Poetic Collages by Sylwia Kowalczyk


Polish born portrait photographer and graphic designer Sylwia Kowalczyk, who resides in Edinburgh Scotland, creates hauntingly beautiful work using mixed media. Her series titled Lethe which deals with the subject of memory, has gathered much deserved attention and won the ‘Personal’ category in PDN Photo Annual 2016 and is now shortlisted for The Renaissance Photography Prize. The work is build of various material that she rips, cuts and tears and places on top of each other. By decomposing photographs and combining them with paper and drawings creates surreal images – a collection of memories – real and imagined.

Lethe is the river that cleanses Dante in Purgatory, the one that wipes memories of the dead as they drink from it or bathe in it. The poet Sylvia Plath steps up from ‘the black car of Lethe, Pure as a baby’. It is an escape, a relief from our own physical limitations. ‘The soul that has been rash enough to drink from the fount of Lethe… is reincarnated and again cast into the cycle of becoming’, according to Mircea Eliade.

Images © Sylwia Kowalczyk



Barbon Branding by Peltan-Brosz Roland


Hungarian design studio Peltan-Brosz, founded in 2011 by Roland Peltan-Brosz, drives on simplicity and minimal elegance. Deliberately creating powerful contrasts and unambiguous undertones with clean and stylish results. Among their other projects they created a visual identity and packaging for Baeder Hermann, a line of beauty products distributed under the brand name of Caola since the early 20th century. Including in the enormous variety of almost 800 products is Barbon – a luxurious men’s shaving product line. Consisting of five separate products all used in the linear process, hence the numbering from 1 to 5 on the packaging. The pastel color and monochrome pattern on each packaging refers to it’s content by it’s visual appearance and texture, which results in an interesting concrete or stone marble feel. A cool idea with even more refreshing outcome. Who wouldn’t mind having these beauties in their bathroom shelf?

Images © Peltan-Brosz Roland


Hotel Eder Branding by Moodley


Moodley Brand Identity, the giant of Austrian design scene who needs no introduction, is responsible for numerous visual identities and brand concepts across the country. With almost two decades of experience, their ability to create cutting edge yet timeless results no more surprises but rather certifies their undeniable talent and status in the field.

Continuing the line of amazing hotel branding concepts (Hotel Daniel, Grand Ferdinand etc.) their latest endeavour to the mountain region of Salzburg resulted in an interesting visual identity full of life, tradition and warm hearted Alpine spirit. Located in the middle of the town square of Maria Alm in Salzburg, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the 2000-inhabitants village and the breathtaking scenery of the Hochkönig resides Hotel Eder. Family owned since the 1950s, the Eder has grown together with Maria Alm and its active village life: Music events, morning pints and the stopping by after work have become a part of the daily life by now. This feeling of being “right in the middle” became the core value and key point of the new visual identity. The concept mixes traditional and rural with urban elements and the illustrations make it clear that at Eder, the fun never goes short.

© Moodley Brand Identity
Brand Consulting/Project Management: Lisa Haller
Art Direction: Nicole Lugitsch
Graphic Design: Nicole Lugitsch, Britta Fuchs, Viola Prüller
Illustrations: Viola Prüller
Screen Design: Nicole Lugitsch, Britta Fuchs
Text: Andreas Leitner, Tamara Sill
Photography: Elisabeth Mörz,Tourismusverband Maria Alm (Bauernherbst am Dorfplatz)
Director Digital: Birgit Taucher
Web Development: Internet-Service Neumann

Selected Works by Daria Solak


Daria Solak is a young, award winning Polish graphic artist with a huge online following. The graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Accademia di Belli Arti de Bologna has reached popularity with her uniquely quirky hand drawn illustrations full of whimsical feel and peculiar characters. While being part of two Warsaw based creative studios: Love Poland Design and Wars Sawa Design, her freelance work for clients such as Milk Magazine HongKong and Art Hunting as well as impressive achievements in several creative competitions has gained her international recognition. Her chosen medias include drawing, painting and collage with some digital means, always created with her signature style. She describes her work as fun, boundless self examination with an edge, emphasising the importance of knowledge of culture, history etc. as good illustration always references the field it is inspired by.

