12 Back-to-School Paper Essentials 2016

Back-to-School paper essentials so cute you’ll actually look forward to going back to school. One of the best things about the eventual ending of summer and unavoidable beginning of the school year is that you get to shop for new school accessories, including our favourites: the notebooks! And who says the fun is only for students? With notebooks and stationery products looking more chic each year, we encourage the adults to join in on the fun. Whether your heading back to the world of academics or looking to spice up your work days – look no further. Here are the 12 back-to-school paper essentials sure to make your days just that much brighter!

Limited edition of Flow notebook have beautiful screenprinted covers by artist Livia Mezovská, produced by Voala.
The Young Block notebooks have a handy black, green or pink rubber bands on their cover, perfect for storing notes or business cards.
Moduletto Libretto is the obvious choice for the organizer, as you can build your own dream notebook from exchangeable covers, pages etc.
Pocket size Corner Reporter notebook by the Pyrite will help you write down all the hot news, from your office to your exciting vacation away.
Have you always dreamed of matching your socks to your notebook ? Well now you can with Nebouxii x Absoloot notepads.
Le Carnet A6 notebook by Be-Poles is a stylish choice for any typography lover.
These darling Bomo Memo notebooks by Bomo Art are perfect fit for the day dreamer in all of us.
All-black MyLight notebook by Voala illuminates in the dark with its phosphorescent edge. So cool!
These Matchbooks by Bookvalno are as unique as they come, each taking 4hours to hand make.
Analog notebook by Bobo comes with a clever sleeve and a pen to be used on the go.
Ubuntu notebooks by Hiitu has a cover made of Crush paper, printed by Carissimo Letterpress with their antique Heidenberg printing press.
Voala's Geometrical notebooks made of recycled paper are made to get your creative juices flowing.

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Get the latest articles and news delivered straight to the comfort of your own inbox!