Vlastenecký výber Wine Packaging by Lukas Vanco


Lukas Vanco, Bratislava based designer created the packaging and branding for Vlastnecký výber (Patriot selection), a hand picked selection of the six best Slovak wines, with first edition coming from south-west area of Slovakia. The symbol depicts the initials of VV, inspired by crossed wine cuttings drawn with in, a technique repeated through out the design of the packaging.

The text is famous quotes by Slovak public figures as well as Slovak folk proverbs, illustrated in fraktur calligraphy. A mixture of contemporary minimalism and traditional style comes from fraktur‘s tendency of heaviness. The white space between the lines and an elegant hand drawn wooden pattern on the side of the box completes the natural feeling. Gentle splutters made by tooth brush and Vanco’s as well as the wine producers fingerprints add a unique edge to the design.  The beautiful calligraphic emblem is embossed with silver chrome foil.

Images © Lukas Vanco

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