Women in Pastel Rooms by Atelier Kamp


A small design studio based in Vienna, Atelier Kamp is run by the creative couple Nora and Florian Kampelmuehler. Working on conceptual and graphic design, hand lettering, visual merchandise and creative consulting, their illustration work is what I fell in love with. Nora’s on-going Women in Pastel Rooms series is a great example of her style and talent capturing a contemporary atmosphere while feeling eerily nostalgic at once. The soft, surreal, dreamy digital drawings depict women, in Instagram-like snapshots, one slouching on a chair, one leaning against a wall and waiting…all effortlessly cool and captivating.

Atelier Kamp names hip-hop to be their background, as culture and as an endless source of inspiration. Besides finding inspiration in nature, music, travels, art, pop culture, fashion, food, and all aspects of life basically. Their approach is notably fresh, young and in a lack of a better word, cool.

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Images © Atelier Kamp


Endorfina Chocolate Packaging Design by Łobzowska Studio


Krakow based Łobzowska Studio is run by a team of 10 talented creatives, all professionals in their respective fields ranging from photography to graphic design and programming. Understanding the modern markets need for versatility they not only focus on one thing but succeed in creative direction and design from fashion to branding and everything in between.

Their latest project is a packaging concept for a Polish company “Oliwki, etc” family of Endorfina specialty chocolates with olives and herbs. Besides the packaging, Łobzowska designed the overall image strategy, the name, and the logotype, along with the stunning photographs of the products. The minimalistic design together with gold foil printed logo on a brush of color and cut-out sneak-peek of the mouth-wateringly decadent chocolate inside, forms a package hard to pass by.

Images © Łobzowska Studio

Spectra Lighting – Let’s talk about lighting Catalog by


For over 10 years the Wroclaw based interactive agency has helped brands navigate the digital world by creating functional, ambitious and high-quality design concepts. But their skills reach across mediums, from digital to analog as their latest project for Spectra Lightning, a company specializing in professional design and sale of lighting products, a paper catalog promotes the company in a stunning way. 

Titled Let’s talk about lighting, the catalog reflects the brand’s values and aspirations, as well as promoting and positioning the company in the lighting market accordingly. used materials of the same quality as the company’s products, including highest quality papers, complementing them with interesting refinements. Grainy paper texture combined with a delicate metallic gloss and copper hot stamping creates an interesting multi-layered effect. To contrast the rich cover, a see-through matt paper exposes the pictures beautifully. 

Images ©

TypoThursday × From A to Z: The Alphabet Poster by Mateusz Witczak


Polish self-taught lettering artist and graphic designer Mateusz Witczak (previously here) creates incredibly detailed and beautiful hand-drawn lettering and typographic designs with a high level of detail combining traditional methods and tools with the latest digital applications. Working with international clients and agencies such as Nike, Philips, DFL Digital Sports/Bundesliga, CP+B and Dragon Rouge, Witczak’s work is seen across the world.

His latest project From A to Z: The Alphabet Poster is a self-promoting set, containing a folder with hot stamping alphabet poster, envelope, letterhead and business cards. A clever and amazing way to showcase the talent and expertise Witczak embodies. With each element custom-made, literally from the first line drawn of letter A to the hot-stamped holographic gold foil used in the printing process, the Alphabet poster is craftsmanship in its highest form. 

Images © Mateusz Witczak