Selected works by Sergiy Maidukov part.II


Our previous feature on the Ukrainian illustrator Sergiy Maidukov‘s work was few years ago, and it’s time to take a peek at his latest creations. The man with a rich imagination and matching skill set to put it on paper shows no signs of slowing down, continuously producing work for an enviable client roster. Maidukov’s unique way of visualising an abstract concept and ability to produce high-quality work fast has landed him on top, and in front of ours, as well as many other eyes.2dedd935064335.572fa2750edd8

Mixing rich, earthy colors with geometric, over-exaggerated proportionate characters, along with rough and rugged textures, his work is uniquely characteristic, yet reminiscent of old Soviet poster design. Never quiet nor subtle, always demanding attention, the dynamic, almost electric compositions take up all the space given – and sometimes a little more, often spreading over the pages edge mixing the made-up with reality. Like a still photograph of a movie set, Maidukov illustrations showcase a situation full of action and emotion, whether a tragedy, comedy or drama.

9d242829313503.5638749aea987A story about stolen Hemingway’s Chrysler NY 1955, for Narratively mag. 9626b629313503.55ed787090dab

Creativity as a heart of education, for British Royal Dance Academy, interview with Sir Ken Robinson.

70a15d29313503.5627e5814304aA corporative collaboration for Equatex magazine. 3fed2f31997517.567a594bedcf0Fururistic forecast column for ‘Father’ mag. 8437c531997517.5669c8d96d31dAn opener for Maersk Group corporative magazine about the oil industry and the environment. 26b09d31997517.5669c8d969fcc

The first one from 12 pieces for a ‘Kyiv places’ postcard project,  about architectural masterpieces breaking down. This is ‘House with Snakes‘. cebe5f33748880.56b651667f71eSoya Farming, for DATUM. Opener. 7875c133748880.56b651667e27aDreamweaver vs Muse. For Adobe Corp. 4adef535064335.56e8697bb4fb0Airline Passengers Rights, for Savia mag e2f64435064335.56e8697bb41ddHow to make a Poster, for Adobe corp. acb7fd35064335.56e8697bb3462The Scottish breakfast, for Holborn mag

All images © Sergiy Maidukov

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