Bartosz Kosowski’s Illustrations


Out of all the talented Polish illustrators, I must say without a doubt Bartosz Kosowski has the most distinguishable style. He runs his own Blackbird Illustrations studio in Lodz where he creates his masterful line drawing portraits, often with red or pinkish hues, that has brought him numerous clients and recognition locally and internationally.d447f496381418e88295051797a12c36Bartosz Kosowski graduated from the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts and Design with a degree in graphic design back in 2007. Since then he has worked for numerous clients such as The New Yorker, The New Republic, 11 Freunde, Perspective, Apent Rom, Gazeta Wyborcza, Newsweek, Leo Burnett and Orange. His illustrations have been selected and awarded by the European Design Awards, American Illustration and Associazione Culturale Good Design. As well as being published in Taschen’s Illustration Now! Vol.4 and Lürzer’s Archive – 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2011/2012.f3bab11da3342be9dd4c915a2aeeaa83

An illustration for the article about perfectionism. Published in Wysokie Obcasy Estra magazine.

With a resume that long, Kosowski can no more be thought of as a breaking-artist, but as a household name in the illustration scene of Poland. When you look at his work you really understand why he has done so well for himself. There is no denying his talent with neither analog nor digital drawing, and it seems to be the seamless combination of these two that sets him apart. The precise and delicate drawings are polished with light colors and toned textures, red and pink seeming to be his favorites. Here is a selected few of his works, see more over at his facebook page.
edekc947cbf2fe292cd96a3521c20be3b666An illustration for the article about the ways sisters and daughters change men. Published in Wysokie Obcasy Extra magazine.f168c852e29c5af89e6cef1aa2c7ce1f 03720ec6e3a690cc4a3b0af9175584ffAn illustration for the article about the ways sisters and daughters change men. Published in Wysokie Obcasy Extra magazine.4ca57698225ffc2dc9c0f49b08f1b66d 6bc115e286ef3c173dcc766b138f36cdSailor and Lula (In Dreams: Daviv Lynch Exhibition) Poster created for Spoke Art’s David Lynch show, San Francisco, March 2014.3cf9deebc1589aaff977d760dc2a3ad9 a0cc995fc68e6642c57068e147d962e0Brazil 2014 Sketches – a selection of sketches done during the World Cup.3c408af09baf73801267445cae1b5745 9963f62454bf425a360e886be7f75839
Portrait of John Green for The New Yorker188cfa299a45b5a4cb6e78b68deeeaac b69c16c72d03a9fe8f6e5e6ca5e341caVoltage – the illustration for Voltage Advertising Agency depicting the studio from Louisville, Colorado.

Photos via Bartosz Kosowski

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