: What does paper mean to you?

L.L: For me it is a very interesting and important material. I love screen printing and I used to work as a graphic designer, so it is a material that has been always around me. I like to discover the different types of paper – and there are loads of them so it never gets boring.

D&P: How do you spend your Sundays?

L.L: Ideally no alarm clock, with a long brunch and lovely people.

D&P: Sounds perfect! Thank you for the Interview Lisa and we’ll see you at the next CreativeMorning.

Images © Victoria Koller


Meet Manca Flajs


Spotting up-and-coming creatives is my absolute favourite part about this blog. I spend unmentionable hours of my weeks browsing through numerous media, publishing and portfolio websites in the hopes of something catching my eye. Lately I’ve been getting deeper into the world of illustration, and now I want to introduce you to my latest crush: Manca Flajs. The Slovenian freelance illustrator, who’s in her second year of her master studies peaked my interest with her space themed work, and the deeper I delved into her work, the more I wanted to see. I talked with the young creative about her work, love for illustration and what the future holds.

d54fea28835759-55d4a542e02a8 Newspaper illustration – Solar system

Design&Paper: Would you tell me a bit about the beginning of your career as an illustrator. How did it start?

Manca Flajs: It’s kind of hard to say when it all started. For me everything came along very organically. I was studying graphic design and always had a bit more illustrated approach to all of my projects. But the turning point happened in my second and third year of my BA graphic design study where I illustrated my first comic book and fell in love with drawing illustration.

This year I enrolled in my second year of MA illustration study and I’m looking forward to continue my career as an illustrator and see where it takes me.

8009c220736915-562f046b8aab4 Personal illustration – Pool day

D&P: What inspires you – what determines the subject of your work?

M.F: When drawing personal illustrations a lot of times I get inspiration from watching movies, anime, reading books, poetry, hiking in nature, hanging out with friends, etc. But if I’m drawing an editorial illustration for a client I try to find a balance between my way of interpreting the topic and client’s point of view on it.

D&P: Would you tell me a little about your work method. How do you start, techniques and process you go through.

M.F: A nice cup of coffee is a good way to start the process. 🙂 (editors note: we at D&P agree 100%)

I usually think about the whole project before starting to draw it on paper. I ask myself what is the message I would like to showcase through my illustration and which elements would carry that message best. Then I do some sketches in my sketchbook just to check composition and pick what color palette would fit the illustration best. For my digital illustrations I use Intuos pro M and for my analog I prefer mixed technique (watercolor and colored pencils).

a90b4437171957-5736fca28343e Die Weltwoche – Girls and social media

D&P: What three words would you use to describe your work & style?

M.F: Feminine, neat, simple.

D&P: Is there a specific project or illustration you are particularly proud of?

M.F: I don’t know how much I can say about it, but right now I’m working on a project that I’m super excited about. I’ve been picked as one of 4 Slovenian illustrators to be a part of a commercial project. So I’m looking forward to see what the end result will look like.

b1348122785775-563185ad21a91 Personal illustration – Bottles and girls

D&P: Oh, we’re looking forward to seeing this mystery project! But how about your dream client, is there one you wish to work with/on one day?

M.F: My dream client would be The New York Times. I read the NYT magazine on daily basis and would love to have my work in it.

ce1b3d24401257-56333925314f7 Personal illustration – Cactus

D&P: What role does paper play in your work?

M.F: For me paper plays a big role when printing my digital illustrations. You can get different effects with different paper. But also I like drawing/painting on cold press water color paper because of it’s texture.

D&P: If you were to travel 100 years back in time, where would you go and what would you do?

M.F: I would love to be a biologist. I see myself traveling around and exploring hidden places just like Indiana Jones.

D&P: Oh wow, that would be cool. Thank you for your time and telling us a little more about your work. We’re looking forward to seeing the mystery project!

manca-flajs Manca Flajs

Images © Manca Flajs


Petit Plaisir Handmade Chocolates


Warning! Reading this post might awake intense cravings a257e243520877-57f2ce690837e 51330e43520877-57f2d2ba21529 022e5d43520877-57f2d2ba232e6 a0b9b243520877-57f2d33a59b9b 1502ca43520877-57f2d2ba2221d 3ecfee43520877-57f2d2ba21aa2 6c6f1543520877-57f2d2ba20f31 фотт_дубль illustration 2c18bc43520877-57f2d2ba2082f 94436443520877-57f3573a1a3f7 ae396b43520877-57f2d2ba1fd08

There is a few things that make me go weak at the knees – good coffee, great gin, oven fresh croissants – but nothing makes my mouth salivate more than the oh-so-sweet candy of gods, chocolate. And when it’s wrapped in as pretty packaging as the Petit Plaisir’s by The Pastry-shop Seven Guest – everything else disappears in my field of vision. Let’s just say that my affection for coco is only matched by my love for design.

