2015 Wall Calendar Inspiration

A system of organizing days for multiple purposes. Done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years. A date is the designation of a single, specific day within such a system. Yes, you guessed it, I’m talking about a calendar! A physical device (often paper) designed to keep track of events, work, special dates etc. There are several different types of calendars, and today I’ve gathered together 12+ inspirational wall calendars (click on image).

Monoruno 2015 calendar by Runo Manufaktura


The Creative Manifesto, Letterpress Calendar by Mr.Cup
Fotografischer Familienkalender 2015 by Julia Stanossek

49a64e6180fcce31e4b6f763fb42dcd1 8f455a1d49fb9aa71a4c80e7959187ecScreen printed minimalistic Calendar by Frau Kuss

6f429b07bf81011e88cd7248ed492d9d 4b6e3a7d8b97b47c0776b7736219b20b2015 Poster Calendar by Olga Inglot

c91705f8c59b37813136d1e8eeea00f7Circular Calendar of 2015 by Jonas Wyssen

3e44119e808bc2f6865a7e02fbcea259 168aa4adbd3f69b2e98b90da66eddca7Calendar 2015 by Jovana Jankovic (student project)

36116e0e1fe985657ed1c8c9182bf9ef 94216c580b7e7f5a2d5925642484e10dIllustrated 2015 wallcalendar by Pawel Jonca

9460e327483cfbf167a50e27fccd257dInsygnia 2015 Calendar by Jacek Machowski14f6419c622f64783542c7207f955f11 613d14ca119375ecd1ba84eed296bf59

12 Young Polish Illustrators vs. 4 Seasons of the year – Calendar

4c2b4bc7f93aad6929f48a5e8db7f818 38de73275982e17df9ee4379824b0536 Greenery – a calendar by Anton Yermolov and Natasha Grezina.

e85afc416a0102ade53dd38de123758a 3e2910bbcf8239754c360bb5a0cffad0

Perpetual Calendar by Arina Pozdnyak.

b213f3ac7559d34d81076a5e35ab6f49 New York City 2015 Calendar by Marieken Hensen

d777497cd0bda7932f0ea40eb87d4608 Simple Calendar in Balck and White by Aleksey Kaplaukh61ac699045f3666c73b1115d176eecb0 .


The Great 8806cecd0fe99373ae856f30e08d22c7 d0d3b6ed7a823e9de01b8276289c5403Gentlemans Calendar for 2015 by Kuba Kolodzieja



Photo source (click on image)


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