Selected Illustrations By Alice Wellingers

With a background in graphic design, Austria based creative Alice Wellinger is known for her poetic and thought-provoking editorial illustration. Her surreal works that are often viewed as ironic are achieved by creative layering & color use and are inspired by her childhood memories and life experiences.

Alice is a self-taught illustrator who has written and illustrated children’s books, winning awards like the Austrian Children’s book prize. Lately working as an editorial illustrator she enjoys the creative freedom it allows her, giving time to fully focus on developing her personal style and art.

Illustrations Alice creates are not only interesting visually but also conceptually.  She manages to include a deeper idea, a thought-provoking short story that catches the viewers mind. And that is exactly what good editorial illustration is meant to be. Paint and pencil being her chosen media, stylistically the pieces are harmonic and in balance, not too loud, not screaming for attention. The toned down color scheme gives a retro feel, adding a timeless feel to the pieces.

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10915275_877194485665831_8010618642405437028_nEditorial illustration: “Stepmom – her difficult position between father and child.”553270_853234611395152_289520400736052257_n

Editorial Illustration: “Erythrophobia and social withdrawal”

6eb854c64d3e10f40fda72c0f40bb651Editorial Illustration: “How to increase creativity”

3beb14432df055033d6e80f8f91f077ePoster-lllustration for SEELAX-FESTIVAL, a satirical, political cabaret | revue.


Christmas/New Year’s-Greetings

1-Steingesicht-kleinColor pencil-drawings on black paper

Conratulation-kleinColor pencil-drawings on black paper

Blasen-kleinColor pencil-drawings on black paper

Frauenmaschine-kleinColor pencil-drawings on black paper

10410222_881432568575356_3313971134723915096_nPainting from the project “Paradise”, “The colors of paradise”
Photos via Alice Wellinger

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