Malina Studio’s Own Sustainable Studio Berries Coffee Is Wrapped With Kaffee Papier Recycelt

Malina Studio is a branding agency based in Bratislava, Slovakia, that focuses on creating trust via design, always aiming to offer sustainable solutions for their clients when it comes to packaging design. For their love of coffee and design, and being aware and concerned about the impact their work can have on the environment, Malina Studio created The Studio Berries coffee as a manifesto of sustainability.

We are aware of the impact of the results of our work on the environment. While we try to create nice-looking things, at the end of the day, they are nothing more than junk, as product packaging usually ends up in an incinerator or landfill.

In collaboration with Lukáš Kubíny from Illimité Roasters for whom Malina Studio has created packaging design in the past, the creative’s quest for sustainability had them dug deep into the ecological issues in coffee production and packaging.

As one of the world’s most common commodities, coffee, and its packaging does not come without problems. Most coffee bags are made from a combination of materials such as paper and plastic, or paper and aluminum. Unfortunately, such packaging cannot be recycled and it simply ends up in landfills. But ones that are made of only one material – plastic, can be recycled. And while many are afraid of plastic, one advantage it offers is its recyclability. Labels on the packaging are also a problem, as most often they are stickers that are not recyclable. But to create a packaging that is 100% recyclable, Malina Studio came up with a solution. “We invented a paper sleeve made of Kaffee Papier which, thanks to its fastening patent, holds without the use of a drop of glue. So when you are standing in front of a trash can, it is easy to remove the label and throw it in the paper recycling, and the plastic packaging in its own recycling” – Malina Studio explains.

The label is digitally offset printed Coffee Paper / Kaffee Papier recycelt 250g/m2. We like that this paper is upcycled and includes a side product of the coffee roasting process. This ingredient perfectly matches our product.

Besides the packaging, also the product itself, the coffee found inside the packaging is grown in a way that protects nature and provides a better livelihood for the people who grow and process it. Finca La Senda is a small family farm from Guatemala, whose workers are families from the same city. They focus on the quality of coffee processing, for which the smallest possible amount of water is used. “Such an approach to production concludes the idea of our sustainable product. And it is up to the consumer to decide and buy”.

Coffee Paper / Kaffee Papier recycelt is exclusively available at Europapier Group, you can read more about the paper, its properties, and how its made here


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