FRUTTI-LAND Branding by de_form studio


Eniko Deri and Nora Demeczky are Hungarian graphic designers and owners of the Budapest based Studio de_form. Having graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2014, they are well-known throughout the design community for their striking solutions in the fields of art direction, branding, and editorial design. Their bold use of color and unique out of the box thinking when it comes to layout and scale while utilising the most modern digital techniques help them move across the fields from digital to analog with ease. The two creatives clearly understand the ever evolving contemporary design scene and boldly set themselves apart from the rest by not shying away from attention, but seeking it with bold, tenacious design that not only catches the viewers eye, but forces them to halt and look.

One of the latest projects is a rebranding concept for a Miami Florida based company Frutti-Land that sells raw vegan sweets, frozen yogurts and healthy beverages. Opting to turn away from the usual heath-food store granola-style (as I like to call it), they kept true to their vision and took the route they are best known for. The bold concept is minimal yet loud at the same time, combining typography and color blocking. Executed with the most simple of means – monochrome tape implemented on everything from menu headers to take away packaging, it creates a strong uniform look that feels surprisingly fresh yet familiar. It’s hard to pin-point what attracts me to it, maybe it’s the young coolness that we always hear about…

© Studio de_form


TypoThusrday × János Kőrös


János Levente Kőrös, a graduate of the University of West-Hungary, Institute of Applied Arts graphic design department has been working as part of the Halisten Studio, a fellowship of five young graphic designers, since September 2014. With a passion and talent for the craft of letter form, he’s work among typography is above and beyond. With a distinctively cool, contemporary and somewhat street art influences style Kőrös keeps inventing interesting designs with a strong finish. Mixing calligraphy, hand lettering and digital illustration he works on branding and illustration projects together with other members of the Halisten Studio, while creating adventurous work on his personal work, like the stunning Wood&Ink project or the most recent participation in the popular 36 Days of Type.

Images © János Levente Kőrös


Forward Festival × Creativity, Design and Communication


Forward Festival for creativity, design and communication brings together the most interesting and topical international and local creatives, who provide insights into their success stories in an exciting atmosphere. The festival takes place next week here in Vienna and in the upcoming June in Zurich and Munich. At the center of each event is a conference with numerous key note speakers from renown design agencies, media outlets and creative minds accompanied by various side events, such as workshops, live art sessions, networking events and after parties.

Kicking up into new gear for it’s 4th consecutive year, the Forward Festival is going bigger, bolder and more international. First off, the event will be held in English (amazing news for us non-german speakers!) with an intriguing international line-up including the likes of Eike König from studio Hort, SNASK – the Swedish rock and roll stars of graphic design, Marcus Fairs from Dezeen and senior curator of MOMA Paola Antonelli to only name a few. Secondly the event has relocated to a larger venue over a MAK – Museum for Applied Arts in Vienna, which means more room for a diverse program. In addition to the talks by the main speakers, interactive, hands-on workshops and special interest lectures with smaller key notes of more in-depth topic are offered. The full view of the line-up can be seen here: Vienna, Munich, Zurich.

The festival takes place from 21 – 22 April 2017 at MAK – Museum for Applied Arts in Vienna. 15 – 16 June at Alte Kongresshalle in Munich and 17 – 18 June at Freitag F-factory in Noerd.

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…and I’ll see you there.

© Images Forward Festival

Natalie Ratkovski’s Retro Inspired Hand Drawn Illustrations


Illustrator, artist and non-fiction book author Natalie Ratkovski has worked for numerous design and creative agencies, published books “Profession – Illustrator and Let Yourself Create”, “Profession – illustrator” and “Drwan Everyday”  while having her illustrations grace the cover and pages of numerous publications. With a retro inspired signature style, Ratkovski uses a mix of digital and traditional techniques including watercolor, colored and pastel pencils, gouashe, graphit, ink to name a few. Her light, feminine style combined with a masterful use of harmonious color pallets shines on her personal art work inspired by travels and nature. The hand drawn illustrations are a breath of fresh air in the mids of the digital times we live in. It creates a sense of technique, movement and appreciation for the craft and object.

© Natalie Ratkovski


28 Eggellent Easter Egg Decoration Ideas


We all know the easter egg decoration game can get competitive – at least in our family – but do not thread. This year you will blow your kids, friends and guests minds as I’ll help you take your egg decoration game to the next level with one of these incredibly cool and impressive ideas. There’s something for each level from beginners to craft-professionals and taste from minimal to color & glitter balooza. But remember that the most important ingredient is fun – besides eggs of course 😉

Glitter Dipped Died Easter Eggs  ×  Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Eggs

Feathered Easter Eggs  ×  Black&White Patterned Easter Egg

Pantone Easter Eggs  ×  Nailpolish Marbled Easter Eggs

Sharpie Decorated Easter Eggs  ×  Copper Easter Eggs

Emoji Easter Eggs  ×  Mood Easter Eggs

Hand Drawn Bunny Easter Eggs  ×  Watercolor Flower Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs  ×  Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs  ×  Marbled Indigo Easter Eggs

