Selected Works by Iza Dudzik


Iza Dudzik, Katowice, Poland based illustrator, graphic designer and a graduate of the Secondary School of Fine Arts creates gritty, moody and charming illustrations which more often than not, contains an important message. Dudzik’s work is characteristically emotional, packed full of feeling while presenting a harmonious atmosphere reminiscent of real life. She tackles important issues and portrays the emotions and states in which we find ourselves from time to time, as well as the common-day anxieties and expectations towards women.

Working on both client and personal projects, Dudzik’s talent lies in her way of captivating a fleeting moment and dealing with emotional or hard subjects in a beautiful, mesmerizing way. I’m sure we’ll keep hearing and seeing of Dudzik and her work in the future, but till then, follow her on Instagram or maybe purchase a piece of her work.

Images © Iza Dudzik


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