Women in Pastel Rooms by Atelier Kamp


A small design studio based in Vienna, Atelier Kamp is run by the creative couple Nora and Florian Kampelmuehler. Working on conceptual and graphic design, hand lettering, visual merchandise and creative consulting, their illustration work is what I fell in love with. Nora’s on-going Women in Pastel Rooms series is a great example of her style and talent capturing a contemporary atmosphere while feeling eerily nostalgic at once. The soft, surreal, dreamy digital drawings depict women, in Instagram-like snapshots, one slouching on a chair, one leaning against a wall and waiting…all effortlessly cool and captivating.

Atelier Kamp names hip-hop to be their background, as culture and as an endless source of inspiration. Besides finding inspiration in nature, music, travels, art, pop culture, fashion, food, and all aspects of life basically. Their approach is notably fresh, young and in a lack of a better word, cool.

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Images © Atelier Kamp

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