Sushiroll Branding by DekoRatio Branding & Design Studio

Budapest based DekoRatio Branding & Design Studio specializes in empowering ambitious businesses through original design, creating beautiful, strong, and consistent visual identities through conceptual logo design, illustration, and typography. Their latest concept has become reality in the shape of a takeaway sushi restaurant in the heart of the city. Sushiroll introduces a whole new concept to the ever-changing gastronomy scene in Budapest: sushi as street food. Their uncut sushi rolls are ready in seconds and they can easily be enjoyed on the go. No need to wait till you get home or fuss around with chopsticks, just grab one and dig in!

DekoRatio’s aim was to create a friendly and approachable design that shows a new exciting side of the infamous cuisine and hopefully would convert skeptics to join the lovers of the popular Japanise fast food. The “brackets” (officially known as parentheses) in the logo represents the endless possibilities of the sushi rolls – as well as visually reminding of an actual sushi roll! A fresh and somewhat surprising color scheme of blue, white and peach, use of numerous pictograms and a hint of Japanese culture in the typography, all show a stylish, contemporary visual identity sure to bring in customers from different walks of life.

Animation: Richard Woth
Graphic design: Zsofia Nagy
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