Selected Works by Monika Lang

Selected Works by Monika Lang

Freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Co-founder and member of the design group “Turbotomorrow” and current docent at the Faculty of Arts and Design, Megatrend University in Belgrade: Monika Lang has a packed CV full of rich and colorful projects. Dealing with ranging tasks from branding to poster design with a tasteful and professional manner, she creates works of high quality with a keen eye on typography and layout.monika.lang.main

Since finishing her studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of Book Design, Monika, together with fellow Serbian designers Zeljko Loncar, Nenad Trifunovic and Lazar Bodroža formed the design group Turbotomorrow in 2006. Having been part of numerous projects, exhibitions and events, she started her career as a docent at the University in Belgrade. Along side that she creates contemporary styled illustrations for magazines, books and editorials alike, as well as full branding designs for companies and campaigns. With her modern approach towards color and geometric shapes, her works have a recognisable classic feel with a contemporary twist.

f4e4d661d5bfbcb829099b25a8e69f5e b8b3fd6208c5766c1525293ba262b441 PrintIllustrations for an article about the evolution and downfall of Silk Road, and its creator, Ross Ulbricht – on Before After, a Serbian web portal about contemporary issues and city life.

219de331b7ab9170a748a11519c07f76 4382716be601da28f8631d9cdf901aff 64ea3acb9734906a648eb4862dbb3f42Visual identity and print design for “Sound of Birds” – a public campaign for the protection of birds at Lake Palić and Ludaš of excessive hunting.


39de8f39732709a951b65ce3af9f18f0Exhibition and print design of The Last Young Yugoslavs, an exhibition about youth, alternative and pop culture in Yugoslavia between 1977 and 1984, held in the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade from December 2011 to January 2012.

fdc413815d94a71c23e1995a608d6910 eced90deec11a7be1b0ad74ef8c91571 9336a0879b852e6dc0d3f19cd417f208 35c9032e9f877e0d5ead683bae8d801cPosters designed for various events at Grad Cultural Centre in Belgrade.

2b5e1c62d93faa666476cdbc3ad1e5f1 7b4d4134ee28e83cb119aa33fa0cfaf2 34de8e34a2ceabb62e62f3be44e9231cVisual identity for Blockfrei, an independent cultural organization based in Vienna.


Images © Monika Lang

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