Retro Inspired Browar Zakładowy Beer Labels by Dawid Ryski


Polish Browar Zakładowy is well appreciated by beer lovers local and aboard, rated with an impressive 96/100 on the global beer rating site, leaving you to believe these young craft beer enthusiasts have turned their passion into a successful profession. But as I am no expert on beer I’ll leave my thoughts on the taste for others to critique, yet I have a few words to share with you about the design. Two to be precise; Surprisingly refreshing!

Along the rise of the craft beer culture in recent years, the originality, quality, and effort that is put in the packaging, the label, is impressive. Browar Zakładowy commissioned a local creative, talented illustrator Dawid Ryski to design the labels of their numerous beer variations with delightfully humorous and catchy results. A barleywine named “Destructor” is paired with a bunch of dynamite, double IPA “Heavy load” with a truck full of beer, smoked porter “Went Up in Smoke” with a barbeque grill – each type is paired with a unique illustration in a retro inspired style reminiscent of the classic Polish School of Posters. Anything but basic, the design is catchy and amusing, but not gimmicky or childish – and most importantly – it makes you want to pick up a bottle!

Images © Dawid Ryski

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