Dip Dyed Design for the Edelbrand Series by Espacioblanco

These hand dyed bottles for the Vienna Craft Distillery Edelbrand Series by German creative studio Espacioblanco are so stunning, it’s hard to look away. The combination of a classic bottle design with elegant, almost fragile feeling glass dye and contemporary monochrome label design focusing on minimal yet strong typography is simply gorgeous.
Bottled poetry – the harmony of colour, scent and taste are the corner stones of the Edelbrand Series. Thanks to Karl P. Egger, Vienna now has its own craft brewery. The Vienna Craft Distillery is a place open for experimentation with old, partly forgotten ingredients and natural flavours in order to create unique distillates. As a trained engineer, Karl turns mysterious alchemy into science like a master position maker from the magical world. With inspiration gathered from all over the world, the full-time caterer dedicates his passion to capturing nature’s wealth of scents and bottling them unadulterated.
The distillery focuses on alcoholic sprits, however the design of the “Edelbrand Series” aims to merge the creative act with the distillery’s fervor for their craft in a descriptive manner. Striving for a puristic transfer of natural fruit’s clean and pure essence, every bottle has been dyed by hand and therefore visually dipped into a sensual experience that is as rich in taste as it is diverse. The designed bottles impart a look that matches the taste. And these spirits are tasty indeed.

Images © Espacioblanco

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