Do You Believe In A Brighter Future?

I don’t know much about the IT business or annual reports, but I do recognize a stunning book when I see one, and this one shines in rivalry with the sun. By staying true to their name and image The New Frontier Group looked into the future in their 2013 annual report, designed by the notorious branding house moodley brand identity. One thing never gets old – a beautiful book.
The New Frontier Group builds bridges that connect the present time with the future. This sounds a little cryptic but the reality looks different. The company helps other companies from various industries become a working part of the modern digital economy by putting them one important creative step ahead. In other words, the future is their business.
Across the field, regardless of the industry, companies produce an annual report in which they share the company’s activities throughout the preceding year and shine a light on future endeavors. Way too often these booklets are no more than boring words and statistics on paper but sometimes a company decides to take a step further and produce a publication they can take pride in. And the New Frontier Group’s annual report is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve come across.
The company decided to hire the well-known design giant Moodley brand identity to design the report, who they’ve worked with before, with the idea of taking a look into their future. Into a bright future – to be more specific. Elaborate 3D renderings and texts give some food for thoughts and show in an opulent manner that there is no reason for pessimism. The exuberant paper choices and every color of the rainbow on show echo positivity of the times to come and the open-back bindings create a simply beautiful design book. An annual report has never been more motivating.
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moodley brand identity
Creative Director: Gerd Schicketanz
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Sophie Weidinger
Illustrations: Grate studio, Peter Tarka
Text: New Frontier Group, Hanna Koller, Juliana Rocha, Andreas Kump
Project Management: Olivia Forestry Mayr, Conny Gall



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