Paper face mask

Keep Safe with These Face Mask Materials

In the last month or so, many of our habits and lifestyle in general have shifted drastically. While the need for inspiration and beautiful projects still exist, today we decided to focus on an increasing topic of conversation in our day to day lives: the use of protective face masks.

With more and more countries adopting laws to wear face masks in public places, the quest for finding this item gets more difficult. Still – no need to panic – there are some materials from our assortment that can be used to manufacture face masks. ( but without medical certification)

What’s important to remember is that the materials featured in this article are for face masks for personal protection, whose goal is to make you feel more safe and to avoid spreading the virus when leaving your house for shopping or such chores. They are not certified nor should they be used in the manufacture of protective garments for medical use.

Cuturon®– extremely durable and breathable

Cuturon® is a nonwoven material, manufactured and impregnated from cellulose and synthetic fibres. It has a textile feel and has the benefit of being extremely durable, while being breathable which is a plus for a face mask. Cuturon® can also be easily printed, if you’re in the mood to style up your face masks with cool and trendy patterns! There’s two versions of this material who can be successfully used for making face masks: the normal Cuturon® which comes in 34 or 47 g/m2, the lightweight and cost-sensitive version for a one-time use, or the Cuturon® Soft, available in 115 g/m2. The latter is a bit more stiff, while still allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably and has the added benefit of being washable – meaning you can use it multiple times!

Tyvek® – light and versatile but resistant and durable

From protective clothing to accessories to decorative elements – the possibilities of Tyvek ® material are not limited to protection, but work great as a face mask application. Light and versatile, and at the same time resistant and durable – it is suitable for printing, feels like paper and works great as a basis for creating art.  Tyvek® is tear resistant whether wet or dry, has water and abrasion resistance. Tyvek® comes in the standard paper types but also in the more soft textile type – Tyvek® Soft. It has an embossed pattern which gives a softer, textile feel without losing any of the durability or water resistance.

Both materials are available on request at Europapier, so feel free to send us your questions or comments.

All right lovely readers! We hope that we’ve given you some valuable ideas for personal care and face masks in these difficult times. Stay safe out there!  

paper face mask

Images © Anna Shvets from Pexels

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