From Vienna with Love – Bieder & Maier Coffee Branding BY KTHE

Viennese creative agency hilariously named KOBZA AND THE HUNGRY EYES, or KTHE for short, is (for all we know) the first advertising agency in Austria to launch their own coffee brand. The coffee brand Bieder & Maier was created in cooperation with barista Valentin Maier, combining his expertise in coffee and KTHE’s sense of design and branding knowledge, a brand that celebrates the classic Viennese coffee house tradition while meeting all the requirements of a modern lifestyle was created.

While Valentin Maier takes care of the best beans, roasting techniques, and blends, KTHE is responsible for brand strategy, naming, design, packaging, product launch, offline, online, and social media. And while I can’t give my opinion on the coffee without trying it (and starting a debate, we are in Austria after all), I can, however, tell you how much I love the branding!

The combination of yellow with the hand-drawn illustration and curious typography is a true showstopper, with enough elegance to feel luxurious while being contemporary and surprising. My favorite element of the concept is the illustration of the giraffe, which commemorates the year 1828 when the Viennese coffee house tradition was born and the first giraffe came to Vienna at the emperor’s behest. Sprouting a habit of people starting to drink coffee “à la giraffe”.

Images © Kobza and the Hungry Eyes GmbH

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