Branch Creative branding by Noeeko


29456414449321-57174eda43f5a b85d8114449321-571757276ff61 c6b02014449321-57175727712da 2591c914449321-57175727735fb 14a7cb14449321-57176123ecada 8c4ca514449321-571757277066b 2b618914449321-5717572770d50 707b6114449321-571757ec5926f 177c3f14449321-57175e6b32420 788f5714449321-5717597464e0a 9165db14449321-571757ec598e8 db9c2214449321-57175727727fa 03822014449321-57175e6b31e65 de874614449321-5717572772f6a 14883b14449321-57175727741feWarsaw based design studio Noeeko continues to impress by producing striking branding and visual identity concepts I simple can’t seem to be able to pass by. It was only a few months ago when I wrote about their work for a local luxury clothing brand Second Choise with the words a perfect combination of contemporary minimalism and mod inspired spirit. Their skill lies in designing contemporary, high-quality, chic work with couragously unique color combinations and materials. In todays world it seems almost impossible to be surprised, but that is exactly what I feel when I see Noeekos work.

Their latest client, Branch Creative is an executive production and advertising house that represents a pool of photographers, illustrators and commercial directors from around the world. Noeeko created a sophisticated identity system based around a playful typographic word-search format. The overall idea encourages the viewer to engage with the stationery, making connections between letters to establish the overarching message of “be yourself, everyone else is already taken” –  a wonderful message we should all take to heard. The concept manages to be sophisticates while humorous, a combo rarely reached, with bold bright yellow color scheme and see-through soft plastic and metallic honey-combed material choices supporting the main typographic theme.

Images © Noeeko Studio

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