Risograph Printed Matchboxes & Postcards by Kötöde

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One more for the road – and then I’m done with the holidays and will turn my mind to 2017 and all new things that come with it. But before finally doing that I’d like turn your eyes to the Budapest based design collective Kötöde and their special Christmas themed series of matching matches and postcards. Kötöde – an acronym of three Hungarian phrases: binding, letter connection and design – if formed of 10 students of the Hungarian University Of Fine Arts.

Their latest joined project was done using risograph, a high-speed printing technique massively growing in popularity. A pack of eight matchboxes with each box having a unique illustration on top and a greeting from the group on the back. Also a matching collection of postcards printed on Munken paper was published, both printed with two colours; pink and blue, limitation typical to risograph.

Photos © Ivett Lénárt, Réka Imre, Dániel Máté

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