Lolita – Ljubljana’s Sweet Temptation


Two weeks ago we visited Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital. I really like its city center with the river (Ljubljanica) that flows through it, the many bridges and the castle towering over the town. Ljubljana is also a great city when it comes to design and eating out. A place where you can experience both is definitely Lolita, a riverside dessert restaurant and café situated in the former warehouse of the central historic city palace. arh andrej mercina  lolita ljubljana

Let’s start with the food: Lolita is specialized in deserts and once you stand in front of their counters filled with all the delicacies your mouth will start to water and you can’t seem to decide which of the yummy miniature cakes and pastries you want to eat first! Apart from the desserts they offer delicious teas, which they also sell in their shop corner. I bought a beautiful box of “Tea forté” English Breakfast for my parents containing the coolest tea bags I had ever seen (tree pyramids). lolita-cakes
tea forte_2


Lolita’s interior design is, however, at least as outstanding as the food: Super high ceilings (more than 5 m!), exposed brick walls, specially designed counters, Thonet chairs and Nika Zupanc sofas, black cherry lamps, a beautiful parquet floor and a ceiling covered with a romantic but wild collage. arh andrej mercina  lolita ljubljana

arh andrej mercina  lolita ljubljana Through the huge historic windows you can see the river and observe the life on the streets of Ljubljana. In summertime you can also enjoy your dessert sitting in the sun in front of the café.

Lolita skillfully combines old and new, comfy tea house kitsch and contemporary design.  If you are in Ljubljana, it would be a real shame not to stop by!

For more information on opening hours and how to get there, visit Lolita’s facebook page. arh andrej mercina  lolita ljubljana arh andrej mercina  lolita ljubljana

Photo courtesy by World Building Directory, Tea Forté and Design & Paper

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