The Brilliant Am Brillantengrund

In a city full of beautiful buildings and stunning scenery, I’m constantly surprised by what comes around the corner. When the summer arrives and the hot air spreads over our lovely town like a hazy smog over a meadow, everyone is on a lookout for a secret city oasis. The best-kept secret of the city – Hotel Am Brillantengrund.

It’s not like I’m the first to discover this beautiful little gem in the heart of Neubau, but I almost want to keep it to myself. So writing about it doesn’t seem to make any sense. But after carefully deliberating, it’s like a piece of juicy gossip – I simply can’t keep my mouth shut!

As I happen to live in Vienna, I’m rarely looking for a hotel room in the city, but if you are planning on a visit, this is definitely a place to consider. With a perfect location, stunning courtyard and most interesting interior, I promise you’ll be in for a treat. It’s definitely not your average concept hotel, Am Brillantengrund is the real deal! With a history reaching over 150 years back, the authentic ’50s interior mixed with quirky contemporary pieces and the most welcoming (and funny) staff, it almost feels like you’ve stepped into a film set. The rather uncommon layout of the place adds to its charm, and the bright yellow palm-tree lined courtyard is like no other in this city.


But the place is so much more than a hotel, and you feel it in the atmosphere the second you walk in. With strong ties to the Viennese art and event scene, they host a number of artists, dancers, musicians and DJ’s on a regular basis. Exhibitions, flea markets and pop-up stores are also a common sight, as well as the Masterclass Am Brillantengrund, and they even have their own cycling team and bicycle repair shop. The cafe, which I full-heartedly recommend to visit asap, serves great Philippino cuisine and Viennese breakfast. I’m a sucker for the snack sized Siapao Burgers! But go, go check it out when next in the need of summer hide out, you just might find me there, sitting under a palm tree sipping on a cooling cocktail.

Hotel Am Brillantengrund
Bandgasse 4
1070 Wien

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Ps. check out the garage -turned into- a bar in the back!

Images © Am Brillantengrund

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