The Dot Home & Balin Manufacture Branding By Daria Stetsenko


Kyiv based graphic designer Daria Stetsenko (featured previously here) has a strong minimalist approach towards the work she creates, resulting in timeless designs. With an eye for typography and illustration, she elegantly combines the two in her latest project; The Dot Home & Balin Manufacture branding.

A concept store for design and home textiles with local production, The Dot Home produces regular and capsule collections of carpets, furniture, accessories, table textiles and bed linen, which are all made of natural materials, mostly flax. The combination of design and art, as well as collaboration with artists and artisans, is at the heart of the brand. Values which are communicated through the visual language created by Stetsenko.

At the center of the visual identity, lies an illustrated image of the Balin Manufacture — a textile company founded in 1868 by Asigkrit Balin in a small town Yuzha, and one of The Dot Home’s production sites. The Balin Manufacture offers all products of flax processing: flax, yarn, and fabrics. In 2016 the renovation of the factory began a transformation in which the historic buildings and adjoining territory are turned into a modern textile cluster equipped with high-tech full-cycle textile machines, residence for designers and educational center. Besides reproducing the impressive architecture, the concept is cleverly divided between two contrasting colors; a concrete grey and brick orange, one representing The Dot Home, and one the Balin Manufacture.

Images © Daria Stetsenko

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