This Book is a Planetarium – Among Other Things

One of the greats of the paper art world, Kelli Anderson (previous mention) is known for her clever and experimental jaw-dropping work. And as much as we can awe over her manual skills to turn a simple two-dimensional piece of paper into an intricate three-dimensional construction, it is the thought process behind it that often feels intangible. Her latest project which took her 4 months to architect, but over 2.5 years for printing engineers to produce, is a real marvel of craftsmanship.

This Book is a Planetarium is exactly what its title claims. The book actually contains a pop-up constellation-projecting planetarium among the other five fully functional gadgets each examining and discovering a different every-day tech object. Besides viewing the night sky’s sparkling beauty, you can track the date with a perpetual calendar, decipher secret messages with a decoder, play a musical instrument, draw patterns with a spiralgraph and jam along to music played with a self-build speaker.

“Like, we all know that music happens when you push play. However, the concept of sound-as-vibration (as a physical force in the world) is something which must be felt to be believed…as long as humans continue to have hands, we can continue to think of them. And we can be moved, surprised, and enlightened by what our hands tell us about how materials, actions, and behaviors are structured. – explains Anderson.

Entirely made of paper, the book is an amazing demonstration of papers capabilities and Kelli Anderson’s love and devotion towards the craft. Order your own copy here.

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