The Art Of Grill By Dávid Baráth

M Profood Inc, a Hungarian spice producer commissioned graphic designer Dávid Baráth and the David Barath Design Studio to revamp its image. As a result, an exquisite 192-page, 70 recipes cookbook The Art of Grill, closely related to the company’s profile and the brand was born. Available in English, Russian and Hungarian it focuses on local ingredients, seasonality, spices, carefully planned cooking methods and the latest dietary principles.

M Profood Inc’s main profile is the production and distribution of spice blends, as well as the provision of food industry consultancy services. Baráth’s design and rebranding were based on the companies slogan: The Art of Spices, which became the title of the unique publication with the highest quality both in content and its design.


The book is handmade, features screen printed and sculpted embossed cover with red edge painted detail, and effectively leverages contrast to secure visual impact from a distance and a sense of quality up-close. This contrast occurs in the color and organic forms of charcoal alongside the condensed and clean lines of a metallic, red, sans-serif and emphasized by a fabric surface texture and the unusual finish of a sculpted emboss.

While the book itself is an object of high quality and finer craftsmanship, it’s the ideology and idea that is echoed through the rough aesthetics and makes it a true piece of art. To get your own, visit Bookbistro.

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Images © Dávid Baráth


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