Give It To Someone Special – Holiday Gift Guide For Paper Lovers

The holiday season is upon us and everyone is in a giving mood. And as the tradition goes, we’ve put together an extensive gift guide for paper lovers – everything from books and notebooks to paper goodies, something for every taste and age group. Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, colleague, or best friend, we have the best paper gift ideas for everyone on your list.

(1.) Wien For Women Only – The third edition of the popular city guide “Vienna for Women only” is all about what women love: shopping, fashion, and designer hot spots help them discover new shops and fashion ateliers. Full of authentic “Vienna Vibe”, organic & vegan culinary highlights, inspiring city walks and lots of tips from insiders. Discover Vienna off the beaten track. (HERE)
(2.) The Marampa Projekt – Marampa, an iron mining site in Sierra Leone is on center stage in Austrian born artist and designer Juma Hauser’s book titled Das Marampa Projekt / The Marampa Project. A publication that combines artistic research and graphic design in order to reconstruct the multifaceted history of the West African site where Hauser spent a year of her childhood. Printed on beautiful Munken paper, the book consists of essays, photographs, collages, interviews, quotes and anecdotes of personal experiences. (HERE)
The Graphic Design of the MAK Library and Works on Paper Collection –  The book presents the comprehensive holdings of the MAK Library and Works on Paper Collection in the field of graphic design from the 18th century to the present day. These ephemera include works of graphic design such as letter paper and decorated paper, dust jackets, invitations, admission tickets and labels, ex libris and bookmarks, greeting cards and menu cards, poster stamps, playing cards, dance cards and place cards, as well as visiting cards and promotional materials. (HERE)
(4.) Böse Briefe Bad Letters in eng. They emerge from the darkness of anonymity and can destroy a person’s life in a destructive way. Threatening and extortion letters are a widespread and very special form of correspondence. Here, for the first time, the phenomenon of the evil letters and their far-reaching history are illuminated: The authors analyze the linguistic strategies with which the victims are to be intimidated and take a look into the hidden archive of this dark part of the letter culture. (HERE)
(5.) WOLF. Ein Kochbuch – Focused on the flavors of the seasons, WOLF brings together 111 recipes of the “favorite dishes” from Gasthaus Wolf. Following the nose to tale ideology, the dishes are native Lower Austrian. (HERE)
(6.) This Book is a Planetarium  –Defying every expectation of what a book can be, this pop-up extravaganza transforms into six fully functional tools: a real working planetarium projecting the constellations, a musical instrument complete with strings for strumming, a geometric drawing generator, an infinite calendar, a message decoder, and even a speaker that amplifies sound. (HERE)
(7.) Voyage – There is something both magical and eerie about Isabella Thaller’s photography book Voyage, with its otherworldly landscapes, dreamy silenced cities, and fleeting personal encounters. Travel around the world from the comfort of your own bed. (HERE)

(1.) Barabás x Bomo Contemporary Artist Series Diary 
As part of Bomo Arts 20th anniversary celebration, an art diary series was born where the classical bookbinding techniques meet contemporary art. Cooperating with young Hungarian artists, a new diary will be published yearly – the first being a collaboration with Zsófi Barabás. (HERE)
(2.) NUUNA You Are So F***ing Special Copper Notebook 
– is the new ‘I love you’. This book, too, is ‘fucking special’: matt copper and rich grey printed on a cover of smooth bonded leather. It’s the perfect gift – not only for lovers. (HERE)
(3.) NUUNA Fluid & Shiny & Pearl Notebook –This little notebook will seduce you to a daydream. Blue like an L.A. swimming pool on your desk. The shimmering, iridescent blue that changes between Caribbean and North Atlantic blue, in movement and light. You will just want to jump in, take the plunge and write in it. (HERE)
(4.) Moduletto Libretto – Moduletto DIN A5 is as flexible as you! You can create your own Moduletto Libretto according to your specific wishes. Choose a cover, a double rubber band and insert sheets as you like and have your own customized notebook. The good ideas will come naturally. (HERE)
(5.) Paper Republic Grand Voyageur The purple leather is our latest addition to the grand voyageur family. The vegetable tanned, soft cow leather comes directly from a small Italian tannery near Pisa.  (HERE)
(6.) Young Blok –”In the digital age, dazzle and surprise yourself with the most stylish of paper notebooks” (HERE)
(7.) Rubidium Caffeine Gold & Silver notebook – Small sized, fully black notebook with foil emboss of Caffeine’s molecule on the cover. The notebook is glued and comes together with a white pencil. (HERE)
(8.) Weekly Journal – Designed in Amsterdam and self-published in edition of 3,500 copies worldwide. The journal is formatted to show all weekdays equally on the left page. Complemented by a squared page for notes and doodles on the right, which are adapted to seasonal changes by a subtle gradient. (HERE)

(1.) DRESS A BULB Paper Lampshade  DRESS A BULB is a minimalist lampshade collection made of Tyvek by Austrian designer Patrycja Domanska. There are 3 shapes in 2 sizes each and the assembly takes only a moment. Simply fix the lampshade with the rubber band over the LED bulb and shape it.  (HERE)
Deage analyses your skin’s yesterdays to perfect its future. Your lived skin history signifies the future of deage by satisfying your skin‘s yearning for deceleration. Luxurious product in a luxurious package!  (HERE)
(3.) Happy Holidays Christmas Card by Carissimo Letterpress 
– Winter fun for the holiday season! This greeting card “Happy Holidays” is printed in grey-lilac and light rosé on fine 360 gram paper with cotton. Each card comes with a kraft envelope. (HERE)
(4.) Playing Arts Desk Edition 3. From the two of clubs to the ace of spades, each card in this deck has been individually designed by one of the 55 selected international artists in his distinct style and technique. The popular card deck is in its third edition. (HERE)
(5.) Graphite and silver paper stars by Edina’s Paper Stylish paper stars made from beautiful, glossy papers, easily fitting into any environment or style. The two-piece paper star pack is made of 2 different sizes of graphite and silver stars that are great in the living room, bedroom window or children’s room. Perfect alone or group to maximize your impact.  (HERE)
(6.) Mini Lumio Amapolas – The mini lumio is a compact, multi-functional lamp, and battery. Where do I use it? Everywhere my dear! In the living room, by the bedside, on a  bookshelf, in the toilets, deep inside your wardrobe, magnetized on your fridge door, as a flashlight, while traveling, in a hotel room or inside your camping tent … (HERE)

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