Nizhny Novgorod based Loco branding agency took upon themselves the task of designing the visual identity and packaging of Petit Plaisir (a small delectation) – a series of unique handmade chocolate products with a variety of tastes and fillings, including nine different tastes: a chocolate brownie, a blueberry pie, a cherry pie, a cookie with nuts, a strawberry pudding, a berry smoothie, a strawberry lollipop, an ice-cream. Each chocolate is wrapped in it’s own special paper with a darling, delicate illustration of the specific taste of the confectionary inside. Candy colors such as pink, red and blues are used, with the traditional candy striped pattern on the boxes. The concept is a nice combination of the classic and the contemporary. Effortlessly bringing together a high-contrast color scheme, delightfully dainty illustration and a stylishly subtle logo, the over all feel is fun and luxurious.

Images © Loco Studio


Ottoman Paper Carpets by Ardan Özmenoğlu


ArdanOzmenoglu9 ArdanOzmenoglu3 ArdanOzmenoglu10 ArdanOzmenoglu1 ArdanOzmenoglu4 ArdanOzmenoglu6 ArdanOzmenoglu7 ArdanOzmenoglu8

Ardan  Özmenoğlu  is an Istanbul based contemporary artist known of her versatile approach towards the mediums and subjects she works with. Focusing on painting, illustration and object design she’s been exhibited across the world in over 40 different exhibition in the last 10 years. Her previous work includes neon lighting, large scale glass sculptures as well as her most well known work with Post-it notes. Often playful, never shy, Özmenoğlu’s work is easily approachable while being socio-politically critical. Cleverly referencing history and traditional visual imaginary, she combines age-old practice of printing with modern colors and glitter on paper in her ‘Ottoman Paper Carpets by Ardan Özmenoğlu exhibition.

A collaboration originally proposed by Europapier Austria was produced together with Viadukt Screen Prints, who offered it’s support via Ardan Özmenoğlu’s artist residency last summer. During which she worked with the topic of traditional ottoman carpets, a concept she had wanted to work with for some time already. Having been able to choose from the vast range of design papers, the exhibited work includes various shades of IQ Color, Crush, Remake, Twill, Via Felt, Glama Basic, Color Style, Cromatico, Black, Fluo Poster, Galaxy Metallic as well as Munken Kristall, each used as a screen printing canvas for Özmenoğlu’s contemporary take on the traditional ottoman carpet. A connection between the art work and the technique used to create them is a strong element in the overall exhibition as the works are displayed in Viadukt Screen Prints premises where they were created. The eminent juxtaposition created with centuries old patterns in rainbow range of glitter and neon, create a rich and dominant visual experience hard to dismiss. The works are full of detail and texture, overwhelming at times but undeniably spellbinding. Watch below a behind-the-scenes video by Lisa Langmantel of the artist at work, and make sure to visit the exhibition before this Sunday.

Ottoman Paper Carpets by Ardan Özmenoğlu ‘ (facebook event)
at Viadukt Screen Prints
Gumpendorferstrasse 132
1060 Vienna

3rd – 9th October
Mon-Fri 4pm-8pm
Sat-Sun 10am-2pm

Images © Design&Paper



5 x Trend Inspiration


1 × Hello Yellow!

Yellow is making a comeback. One of the happiest, brightest shades on the spectrum is perfect for making a strong statement, creating contrast and making a statement, while still being neutral and classic. The color of ripe lemons, sunflowers and gold will be soon seen on everything from stationery to interior design, either as a pop of color or in larger areas for the brave ones. Studies show that yellow is the color people most often associate with amusement, gentleness, and spontaneity, while playing an important role in Asian culture, where it is seen as the color of happiness, glory, wisdom, harmony and culture.


2 × Go Green!

Green has been climbing back into our lives slowly but steadily since Pantone chose it as the color of the year a few years back, for a while now and I for one are m0re than happy about it. The color of nature and life in all it’s thousands of shades and tones is one that never fails to impress. Obviously most easily associated with springtime, growth and nature, as well as camouflage, the color has long roots in history by signalling the wearers status in society. With it’s clear connection to nature, green is the color of environmental movements and ecological values, highly important in these modern times.


3 × Oil Pastels!

