The Making Of Paper Art – Margaret Scrinkl


Beautiful paper art is something that keeps amazing me, the love and dedication artists put into their work is admirable, whether minimalist or mind-bogglingly intricate. Margaret Scrinkl is a Russian paper artist and stop motion animator creating fun, colorful designs for her own enjoyment as well as for customer acquisitions. What makes Scrinkls work stand out is the organic approach she takes which lets the material – our beloved paper – be the star of the show, with all its uniqueness and flaws. The love is in the details, the curves and the bends, the cuts, and the layers, and in the wonderful handcrafted feel so rare to experience in these digital times.

I especially appreciate Scrinkls way of lifting the curtain and showing the making-of of all her work. From what tools she uses to how exactly she builds the final pieces. It gives the work another dimension while capturing the interest of a viewer through a screen that prevents feeling the haptic material in real. Enjoy a few examples of her work below, and make sure to follow her on Instagram or check out her Etsy shop to own a piece of your own.

Images © Margaret Scrinkl

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