Paper Gifts For Kids

If you haven’t noticed yet, we at Design & Paper are mad about paper, and everything related to it. So to no one’s surprise we’ve been searching for the best Christmas present ideas and gifts specially made of paper. Here are some ideas we’ve found for children and the young minded!

Paper and cardboard are incredibly versatile materials and make some of the most ecological and multifunctional objects and toys you can think of. And most often the best part about the toys is that they are meant to be built by yourself, giving the child a more comprehensive understanding of the object and the feeling of accomplishment. A great way to teach kids values and hand coordination.

The first gift idea is not exactly a toy, but the DADA cradle will definitely keep the youngest members of the family happy and warm throughout the Christmas holidays. The self-constructed cardboard cradle is 100% recyclable and fully safe. It is delivered in four pieces and is folded together without the use of any glue or dangerous screws. You simply insert the pieces into each other, the assembly takes about 15 minutes. the DADA cradle mimics the natural movement in the belly, which has a very calming effect on infants. And as sad as it is, the young ones grow faster than we ever would want, but as the cradle is easily assembled and taken apart, it can be as easily stored and used when needed. With the prize ranging from 75 to 115€, this definitely would go on top of our Christmas list!


The DADA cardboard cradle

The Ringo company, based in Warsaw Poland, specializes in folding crafts and cardboard toys. The colorful and geometric toys are great for youngsters, easy to assemble and even more fun to play with. They have a range of animals from foxes to baboon as well as cars and houses which allow you to build entire towns – perfect for the curious kids and totally safe. The company states that they pay special attention to quality, so you do not need special tools to make them. All the products are ready to fold, all you have to do is push the pieces out of the sheets they come in, fold them and slot together. This could be something for the whole family. The pink elephant and the dotted giraffe are my personal favorites! fold6 fold-mainfold5fold3

 the Ringo company’s cardboard town

For kids of all ages, the Fold Me toys, also from Poland, are just the thing! The super cool cube shaped paper animals and robots are so much fun to do, and you can even color or paint them yourself.  First you cut the forms out and then fold and glue them to place. You can add a piece of string and hang them wherever you want. Why not on your Christmas tree, haha! Working with the paper acts as meditation – calms their mind, teaches patience, develops imagination and manual skills – not just for children, but for all people of all ages. Fold Me toys are definitely not just for the young, but also for the young minded.

img_7537_1800x1200 img_7691_1800x12001

Fold Me paper toys look so much fun!

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