Dinner Table Decoration Inspiration x 10

Put your best hand lettering skills to create stunning name cards for your next dinner party. A trick sure to blow every decoration DIY fan off their chair is to use golden pen on green hand picked leaves. Stunning results via La Crema
Perfect for a seafood dinner. Create some ocean flair with these adorable hand folded paper boats. Can be used as name cards, or small holders for nuts, candy, anything. Sometimes it's ok to play at the table, via Ritzybee
To get the conversation going down the memory lane, there is no better way than printing out all your favourite holiday and party pictures and creating a long garland that reaches across the dinner table. To keep it stylish it cohesive, use black&white photos. Inspiration via Elisabeth McKnight
The state of the table cloth is often a mark of a well gone party. At your next dinner don't spend your night dreading over spilled wine or chocolate stains, but embrace the fun with huge table cover made of kraft paper. Draw persolized place matts to get the creativity flowing. Extra tip! Place markers on each guest chair so they can join in on the fun…  via Lemon Thistle
Creative yet classy! Use two small twigs to create a place matt holder for a special dinner inspired by woodland smells and fragrances. Image via Martha Steward
For a winter wonderland theme, create classic snowflakes from white paper. Fun to make and sure to impress your dining guests. Use glass or see-through plates for maximum impact. via DIY enthusiasts
These paper doily trees as as delicate as your hand made hors d'oeuvres. Just make sure to keep an eye out for jealous guests who might try to snatch a few home - they are so cute! Inspiration via Cuded
For a festive party atmosphere you can easily create a whole jungle at your home. By combining colorful balloons with paper leaves and palm tree branches you have a whole forrest creates in minutes. Also the same trick works if your favourite flowers aren't in season during your party, just make them out of paper - lasts all through the year! idea via das Coisinhas
Just as the table garland made of photographs, use the same idea but instead of images - use pages of your favourite book! How cool is that! Very. Inspiration via Nomad Styling
Children an famous for having the patience of a gold fish when it comes sitting still at a dinner table. So why not make it a bit more fun for them. These 1minute name cards are too cute to not try. Tip! try making all different kind of animals - hmm, do you know what a donkey's ears look like? via D&P

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