Alja Horvat’s Illustrations Take You Back a Few Decades

Alja Horvat is an illustrator and graphic designer from Slovenia, working and studying in Ljubljana. She started drawing at a very young age and has continued her artistic career at High School for Design, now completing her studies at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. With a very distinctive style, Horvat’s illustrations show the everyday life in portrait style settings, depicting female figures in colorful retro clothing, with humorous titles such as ‘Don’t Leave Me Waiting’, ‘Sweater Weather’ and ‘Pizza Lady’.

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Working mainly digitally, Horvat also loves acrylics, gouache, and watercolors. The use of texture and down to earth colors mixed with blazing oranges muted greens and, dare I say, the infamous millennial pink create an atmosphere reminiscent of the past decades while being deeply rooted in the present. It’s fun to imagine the story behind the women in Horvat’s illustrations, from the stunning fashion they wear to the environment they are placed in. Flowers and lush botanical themes are constant, often combined with psychedelic patterns as backgrounds. Her work has a vintage feel, recalling the heydays of feminism and female empowerment of the 60’s and 70’s.

Horvat utilized modern day tools, such as Pinterest and Instagram in her research and stays in close contact with her followers, often asking them what they’d like to see her work on next. Follow her here.

Photos © Anja Horvat

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