Images © Daria Solak


Meet Books, Ink.


Two is always better than one – a saying easily proven true by Vienna based creative duo Claudia and Stefan when they decided to join forces and form Books, Ink. Working as graphic designers during the day and creative superheroes during the night, all the while updating their Instagram with stunning snapshots in the middle, they took a minute to talk to us about their story, dance parties and what exactly does it take to master the art of calligraphy. 

Design&Paper: Let’s start off by you introducing yourselves to our readers?
Claudia & Stefan: Hello, we are Claudia and Stefan, two graphic designers from Vienna. We met at work four years ago and clicked right away. As a result, we worked on tons of projects over the course of two years. A client asked us to do a corporate design for their bistro that involved hand lettering and chalk art. Back then, this was the first step to our future label Books, Ink.

This project kicked off a torrent of fresh ideas and projects. We spend many hours a night designing and crafting and producing, bouncing ideas off each other and having lots of fun. So there we were discovering and exploring pur passions – Stefan was really into book binding and I totally fell in love with calligraphy and hand lettering. We decided to apply for the Monscheinbazar in Vienna on a whim. As graphic designers we knew what it takes to bring a label to life visually, so we quickly came up with a name along with a logo. Business cards and beautiful pictures of our work followed shortly after – and so Books, Ink. was born. The name combines the stuff we do: books and ink artworks.

D&P: How would you sum up what Books, Ink. is?
C & S: Books, Ink. started off as our creative outlet. Since both of us work full time as graphic designers we wanted to have a space where we can create whatever we want.

What projects are you working on right now?

C&S: Right now we are working on a big candy shop mural and lots of new products for our online shop – a few of them are already online. Here, if you want to have a look. Our goal for 2017 is to get more into illustration, from minimalistic ink illustrations to elaborate, colorful watercolor paintings. Plus we want to focus on embossing and letterpress. A few of our new items in the shop are already copper embossed and we love it.

D&P: What has been the most challenging project or client you have worked on?
C&S: Last year we worked on wedding stationery (invitations, menu cards, chalk art, the works), which was really exciting but also challenging because we wanted it to be perfect – ideally you only get married once, so there’s almost no room for error. After all, we’re in the business of creating memories and you’ll probably save your wedding stationery forever.

Another project we did last year was a mug design for a British band named “speak, brother”. We were really excited about it because we already loved their beautiful music. They wanted us to handwrite “drink, brother” for their mug merch, which they wanted to launch before christmas. It was a fun little international project and the response from their fans was really nice.

D&P: What inspires you?
C&S: Inspiration can not be forced. But it can be helped along and kickstarted. Or it can hit you randomly while joking around or exploring nature. Even a song can trigger ideas and get the creative juices flowing. 2017 will be the year of travelling for us. We already planned lots of trips and are very excited to come back to work with fresh minds and new ideas. But if nothing kicks of your creativity, just start a little dance party to your favourite songs.

D&P: You work a lot with hand lettering. What raised your interest in it? And what is the most challenging aspect of it to learn?
C&S: A few years a go, Stefan and I where asked to do a corporate identity design for a bistro. They wanted it to look and feel handmade so Stefan came up with a great logo and identity and asked me to design a chalkboard. Which I did and it was so much fun that I stuck with it ever since and always keep exploring and learn new things.

Probably the most challenging aspect of hand lettering as well as calligraphy, is that you have to train you muscle memory. Since you want it to look presentable you really need to work on you handwriting. For example calligraphy requires you to have a completely different movement, since the calligraphy pen doesn’t allow you to write they way you would normally with a standard pen. Progress requires practice and you need to get to know your tools individually.

D&P: Hand lettering has become more and more popular, any tips or learning lessons to someone just starting out?
C&S: The most important thing is that you have to realise that your first drafts will look really bad and you have to allow yourself to be a beginner first. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t work out the first time, just give it a little time. Keep trying, don’t give up, repetition is the key to success. Find a set of pens you enjoy working with and buy backups in case your favourite series is discontinued. Get great paper that fits your purpose. None of the items in your starter pack are particularly expensive, which makes it a great hobby. Give yourself enough time to develop your skills.

