Calendar Trends For 2014

We’re living the 11th month of the year, closing up on the end of the year. So it is now more than current to look into the latest trends in calendar designs, the little helpers which help us to keep track of our daily events. Whether you’re a fan of the small compact book or a larger wall version, we’ve found the perfect ones for you. Check them out!

Lately, we’ve seen some incredibly innovative calendar designs, some things we haven’t seen before. Here are our picks all the way from the tea calendar to the more practical book version, to make sure you are not stuck with a boring calendar next year. Which one is your favorite?

tea-calendar-by-halssen-lyon-designboom-03tea-calendar-by-halssen-lyon-designboom-06tea-calendar-by-halssen-lyon-designboom-04tea-calendar-by-halssen-lyon-designboom-10Tear-off a daily drink from the Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar

One of Europe’s leading tea companies, Hälssen & Lyon blended the oldest drink in the world with an age-old promotional medium in the conceptualization of ‘the tea calendar’, an agenda made from pressed leaves. Together with Hamburg-based creative agency kolle rebbe, they created a daily chronological book that features individual pages made of compressed tea. Each of the 365 days of the year are represented by a unique tea flavor and can be torn from the calendar one at a time. You simply drop it into hot water, where the small, dated piece then dissolves and brews into a nice cup of tea. Each layer of the calendar is compacted into 1mm thin sheets and attached onto printed pages. Even though the idea is incredibly inventive, the sad part is that for now, the tea calendar is only available in limited special editions, mostly for the company’s business partners.
photos/kolle rebbe


Poladariumis a tear-off calendar which gives every day a new instant photo

Poladarium is a tear-off calendar that revels a new instant photo every day of the year, each with its own little story written on the back with the photographers information. This way you will discover amazing photos and jewels throughout the year, having a special moment each day. One of the most amazing parts about this calendar is that anyone of us can have their photo published in the calendar. Each year Poladarium asks the public and amateur photographers for photo entries, which often fill up quite fast. If you are quick you might be able to get yours in the 2015 calendar which is in the making right now. But till then, why not enjoy other peoples photos, every day with your own copy of the Poladarium 2014.
photos/poladarium facebook

PirripPress_silkscreen_printed_calendar_seasonal_foods_2014_02PirripPress_silkscreen_printed_calendar_seasonal_foods_2014_01 Pirrip_Press_silkscreen_printed_calendar_seasonal_foods_2014_03
Season’s Best” silkscreen printed calendar by Pirrip press

This classic wall calendar is designed to celebrate the changing seasons and the changing produce that come with it in colors, shapes and layers. This is the perfect choice for a cook or food enthusiast to hang up on the kitchen wall. Every month you are reminded what we actually love about the current season. Even though we moan about the rain and long for sunny days in March, come October we secretly look forward to the big jumpers and windy walks. The calendar reminds us to celebrate the highlights of every season. Each calendar is printed by hand on recycled 15 x 21cm loose card sheets, one for each month. It divides into six glorious colors – three greens, red, white and orange. Our thought: this would be the perfect christmas gift for a mom!
photo/pirrip press

11-90-thickbox 11-83-thickbox 11-85-thickbox 11-86-thickbox
Mr. Calendar by Pan Kalendarz lives along you the whole year

Mr. Calendar was created out of passion and desire for artistic events and activities by a group of Polish friends: Ola Dębniak, Palin Rek-Gromulska, Joanna Walczykowska and Mateusz Kowalski. It is designed to wear-and-tear through your life events, showing the places and moments you mark in it. Carry it with you everywhere, crumple it, fold it in half in order to fit into a pocket, use it as plate matt, don’t worry about wine and coffee splashes and wrap your picnic sandwich in it… in a word, do not save it! We love this idea that the calendar is not something to hold and cherish, but to let it show the life you live. And it doesn’t hurt that it is filled with amazing graphic design. Get your from Mr.Calendar now!

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