Inspiration + Paper = The Spirit Of Christmas

Christmas spirit, what is it and where does it come from? We all know what it feels like, that happy warm feeling that surrounds us when all the stress is gone, and we’re with loved ones or in that happy place we call home, it’s the joy of welcoming the holidays with joy, calmness and warth. It’s a feeling, but it looks different for all of us. In this 41st edition of our longest running Inspiration + Paper series, we search for that je ne sais quoi, that special feeling that can only be described as the Christmas Spirit. Through classic themes and topics attached to the holidays, we chase the excitement and jovial essence that makes the holidays, truly, the magical time of the year.

In the Inspiration + Paper series we search for themes that act as a source of inspiration when working with design papers. With such a simple yet protean medium as paper, it can be easily forgotten how much power it can behold. A single paper, or a collection, can imitate a feeling or a mood, it can signal values and thoughts, and can definitely have a direct impact on its viewer or holder, both consciously and subconsciously.

Matching our favorites from Europapier’s Design Papers Collection with atmospheric photographs filled with Christmas spirit and holiday cheer

The eight photographs below with matching design papers are all inspired by the upcoming holidays and the wonderful holiday cheer that is all around us. Each photo depicts a scene or memory that is near and dear to our hearts relating to our own Christmas and holiday memories and traditions. We’ve of course included all our favorite red shades which are an imperative part of the season, as well as the most athmosperic whites, greens, blues, and browns, as well as a few surpsises – all from the ever-so-inspiring Design Papers Collection. My aim was not to simply match the colors of the photographs with the papers of similar shades, but to capture the touch, feel, or engram both subjects communicate.

Bindakote Rosso & Avorio
Crush Almond & Grape

Gmund Heather Snow, Night & Lipstick
IQ Color Coral Red

Stone Shine White
Gmund Heather Silver
IQ Color Lavender, Blue & Medium Blue,
PERGRAPHICA® Colours Mysterious Blue 23

Color STYLE Fresh Jungle Green
Color STYLE Recycling Ruby
Glam Snowflake & Champagne

Color STYLE Recycling Sapphire, Azure & Orchid
  Glam Blush, Ice White & Slate Grey

Fluo Poster Red
SH Recycling Grass
IQ Color Sun Yellow & Dark Green
Gmund Heather Alabaster
Color STYLE Recycling Bordeaux

PERGRAPHICA® Colours Magnificent Green
Color STYLE Fresh Mocca Brown & Macchiato Brown
Color STYLE Recycling Tobacco

PERGRAPHICA® Colours Noble Red & Gentle Brown
Color STYLE Recycling Mandarin, Ruby & Sahara

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