Confessions of a graphic designer…


Marcell Puskás, Hungarian graphic & experimental type designer and fashion illustrator shares the same headaches and heartbreaks than every other creative – the complicated in’s and out’s of how to deal with difficult or sometimes over-baring clients. Weather it’s working with a know-it-all or an indecisive cheapskate, if you’ve done design work for a client you know what I’m talking about. Make it colorful – oh no, better off in black and white! – Let it be square, or sort of circle! – Oh no, let me show you how I want it!  are some of the classics we’ve all heard. Titled I am surrounded by idiots, Marcell created humorous typographic designs with some of the situations and phrases he’s had to deal with in his work, and the result feels like a glimpse into his diary, the secret confessions of a graphic designer….

© Marcell Puskás


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