D&P: What kind of paper do you use and how does it affect your work?
C&S: We use different kinds of paper, depending on the task at hand and the pens we use. For brainstorming, sketching and our ink quotes we use standard smooth 80gsm paper, which is also great for marker illustrations. For hand lettering artworks or watercolour paintings we mostly use 200gsm mixed media paper or 300gsm watercolor paper, which is perfect. It also has a little bit of texture, which is always a good thing. For digitising our hand lettered artwork we mostly use transparent paper, because the texture is really really smooth so it helps with those perfect lines a lot.

D&P: Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars – is one of my favourite artworks on the Donau Kanal. What’s the story behind it?
C&S: The quote “kiss me under the light of a thousand stars” was the first one we ever lettered. A few years ago when Stefan crafted his beautiful paper bound books we wanted them to have a quote on the cover. And to make it something special and meaningful we took the first one we ever lettered. And one day we went for a walk along the Donau canal and fell in love with the idea of making this beautiful city even prettier with one of our artworks. Something for everyone to see. Something for people to take selfies with, something to get inspired by. So we carefully picked a wall, bought supplies, and just gave it a go. It took us about 8 hours to complete and we enjoyed every second of it. We even made a video of it. Check it out!

D&P: Besides showing the murals on Donau canal, where would you take a fellow creative visiting Vienna for the first time?
C&S: If you’re into architecture, literally anywhere, as long as you always look up to the breathtaking buildings this city has to offer. Take the D tram from Schottentor to Oper and visit the Cafe Hawelka in the 1st district. After having hot cocoa or a great cup of coffee and of course their famous “buchteln” stroll around the Wollzeile with some cute little shops until you arrive at the MAK museum. On Tuesdays the entry is free, so go get inspired. After enjoying great modern art we would recommend to head over to Vollpension, which is in the 4th district behind Naschmarkt and get some homemade cake and afternoon coffee. For dinner we love to get some pizza at Riva in the 9th district – that melted mozzarella is a dream come true.

D&P: And what will 2017 look like for Books, Ink.?
C&S: 2017 will be full of travelling, exploring, learning, collaborations, lots of new stuff in our online shop, more illustrations and more colour. Basically we want to get out of our comfort zone and discover new things.

D&P: Sounds like a great plan for the year. Thanks for the interview and keep creating wonderful and beautiful things!
C&S: Thank you.

Images © Books, Ink.

Dinner Table Decoration Inspiration x 10

Put your best hand lettering skills to create stunning name cards for your next dinner party. A trick sure to blow every decoration DIY fan off their chair is to use golden pen on green hand picked leaves. Stunning results via La Crema
Perfect for a seafood dinner. Create some ocean flair with these adorable hand folded paper boats. Can be used as name cards, or small holders for nuts, candy, anything. Sometimes it's ok to play at the table, via Ritzybee
To get the conversation going down the memory lane, there is no better way than printing out all your favourite holiday and party pictures and creating a long garland that reaches across the dinner table. To keep it stylish it cohesive, use black&white photos. Inspiration via Elisabeth McKnight
The state of the table cloth is often a mark of a well gone party. At your next dinner don't spend your night dreading over spilled wine or chocolate stains, but embrace the fun with huge table cover made of kraft paper. Draw persolized place matts to get the creativity flowing. Extra tip! Place markers on each guest chair so they can join in on the fun…  via Lemon Thistle
Creative yet classy! Use two small twigs to create a place matt holder for a special dinner inspired by woodland smells and fragrances. Image via Martha Steward
For a winter wonderland theme, create classic snowflakes from white paper. Fun to make and sure to impress your dining guests. Use glass or see-through plates for maximum impact. via DIY enthusiasts
These paper doily trees as as delicate as your hand made hors d'oeuvres. Just make sure to keep an eye out for jealous guests who might try to snatch a few home - they are so cute! Inspiration via Cuded
For a festive party atmosphere you can easily create a whole jungle at your home. By combining colorful balloons with paper leaves and palm tree branches you have a whole forrest creates in minutes. Also the same trick works if your favourite flowers aren't in season during your party, just make them out of paper - lasts all through the year! idea via das Coisinhas
Just as the table garland made of photographs, use the same idea but instead of images - use pages of your favourite book! How cool is that! Very. Inspiration via Nomad Styling
Children an famous for having the patience of a gold fish when it comes sitting still at a dinner table. So why not make it a bit more fun for them. These 1minute name cards are too cute to not try. Tip! try making all different kind of animals - hmm, do you know what a donkey's ears look like? via D&P

