Natalie Ratkovski’s Retro Inspired Hand Drawn Illustrations


Illustrator, artist and non-fiction book author Natalie Ratkovski has worked for numerous design and creative agencies, published books “Profession – Illustrator and Let Yourself Create”, “Profession – illustrator” and “Drwan Everyday”  while having her illustrations grace the cover and pages of numerous publications. With a retro inspired signature style, Ratkovski uses a mix of digital and traditional techniques including watercolor, colored and pastel pencils, gouashe, graphit, ink to name a few. Her light, feminine style combined with a masterful use of harmonious color pallets shines on her personal art work inspired by travels and nature. The hand drawn illustrations are a breath of fresh air in the mids of the digital times we live in. It creates a sense of technique, movement and appreciation for the craft and object.

© Natalie Ratkovski

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