Paper Cutting Art, Made By Julene

Julene Harrison, a British paper artist based in Chicago, has a background in textile design but really exceeds in paper cut art. Her designs are often text-based and she has done work for major clients from Walmart and Nivea to publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. She also does personal commission work, so anyone can own an original artwork done by Julene.

The first time I ran into her work was on the streets of Helsinki a few years back. On my way to school, I saw one of her paper cut designs used on a billboard advert for a local Advertising Agengy. Since then I’ve started to notice her work more often, as her work has been featured on dozens of advertisements and magazines around the world. After she turned her hand to the craft back in 2009, it has all happened quite fast. But when you see her work, you have no questions why. Her very precise and personal style of paper cutting is recognizable, fun and often makes you wonder – how in the world does she do it!


Spring Art Preview – Washington Post

One of Julene’s recognizable signature marks is her use of text. As she advertises on the webpage, “she can cut out anything you would like to say in a paper cut”. And even though four to ten words look the best, she has done designs with poems, song lyrics and phrases, as well as one wedding proposal with the text “Will you Marry Me..?” on it.

jolene6Fashion Advent Calendar – Net a Porterjolene3 

There is a light that never goes out – Private Commission

She works with simple mediums, designing the art work first on the computer. Coming up with new variations of the designs is the hardest part of the process, she says. She then simply prints the designs on about 200 gsm thick paper, which is the exact right thickness, and starts cutting away with her scalpel. After the last piece of waste paper is removed and she turns the paper-cut over revealing the artwork in all its lace-like glory, she experiences the greatest satisfactions. She calls the process almost meditative work, finding it quite relaxing.

jolene4Apple market – Private Commissionjolene16

Wedding Invite – Private Commission

Check out her website, and see her amazing work from illustrations to invitations and save the date cards to very personal portraits. As you can order an original piece from her for under 500$, keep in mind the first wedding anniversary is paper, so why not make the next gift a very special one!

jolene1The ABC’s of Contemporary Creatives 

jolene11Tea Glorious Tea – Personal work

See below the video which she created exclusive for The Telegraph and Nivea. The video shows her working on and finishing a nature inspired piece of art. The behind-the-scenes footage shows how she does it!


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Photo source: Julene Harrison

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