Best Interviews of 2015

Best Interviews of 2015

Each year we meet amazing, talented, passionate and driven artisans, printers, designers and artists across the creative field and have the privilege to hear them talk about their ideas, inspirations and love towards the craft. By sharing this affection towards all things design and paper, is what inspires us to take Design&Paper to it’s fourth year in 2016. But before that, let’s have a look into some of our favourite interviews of the past year!

MEET Stefanie Brückler456

Fresh from design school, Graz born creative Stefanie Brückler moved across the Atlantic to start her career as a graphic designer by joining the creative agency High Tide. While mainly working online she likes to log off to find inspiration in the city that surrounds her, the great outdoors, old books and studying the layouts and typography of old magazines. It’s all about the balance – she says. READ FULL INTERVIEW.

MEET OLLE.olle-team-500x333

I had the absolute pleasure to interview Piotr Płoch, a man who represents 1/4 of the young Polish design studio Olle. The straight-shooting creative talked to us about the harsh realities of building an up-and-coming agency, the studios’s anything-goes attitude and how they’ve got a new found respect for paper in all it’s possibilities. Within all the humour and laughter, you can see the effort, passion and love the four creatives put into work – creating contemporary and most importantly, top quality design. READ FULL INTERVIEW.

Greta-Davide111-500x376MEET Sonja Popovic aka Pops Art

After a busy wedding season we managed to steal some time of one of our favourite wedding invitation designers: Sonja Popovic aka Pops Art. The Milan based creative puts time and effort in creating the perfect design for each client, highlighting their personalities and the theme of the wedding. She belives the kind of paper used is the most important decision in the process, and we could not agree with her more! READ FULL INTERVIEW.

33MEET Foldit

Meet the couple behind the brand Foldit, who designs paper sculptures, cut and packed beautifully, to be self-assembled by the buyer. We’ve long been fans of the Polish duo and finally managed to steal some of their time & talk about their inspirations, importance of branding and packaging, and all the different places the Foldit deer is hanging in (out) these days! READ FULL INTERVIEW.

tumblr_mde41olU6e1r3n6vvo1_1280-500x500MEET Michal Hazior

Meet the man behind the Secret Door to Bratislava guide, and numerous other eye catching projects ranging from packaging design to advertising. Michal Hazior dips his toes into every bucket of paint, working for clients big and small, local and international. He tackless them all with his own contemporary style of mixing minimalism with street art, without being afraid of colour. He seeks inspiration from new environments and experiences, and seems to prefer a paint brush over the click of a mouse. READ FULL INTERVIEW.

rp_hochzeitsfotografie∏ladiesandlord-7-500x333.jpgMEET Natascha Safarik

Viennese freelance designer Natascha Safarik is a true calligrapher at heart. Someone who lives and breaths calligraphy. Her beautiful designs are a testament to her dedication, practise and love towards the craft, and I was lucky enough to talk to her about everything from working for idols and inspirations to the importance of choosing the right paper and the music she likes to work to. READ FULL INTERVIEW.

11MEET Georg Liebergesell

Meet the man behind the lovely Blendend Cafe&Bar branding we featured a few weeks ago, that we absolutely adore. Local Georg Liebergesell gets creative in projects ranging from branding and visual design to illustration and editorial work. And even though he does not restrain himself within a specific style or field, his work definitely possesses a certain quality, charisma and ease. READ FULL INTERVIEW.

03_Menschen-500x333MEET MODULETTO

I am sure you know the situation when you are looking for your notes concerning a certain topic and find them in bits and pieces on different pages all over your notebook. A design studio from Vienna set out to solve exactly this problem by inventing Moduletto, a notebook which you can completely customize to your needs by extracting sheets, putting in new or other ones, rearrange them, changing the cover and the colour of the binding. We met the inventor, Michele Falchetto, who told us more about the special concept of Moduletto, prototyping and his search for the perfect paper. READ FULL INTERVIEW.



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