Mlle Hipolyte Recreates A Coral Reef With Hand-Cut Paper Pieces


French illustration artist Mlle Hipolyte creates incredible work with our favorite medium: paper. Her skill to produce sculptures out of intricately cut paper shapes is awe-inspiring. With a signature style of vibrant colors and lavish textures, her latest creation is a three-dimensional depiction of a multi-colored coral reef. The massive 2-meter x 1-meter piece titled Coralium was inspired by the current discussion of the state of the ocean, the fragility of the underwater ecosystem and the danger of losing it all due to global warming and rising ocean temperatures.

The vibrancy of a coral reef is beautifully replicated of brightly colored paper, manipulated in various crafting techniques such as quilling, scoring, 3D modeling, and paper cutting. Entirely made by hand, the piece is full of intricate elements and minuscule details worth admiring.

The uniquely delicate structure of a coral reef, from tiny barnacles to lush clusters of polyps, in magnificent organized chaos, is represented and can be enjoyed from every angle. Often called the rainforests of the sea, coral reefs house some of our worlds most diverse organic eco-systems. All well-worth preserving. Hipolyte’s Coralium reminds us of all the beauty that lies unseen in the underwater world.

Images © Mlle Hipolyte





How do you live a good life? Ikigai Book Crowdfunding Campaign


Ikigai is a Japanese term meaning “the good life”. The intersection of what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. When these four areas are in harmony, you have found your Ikigai. The book Ikigai or the good life which is being crowdfunded is full of questions which will help you find out for yourself what the good life means to you, better than any self-help book ever could.

How do you live a good life? Ikigai Book Crowdfunding Campaign

Having studied book design at the New Design University in St. Pölten, and inspired by her own Ikigai, Miriam Mlczoch turned her passion for paper into a profession and founded her company in love with paper at the end of 2018. The book Ikigai or the good life is her first undertaking, created in collaboration with author Franka Kohler who explains “at a time when we can seemingly become everything, the question of what one actually wants to do in life can be quite overwhelming”, adding “but the good news is: your own good life and the good life for all belong together. For a good life begins where our own well-being and our contribution to a good life for all no longer contradict each other, but condition and promote each other. Where the actions that contribute to our own good life also contribute to a good life for all.”

How do you live a good life? Ikigai Book Crowdfunding Campaign

“Instead of publishing another self-help book, we created a book full of questions, because we are convinced that good questions will get you much further than a hundred pieces of clever advice”, says Mlczoch. The example book (shown in images) was handmade by Mlczoch, while the realized book will be printed on upcycled high-quality design papers with open thread stitching. Taking into consideration environmental protection and sustainability, the book will be printed in Vienna or surrounding areas, and one euro per book will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. The book cover is realized out of  Remake Oyster 380 gsm, while the core is printed on Pergraphica Classic Rough 120 gsm, both available at Europapier.

The book is being made possible through a crowdfunding campaign which is open till the 17th of March. The campaign has already reached over 50% of its financing goal but there is still some way to go. If you are interested in finding your own Ikigai, support the Ikigai or the good life book crowdfunding.

How do you live a good life? Ikigai Book Crowdfunding Campaign How do you live a good life? Ikigai Book Crowdfunding Campaign How do you live a good life? Ikigai Book Crowdfunding Campaign How do you live a good life? Ikigai Book Crowdfunding Campaign How do you live a good life? Ikigai Book Crowdfunding Campaign

Images © Miriam Mlczoch



PTNS Projekt Branding Hides Within a Secret Code


Polish art director Bartek Bojarczuk, who works under the name illcat, together with illustrator and designer Maciej Polak has produced a comprehensive visual identity for the lifestyle brand PTNS Projekt. As a brand that draws inspiration from Polish design, especially the collection of Polish designers work from the 1920s to 2000s at the Muzeum Sztuki, the Art Museum of Łódź Poland, PTNS Projekt’s identity is directly connected with graphic design. It was created as a tribute to Polish designers, their work and contribution to the visual culture in Poland. This was also the starting point for Bojarczuk and Polak when creating the visual identity.

The concept has a minimalistic and somewhat futuristic approach, using mainly black, white and grey colors. Themes familiar to many graphic designers; grids, graph paper, printing registration, RGB and CMYK color charts, all refer to the original inspiration. Many architectural and technical references can be seen, as the labels and instructions are printed on tracing paper used by professionals in those fields. The combination of all these symbols, patterns, and motifs create a modern whole with a strong nostalgic feel. The pairing of the classic Helvetica with contemporary custom made font, like the Maria designed by Polish designer Marian Misiak, supports this aesthetic of contrast.

The most unique part of the concept comes from the coded serial numbers in the clothing labels, which leads the owner to a database full of articles written by Agata Szydłowska about iconic Polish designers, and designs. The numbers printed on the label can be translated with a special “decoder” that comes with the garment, which produces a three digit code, that can be used to search an article at website.

Images © Bartek Bojarczuk


A Unique Set Of Paper Calendars By Papierowy Dizajn


Our friends over in Poland run an inspiring paper blog Papierowy Dizajn where they showcase beautiful papers, inspiring design, and fun articles especially intriguing for paper fans – like their “What paper are you?” Quiz. Papers, like people, possess a certain personality and characteristics. Some are a perfect fit right away, others take some getting used to, and some were never meant to be. But how do you then choose the perfect ones, with hundreds of options available? Well, Papierowy Dizajn put together the online quiz to help you find your match, it determines your personality and pairs it with the right paper. You take the quiz here.

Inspired by the popularity of the quiz, Papierowy Dizajn created a limited range of paper calendars for 2019 showcasing a variety of printing and refinement techniques. Two versions were produced; a 12 card desktop set which comes with a frame, and a set of four notepads covering the whole year.

The refining techniques used in the production of the desktop calendar were letterpress, and white matte and metalized hot stamping, while the papers used included 13 colors of the Color Style range in 300g for pages, Sumo Dark Grey 700g for cover, and Gmund Urban Brasilia Grey 310g for the frame.

For the set of four notepad calendars, same printing techniques were utilized, on a range of different paper options including Favini Crush Almond 250g, Kiwi Crush 250g, and Crush Cherry 250g for covers, and Munken Polar 120g for pages.

Printing company of desktop calendar: Marceli
Printing company of notepad calendar: Moś i Łuczak
Project: Ambasada Agency
Unfortunately, the calendars are not publicly available but you can contact a company representative or visit of their showrooms.

Photos © Papierowy Dizajn