My Green Cup Branding by Eszter Laki

The man behind the branding concept for Budapest based 3rd wave café house My Green Cup needs to introduction. Eszter Laki’s style is always of high quality and on point, and his work has been featured on our pages many times previously – so let’s jump over the lengthy introductions. My Green Cup is a hearty specialty coffee place in the Pest side of Budapest, in an area known for it’s ice cream colored Bauhaus buildings and charming small stores. Fitting to the neighborhood, My Green Cup’s interior mirrors the homely atmosphere with a contemporary cool edge, thanks to the local Position Collective responsible for the design. Serving coffee of the highest of quality, an attribute demanded of both the interior as well as the identity. All working closely together, the three aspects blend together seamlessly, forming a whole that catches the attention of both coffee and design lovers.


As every coffee virtuoso knows, each coffee shop is determined and judged by its espresso machine. At My Green Cup, this phenomenon is right at the center of the identity. The common thread through out of the whole concept is the beautiful deep toned green which originates from the actual heart of the store, a custom made Synesso espresso machine. The rich jewel tone is the key element repeated in the logo, stationery, online presence, menu boards, furniture, as well as in the graphic artworks on the walls by Levente Csordás – portraying the district’s ambiance and the regular customers. The figural logo is a growing coffee plant showing the fragile origins of the coffee bean, and a stamp is used to distinguish the takeaway cups. Particularly beautiful are the hand made textures in aquarelle on the business and loyalty cards, which refers to the artisan nature of coffee brewing. All in all a well-thought-out charming concept that makes the experience of a great cup of coffee, just right.

Images © Eszter Laki

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