The Best Calendars to keep you Organized for 2017


A job well planned is a job half done – goes the famous saying. Start preparing yourself to stay organised all through the year 2017. Countdown the year with one of these beautiful, inspirational and handy calendars we picked out for you. Whether you need one for your desk or office wall, or travelling with you on your daily adventures, we have just the right one for you. Find your trusty companion here for the next year as we gathered together our favourite picks from the 2017 calendars.
See one you like? Click the image and get shopping.

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Buy Refill 04 Weekly Planner at Paper Republic 

Buy DAYZ Planner at Less Thingz
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Buy at Knoed
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Buy at Anaptar
Buy at Hands on Calendar by Risotto Studio
Buy at MrCups Letterpress Calendar
Buy Paper Love Terrazzo Planner at Magdalena Tekieli
Buy at Voala
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Buy Units of Measure Calendar at Acre
Buy the Classic at Stendig Calendar 
Buy Diary at Bomo Art Budapest
Buy at Papier Tigre
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Buy at Pantone inspired (download template)

Risograph Printed Matchboxes & Postcards by Kötöde

215a7f46550179-5859b2299029c c4217646550179-585a5937d45a4 8c01bd46550179-5859b22990a77-1 5fbb6446550179-5859b12151307 591d2246550179-585bcc6d93cb0 606b4846550179-5859b22991207 33960346550179-5859af52b5dfe be9c4a46550179-5859afeb5f35c 2836c646550179-585bce4fbc9bb fc2c1246550179-5859afeb5f913 f3af8646550179-5859b74ac7d08 a615b446550179-585bd0b30a607 c03b3d46550179-585d469e10350 20818146550179-585a575db5246
One more for the road – and then I’m done with the holidays and will turn my mind to 2017 and all new things that come with it. But before finally doing that I’d like turn your eyes to the Budapest based design collective Kötöde and their special Christmas themed series of matching matches and postcards. Kötöde – an acronym of three Hungarian phrases: binding, letter connection and design – if formed of 10 students of the Hungarian University Of Fine Arts.

Their latest joined project was done using risograph, a high-speed printing technique massively growing in popularity. A pack of eight matchboxes with each box having a unique illustration on top and a greeting from the group on the back. Also a matching collection of postcards printed on Munken paper was published, both printed with two colours; pink and blue, limitation typical to risograph.

Photos © Ivett Lénárt, Réka Imre, Dániel Máté

10 x New Years Decoration Inspiration


The last and also the biggest night of the year is here: New Year’s Eve. It is time to gather your family and friends together and celebrate while saying farewell to 2016 and welcome in 2017. In order to make the night memorable and everyone in a party mood, get inspired by these ten creative New Years decoration DIYs.

Paper Foil Medallions for Your New Year’s Celebration via Lia Griffth 

Fortune Cookies with good wishes and fortunes for the new year (click image)
Emoji Photo Props via I Spy Diy

Tuxedo Confetti Poppers via Kristi Murphy 

Lightbulb banner creates a fun. colorful festive mood
Free Printable New Years Eve Party Game via Party Delights
Confetti filled party balloons via I Spy Diy

Free Printable & Super fun New Year’s Eve Resolutions Game via The Idea Room

Gold Confetti filled party favours via A Pumpkin and a Princess
New Year Eves party hats via Lia Griffith

Best Interviews of 2016


Each year we have a special privilege to meet and talk to unique, passionate and talented designers, artists, movers and shakers across the creative field and learn more about the things that unite us – love towards creativity and design. By sharing the affection towards all things design and paper, is what inspires us to keep Design&Paper going – now into it’s fifth year. But before we take the leap into the new year, let’s take a look back at the year gone past and meet the five most intriguing creatives we’ve had the pleasure to meet.

Meet Alexander Kvasnicka of Katokami


Meet Ana Popescu


Meet Lisa Langmantel


Meet Rachel Katstaller


Meet Manca Flajs