Fruity “New Flavors” Calendar by Nearly Normal


One of the coolest new calendar designs for 2014 is the paper craft calendar by the Nearly Normal creative agency. Each month is represented by a fruit made entirely out of paper, cut in half and the number of the ongoing month shown inside. The month of February comes in the shape of a juicy orange, and we can’t wait to get to the other exotic fruity flavors of the year.
Nearly Normal is a London based creative agency with a strong passion for paper craft and handmade animation and design. Their latest craft project consists of 12 different fruits made entirely out of paper, and compiled into one of the most refreshing 😉 calendar designs of the year. The popping fruity colors and simple layout is all combined in the humorous yet practical calendar.

It’s amazing to see the great detail and dedication to the smallest of imitation, from the seeds on the strawberries to the spiky texture of the pineapple, still keeping the design personal and distinctive. But what I just love is the idea to slice up the fruit, showing the insides patterned with the number of the month in question. It gives a new twits to the design, making it more than a paper craft of a fruit. This clever way of thinking is visible in all of the Nearly Normal Agency designs, who specializes in animation and paper stop-motion graphics. Make sure to scroll allll the way down this post to see the making of photos, showing exactly what went into making each of the fruity delights.


nn17 nn16 nn15 nn14 nn13 nn12nn8 nn7 nn6 nn5 nn4 nn3 nn2Concept and creative direction: Jaime Kiss and Saulo Jamariqueli.
Development: Jaime Kiss, Saulo Jamariqueli, Baz Sells.
Design, patterns: Jaime Kiss, Victoria Bee, Margherita Gaffarelli, Rita Araujo.
Papercraft: Victoria Bee, Rita Araujo, Cris Wiegandt.
Shooting: Saulo Jamariqueli, Jaime Kiss, Margherita Gaffarelli, Victoria Bee.

Photos via Nearly Normal

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