St.Valentine’s illustrations by Irina Kaygorodova

Russian designer Irina Kaygorodova created a series of elegant St.Valentine inspired illustrations titled Love Is A Treasure. The original postcards were created for the jewellery industry, hence the theme and title, but they perfectly fit any love-filled occasion. The delicate touch and details of the drawings combined with the hand written typography create a lovely whole.6cc9f451613103.5608ba2669813

Born in Omsk, Russia, Kaygorodova moved to Prague at the age of 27, where she now teaches fashion illustration and watercolor drawing while working for agencies, private clients and fashion designers as an illustrator and print designer. She also runs her own slow fashion label Land Kay which focuses on watercolor textile print design, natural fabrics and feminine style – the corner stone of Kaygorodovas creative style.

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Images © Irina Kaygorodova





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