Li Hongbo’s Mind-boggling Paper Sculptures

Chinese born artist Li Hongbo creates deceiving sculptures and installations, which turn from frigid, stone-like objects into flexible, moldable structures, inspired by what he describes as “the endless possibilities of paper”. Thousands upon thousands pieces of paper strategically glued together forming a honeycomb-like construction enables Hongbo to carefully stretch out the objects into a desirable shape creating a magical, awe-inspiring moment for the viewer.

A former book editor and designer, Hungbo was trained in a variety of artistic fields from Fine to Folk to Experimental Art. When he discovered the common use of honeycomb paper is the Chinese culture, used in children’s toys to festive decorations he dismantled one and discovered how simply it was made and the amazing flexibility, resilience, and strength the paper structure encapsulates. He learned to reproduce the process manually. While a painstaking craft which requires a whole new level of perfection, the results are rewarding in their simple beauty as a piece of art, as well as an ability to create a moment of revelation and discovery.

In the video below Hungbo talks about his craft and technique.

Images © Li Hongbo


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