Pastels been around for a while now, mainly because of the popular 90’s flashback we’ve been living in the last two years. And before it slides back into hiding to wait for it’s next moment in the lime light, it’ll have it’s final hooray in the form marbled patterns, oily surfaces and rough finishes. The colors with low saturation and dreamy feel and a traditionally washed out, soft and milky look, are now used with high gloss finishes and now notoriously popular marble pattern.


4 × Oozing Orange!

Crowned with the noble title of “the happiest color”, orange reflects warmth, fire, energy, taste and aroma, and has always been paired with the autumn season – I guess because of the highly lovable pumpkin season. But still, as a color, it divides opinions and evokes feelings, which makes it a great statement color. Right now we’re seeing a lot of tangerine orange, the rich pigment associated with the North African region, with especially exotic and luxurious feel. Combined with quality materials it oozes of emotion and richness, perfect for special occasions and statement pieces.


5 × Lines and Strokes!

Geometric patterns simply never go out of style, it’s just a question of more or less. And right now, the emphasis is on less. It’s all about lines and dots, brush strokes and basic shapes. Either minimally clean or freely organic, mostly monochromatic with a small splash of color in muted tones or earthy pastels. Whether inspired by artist techniques and imperfection, or prefect balance and order, there is so much beautiful textures and patterns to be created with these simple means, it’s very hard to get bored of it. The classic stripe is being re-invented over and over again and it never gets old!


Visit the Design & Paper Pinterest page to see the source of the images and find more color and trend inspiration!


Voice Branding by ICARUS Creative


49ad1a43027661.57e10cd070eb7 6a6f3f43027661.57e1151006c4e b6880143027661.57e115100721b a99cab43027661.57e10cd075edc 96019f43027661.57e10cd07244a b4f51a43027661.57e10cd072a3d 188f2d43027661.57e10cd07309e 1cadf143027661.57e10cd07373e 4937f843027661.57e10cd073da8 b0f8d443027661.57e10cd074386 b32a6c43027661.57e10cd074a22 bcf35643027661.57e10cd075848 a815c643027661.57e10cd0750c4 eb122543027661.57e10cd076c99 0a979843027661.57e10cd0716a9 a382e943027661.57e10cd077253 6990d743027661.57e10cd077f69 cc1fdb43027661.57e10cd077910 4b155943027661.57e10cd076657

Design is the silent ambassador of a brand –  a known fact about the importance and responsibility of branding. It delivers where words can’t reach. Innsbruck based Icarus Creative build a bridge between these two and created an identity for Voice, a speech and voice training company, inspired by language and words.

With intensive violet and orange tones and a playful visual approach full of contrast and boisterous attitude, Icarus designed a uniquely bold branding concept that draws attention to the importance of the topic of voice and speech from the perspective of Verena Covi in a unique way and conveys it from its dusty old image into a sensual and desirable new direction. By visualising  audio waves, which are the symbol for versatility of language, pronunciation and intonation, the recognizable wavy pattern becomes the basis of the concept. The audio waves in their simplified form can be transmitted into every different medium. The 50 different versions of business cards showcase the versatility of language also for the print media, while the website displays a playful approach to speech technique. By clicking onto specially marked words in the running text an audio sample will be played. At the same time animated audio waves rhythmically move to the spoken word. The concept also uses phonetics – the study of the sounds of human speech.

Images © ICARUS Creative


Selected Works by Rachel Katstaller


rachelkatstaller1 Tropicalona 2016 rachelkatstaller2 rachelkatstaller4 Girls and constellations, ink and gouache paintings. rachelkatstaller3 rachelkatstaller5 Insecurity girls rachelkatstaller6 rachelkatstaller7 I’m Not Lost rachelkatstaller8 Cover redesign of Toni Cade Bambara’s collection of short stories “Gorilla, My Love” done for Uncovered Classics. rachelkatstaller9 Small risographed book about a girl and her relationship to her wild cat, Ocelot.

Swapping the jungle for some mountains, Rachel Katstaller travelled across the globe from El Salvador to Innsbruck with her cat Hemingway in tow, now residing in the heart of the Austrian Alps. The young creatives adorable and enchanting illustrations are full of color, life and emotion, incorporating text and rich colors. With a quirky girl character finding her way through the tropics, or contemplating on life mysteries neck deep in water, Katstaller work tells the stories and sometimes struggles we all go through. With a self-portrait feel to her work, and a keen eye for interesting observations it’s worth the while to check more of her work and follow her on Instagram.

Images © Rachel Katstaller