Sprinkle Easter Eggs  ×  Decoupage Easter Eggs

Calligraphed Easter Eggs  ×  Ice Cream Cone Easter Egg

Galaxy Easter Eggs  ×  Sprinkle Easter Eggs

Book Quote Easter Eggs  ×  Herbs & Flora Decorated Easter Eggs

Unicorn Easter Eggs  ×  Watercolor Floral Easter Eggs

Illustrated Easter Eggs  ×  Paint Splattered Easter Eggs




Confessions of a graphic designer…


Marcell Puskás, Hungarian graphic & experimental type designer and fashion illustrator shares the same headaches and heartbreaks than every other creative – the complicated in’s and out’s of how to deal with difficult or sometimes over-baring clients. Weather it’s working with a know-it-all or an indecisive cheapskate, if you’ve done design work for a client you know what I’m talking about. Make it colorful – oh no, better off in black and white! – Let it be square, or sort of circle! – Oh no, let me show you how I want it!  are some of the classics we’ve all heard. Titled I am surrounded by idiots, Marcell created humorous typographic designs with some of the situations and phrases he’s had to deal with in his work, and the result feels like a glimpse into his diary, the secret confessions of a graphic designer….

© Marcell Puskás



Local’s Lore Branding by Kissmiklos


We’re used to seeing quality work from one of our favourite Budapest based designers Kissmiklos, and his latest project Local’s Lore is yet another notch on his endless belt of beautiful design concepts. Local’s Lore is an interactive atlas of places and spots around the globe for like-minded design travellers. It’s idea is to reveal the well-kept secrets of locals, often overlooked or forgotten by tourists to create new experiences off the beaten track. Everything from miniature galleries and pop-up stores to market stalls and fairytale courtyards, Local’s Lore shows these places through the eyes of a local – resulting in a community that seeks to flatten the world, and create a common language between foreigner and local, one based on the lore of those that know the place best.

In reality, the Local’s Lore consists of an online city guide based on Instagram and Google map. Building a community of travellers, the platform ables a visitor to find the most interesting, cool and stylish hangouts of a city by browsing the Instagram images of locals on an interactive map: cafes, restaurants, shopping locations, showrooms, and exhibitions are all accessible through a simple click on an icon. Also borrowing the visual style from the famous app, Local’s Lore relies heavily on tiled photographs while subtly communicating their philosophy: Live global, experience local, through a contemporary, minimal logo that combines a home and a globe.


Founder, art director, owner: Adrienn Suri
Designer, art director, co-owner: kissmiklos
Developer, programmer, co-owner: Atom Richard (Atom&Partners)
Co-founder: Kristóf Balla
Assistants: Réka Pásztor Turák, Eszter Suri
Photographer: EszterSarah

TypoThursday × Random Typeface by Emil Kozole


Do you remember Slovanian born, London based designer Emil Kozole‘s super cool Attitude typeface that was inspired by Japanise pop and American hip hop culture? Well, his new Random typeface is as imaginative and entertaining if not more. The uniquely expressive typeface features six alternatives of each letter and glyph that shuffle automatically and create random contextual combinations, creating a crazy yet stylish design perfect for headlines and logos.

The typeface explores the visual value of letters and extremes in forms. Unlike other typefaces it builds character with inconsistency. Little details in each letter and an overall proud attitude of the typeface are its main strengths that create seemingly effortless yet well curated randomness. With over 350 glyphs Random wants to prove that type can be a group of beautiful letters as a group or as individuals.

 © Images by Emil Kozole
Random typeface available for licensing via The Designers Foundry

Weingut Kirnbauer Branding by Bureau Rabensteiner


Bureau Rabensteiner, who hails from the mountainous city of Innsbruck, have alway set themselves a par from the rest in my eyes. Their style is recognisable in it’s simplicity but it’s the skill of staying above the momentary trends but always achieving a cool contemporary edge with a personal twist that elevates their work. Their latest project is a prime example of this.

The new branding of Weingut Kirnbauer complements the bold character of their wines. It makes reference to the ornate, split, baroque labels that have served as a sign of quality for so many years. The classic, minimal and slightly off-beat typographic logo is the common thread throughout the concept, combining the characters of the two young wine makers, their values and their wines – they blend opposites.

Wine-making has undergone a transformation. ‘The more, the better’ is no longer relevant. Today, we increasingly pay attention to the ingredients wines do not contain. Higher quality and hygiene standards have produced lighter wines in line with our modern lifestyle. Dusty wine cellars have been replaced by open architecture. This transition is reflected in the Kirnbauer products. And in our labels. We have freed the labels of squiggles, decorations and embellishments. What’s left is a premium wine. Unadorned. – Bureau Rabensteiner explains.

Images © Bureau Rabensteiner